Just What Does Commissioner Stuart Know About ‘Real Leaders?’

by lewwaters

Ron Paul CrybabyThe manufactured flap over the admittedly legal hiring of State Senator Don Benton to be Clark County’s director of environmental services rages on, now with County Commissioner Steve ‘Bullshit’ Stuart deciding to publicly take fellow Commissioner David Madore to task over Madore’s open letter to retiring County Administrator, Bill Barron.

On May 4, this blog ran a copy of Madore’s Open Letter that cleared up several fallacies being promoted by Benton haters and the lazy c, since Barron quickly announced retirement from the position, timing it to appear as if he could no longer tolerate the two conservative Commissioners, Tom Mielke and David Madore.

Stuart, who left the Wednesday meeting in a profanity laced huff announced he will apologize for that outburst at the next meeting, although he took the intended apology back even before it is issued by justifying his juvenile act.

Now, for whatever reason he has, Stuart has posted an open letter to Commissioner Madore, in full below;

Open letter to David Madore, County Commissioner: May 6, 2013


I was greatly disturbed to see your “open letter to Bill Barron” published on your Facebook page, attempting to blame our County Administrator for the recent controversy in your hiring of Don Benton as the new DES Director, for two reasons:

1) True leaders do not attempt to deflect controversy and blame to their subordinates, especially in this very public way, for actions those leaders take. It shows weakness and a willingness to pass the buck when issues get heated. Even IF there was an “oversight” on Bill’s part, which there wasn’t, “the buck stops here.” This controversy is not Bill’s, it’s yours, Tom’s, and unfortunately, by extension, mine.

2) You based your admonition on a false statement and followed it to the conclusion you’re asking the public to believe.

First and foremost, you stated that your proposed changes to the DES Director job description were “discussed with [Mr. Barron] and my fellow commissioners in a subsequent public board meeting, [when] we agreed that [Mr. Barron] would provide us with a job description and qualifications consistent with that document.” Since you said “fellow commissioners” in the plural must mean I was in attendance, and that I agreed. There was never agreement by the Board to change the DES Director job description per your suggestions. Though Commissioner Mielke had seen a draft of your suggestions prior to our only discussion of the matter, I had not, and there was no action taken by the Board to adopt your suggestions at any public meeting including Board Time. Thus, your entire premise – that the controversy stems from Mr. Barron not following our edict to change the job description – is false.

I will not debate your justifications for hiring Don Benton that follow the false premise, as I believe it’s inappropriate and is in fact illegal to debate policy matters outside a public forum. I don’t want to send you anything at all in response, I find it distasteful, but your letter was beyond the pale and as the Chair of this Board, with the most experience attempting to preserve the public’s trust and organizational integrity, I will not sit by quietly while you attempt to sully the reputation of one of our greatest employees.

In the future, if you have an issue with one of our County employees, please bring your concern to the Board first, and we can talk about how to address it with the affected people in an appropriate and productive manner.

For now, recognize that when a real leader makes a mistake, they recognize it, own it, apologize for it, and learn from it moving forward. If Bill Barron had made a mistake, I guarantee he would do exactly that. I’ve seen him do it. This wasn’t his mistake.

Steve Stuart
Chair, Clark County Commission

Of note in the open letter is Stuart multiple use of the term “true leaders“ and “real leader” prompting to ask, just what in the hell does Stuart know about leading anything?

He was first appointed to the County Commission after being some sort of Envirowacko activist, never serving his country for even a minute in any branch of the Military or running any sort of profitable business as an owner.

David Madore, on the other hand, served in the U.S. Navy and created a multi-million dollar business over 20 years ago that is today debt-free and offers free office space to over 30 non-profits.

That alone would indicate just who knows what leading really is, but it doesn’t end there, not by a long shot.

Stuart now says, “You based your admonition on a false statement and followed it to the conclusion you’re asking the public to believe.”

Shouldn’t false statements to the public to get reelected be included in that?

From a September 14, 2010 article, we read, “Stuart has endorsed a vote on light rail, and said Monday that if Clark County residents don’t support it, ‘then the states have the wrong project’.”

Here it is May of 2013 and where is our vote on light rail? Where has Stuart made any effort to gauge the public support to ascertain if the state has “the wrong project?”

Stuart was reelected in 2010 by a 3 point margin, reassuming the seat on the Clark County Commission, endorsing citizens having a vote on the proposed light rail from Portland.

But, a March 31, 2011 article bears the headline, “Stuart reject call for advisory vote on CRC” along with then Commissioner Marc Boldt, defeated in last year’s election by David Madore.

Since it was obvious that the promised vote he is said to have endorsed wasn’t going to happen, State Legislators were seeking to at least allow citizens of Clark County to have an “advisory vote,” and determine whether or not “the states have the wrong project.”

So what did recently reelected County Commissioner do? He balked!

The articles tells us Stuart “went so far as to make fun of the idea and ask if lawmakers, facing the worst state budget crisis in decades, didn’t have better things to do with their time than to send a letter seeking a meaningless vote.”

It wasn’t so meaningless just a few months before, was it?

Real Leaders don’t lie to people to get elected and then assume an aloof attitude that they are better than all others.

Real Leaders don’t stomp out of meetings hurling profanities behind them because they didn’t get their way.

Real Leaders don’t beg supporters to show up at the next meeting to “spank” fellow Commissioners they disagree with.

Real Leaders keep their word, as Commissioners Madore and Mielke are doing. Stuart is not.

This is nothing more than a continuation of the effort to whip liberals in Clark County into a lynch mob frenzy to demand the majority of the Commission knuckle under to Steve Stuart and “increase the decibels” against any, like Commissioners Madore, Mielke and State Sen. Don Benton who oppose Portland financially failing light rail.

That is all that is, just a bunch of titty baby whining by a spoiled rotten envirowacko activist turned County Commissioner who can’t handle not getting his way and throws a tantrum.

It all just shows that Steve Stuart knows nothing about leadership of any kind.

7 Comments to “Just What Does Commissioner Stuart Know About ‘Real Leaders?’”

  1. Gotta wonder: has Stuart ever been involved in hiring anyone in the county this way?

  2. I wonder if Stuart has written a similar letter to Obama! Couldn’t hurt.

  3. When a democrat got a cushy high paying job with the county, there was no outcry. http://www.columbian.com/weblogs/local-politics/2011/mar/31/lose-there-work-here/

  4. Marc was just taking care of Axel because Axel delivered his vote to appoint Herrera to the vacant 18th District House seat…. exactly like the deal they had set up in advance happened.

    No “cronyism” here. nothing to see… move along.

  5. In all fairness to Commissioner Stuart, whether liberal or not, there should have been an interview process to hire the most ‘qualified’ Director of Environmental Services. Benton is not qualified in this field regardless of his years of public service. So … in particular case, I too am frustrated at the appointment without seeking other candidates to interview. How will Clark County ever know that hired the most qualified person to take care of the environment that you and I have to live, work, and breathe in? It’s an important question don’t ‘cha think? I’d outta better of our conservatives to think that one through a little deeper.

  6. That is strictly your opinion, Mari Kay. There are several people chosen by elected officials, even some with apparent conflicts of interest, but we are told we must trust the judgement of the duly elected officials.

    Benton’s selection is no different, other than the lynch mob attitude whipped up by the lazy c and Comm. Stuart.

    Time ya’ll got over it, you lost the election and the majority does not need to kiss your collective asses to ensure you still get your way.

    But to return your words, since you want Benton kicked out due to his not adhering to liberalism, if he is, how will you know whether or not he really is qualified and can achieve a balance?

    Lord only knows the left has pushed us far out of balance to the point of keeping struggling middle class families broke with no jobs.

    The voters in the county chose a different path for the County Commission, whether you all like it or not.

    Feel free to vote someone else in 4 years, but until then, Madore & Mielke are responding to the call of the majority voters in Clark County.

    I suggest you learn to deal with it.

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