Lazy C Sets New All-Time Record, Stirs Up Lynch Mob, But Fails to Oust Benton

by lewwaters

Lynch Mob 2The Lazy C, the unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party, the Mouthpiece is well known for their deep leftist bias, in spite of denials from editorialista Lou Brancaccio.

Legally registered under the title the Columbian, too many times they have exposed themselves as anything but objective, all too often working against the very community they hope to buy their product.

Blogs exposed the heavy bias in reporting when a Republican elected official was accused of wrong doing versus when a Democrat elected official was involved in an alcohol fueled sexual harassment scandal that continues to be covered when confronting cronista Stephanie Rice over denials of extreme lopsided coverage publishing 14 articles in 5 days for a Republican, followed by 2 over a month for a Democrat.

That record has now been shattered by the Lazy C’s meltdown over the hiring of much hated 17th Legislative District State Senator Don Benton by County Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore to head the County Department of the Environment, all three Republicans known to have targets on their backs due to their critical view of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project from Portland, Oregon into our community.

From the time the hiring was made known, Wednesday May 1, 2013 in mid-afternoon to last evening’s disgraceful display of a lynch mob mentality whipped up by the Lazy C at the May 7, 2013 Commissioner meeting, the Lazy C has ran 20 articles, to include posts on their All politics is local blog, editorial, column and not including letters to the editors.

Today has seen 3 additional articles ran, setting their record of hate against Republicans to 23 articles within a week.

All for naught, I might add as their effort to force the Commissioners, aided by lone Democrat County Commissioner Steve Stuart failed, in spite of hours of vitriol, rudeness, name-calling and disrespectful outbursts from the audience, allowed by the meeting chair Commissioner Stuart, failed to persuade the County Commission from rescinding the hiring.

Ms. Rice even admitted in one of the articles, although deeply buried towards the bottom,

“While the county typically publicly advertises job openings, commissioners, or other elected county officials, do have discretion to bypass the regular process and appoint department heads.”

In other words, the majority of the County Commission is well within their legal right to hire who they please, whether the Lazy C, Democrats or any envirowackos like it or not.

But let’s face it, the driving force for this lynch mob mentality drummed up by the Lazy C is nothing more than their responding to the marching orders from Governor Jay Inslee of “increase the decibels” to drown out struggling middle class taxpayers opposed to the many tax increases, fee & license increases and tolls to be placed squarely on their backs to pay for being forced to accept Portland, Oregon’s finically troubled light rail, even though they have repeatedly stated they do not want it.

Don Benton has been a vocal and well-informed critic of the CRC for several years and has been a driving force in forming the Senate Philosophical Majority Bipartisan Coalition in Olympia, wresting total control out of the liberal Democrats hands.

That coalition has taken a more critical look at the bloated project and recently has asked for an independent forensic audit of the project to settle some shocking discoveries made by local forensic auditor Tiffany LeMay Couch, supported by a second forensic auditor the coalition asked to review her findings.

Just today Inslee refused to call for such an audit, preferring to forge ahead without a care on how the struggling middle class in Clark County will foot the bill for this boondoggle for more than 45 years, adding possibly thousands of dollars of expense on their backs just to go to work.

Benton, along with Commissioners Mielke & Madore realize that it is the middle class the fuels our economy and they deserve a break, not burdened with even more taxes and expenses, just so they may have the privilege of driving to work.

CRC proponents, including the Lazy C either don’t realize that or do not care that the middle class will be decimated and that the Downtown Vancouver merchants will also pay a steep price as Downtown Vancouver will be a very unattractive place to visit and shop during the 8 plus years it is likely to take to construct this light rail project.

That matters little now as much of the vitriol directed at Sen. Benton’s hiring ignores his desire to restore some balance between the environment and the economy as it is brought out that he will be serving in two different capacities that will likely cause him to not be able to properly handle either one.

Yet, in looking through archives I find a Nov. 20, 2000 article titled, “Benton Thrives On Double Duty: Running The State GOP, Serving 17th District Earns Senator Mostly Good Reviews.”

An odd headline considering a little over a month earlier the Lazy C ran and editorial endorsement, “Not Benton, Woof!” where they state,

“The Columbian’s editorial board would like nothing more than to offer an enthusiastic, unqualified endorsement of Democrat Lou Peterson as the best possible candidate for state Senate in the 17th Legislative District. Unfortunately, we can’t.”

“Not even close.”

“Peterson, although sincere and well-intentioned, lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the important policy questions for Southwest Washington and the state. About the only attribute in his favor is the fact that he’s not Don Benton.”

“And on that admittedly flimsy basis, we endorse Peterson.”

Lazy CSuch is the nature of the Lazy C and their many years of hatred of Don Benton.

But in spite of all that, their effort to whip citizens into a frenzied lynch mob mentality failed to produce the effect they wanted. Yes, they got some people whipped up and got them to act rudely and disrespectful to duly elected officials they have not liked for some time now, but they failed since Don Benton showed up for work as the County’s new Director of the environment the next morning and will continue.

We can bank on more hateful rhetoric in the days ahead.

12 Comments to “Lazy C Sets New All-Time Record, Stirs Up Lynch Mob, But Fails to Oust Benton”

  1. It’s nothing but hatred. And that excerpt proves it.

  2. Thank you Lew again for clarifying that county commissioners have the discretion to appoint department heads. I’m confident that Senator Benton’s 20 years of legislative and case work dealing with a broad range of issues including the environment will serve Clark County well. Yes, it’s true downtown Vancouver would be torn up during the proposed construction period as St. Paul is discovering.
    Adding the sprawling interchanges, 3 giant parking facilities, tracks, ticket machines, stops etc, will pave over a lot of Vancouver. Citizens must speak up now to insure Clark County’s vote to REJECT high capacity light rail on the proposed CRC monstrosity is honored. Right now, we’re in danger of being run over by the runaway CRC lite rail train, like it or not as some officials like to emphasize.

  3. Benton can always declare that a new bridge will not meet the letter of the regulatory laws as passed by the department of natural resources and the department of ecology since there absolutely will be a bigger and broader permanent shadow on the water causing an eco system change and it will require a larger footprint within the 150 yard boundary of the shoreline which is illegal nowadays!

  4. Knowing that might be some of the unmentioned reasons behind their hateful opposition to him having the job.

  5. Time to start emailing The Columbian’s Advertisers.And let them know what Rotten Bastards the people at The Columbian are.

  6. Could be something like that.

  7. By the way, last night Moeller, Leavitt and Hansen were down in the coffee shop watching as the fee holiday waiver carried on until it was closed according to my sources. They came in all together. Wonder what kind of ethics violation should be screamed about on that? lol

  8. Yesterday in a comment I posted on the Columbian, it sounded as if I was in a meltdown…frustrated with it all for which I am…but of anything, it has allowed me to the conclusion that I must fight even harder than I have before, to protect the very community I have come to love over the past 35 years and I don’t want to see it ruined by the likes of self-serving, arrogant, pompous political leaders who think their fecal matter has no odor. Just seeing their smug faces helps remind me what it is we’re fighting…and the county’s bird cage liner is no different than the leadership of our county for which I mentioned. I am disgusted. I am disgusted with the Good Ol’ Boyz Klub and I am glad that their feathers have been ruffled. Next, we should be heating up the virtual tar to fuse those feathers together and keep up the political battle we are enduring before we lose all identity of the county we call Clark…and the PEOPLE will once again have a voice to be reckoned with. It’s time to dismantle the Good Ol’ Boyz Klub once and for all. Expose the corruption for what it is!!!

    Carolyn, you pointed out the “three” who entered the coffee shop together, wondering if they’ve violated any ethics…Carolyn, there’s not a doubt in my mind about that. They just haven’t been exposed yet. I wonder…have you mentioned this to Andrea at WW yet???

    Yeah…I’m angry. I’m DAMNED angry!!!

    Everyone…on June 4th and 5th, we have a chance to share our concerns regarding the height restrictions on the CRC. I suggest you attend the meeting or at least contact the officials taking letters, emails, faxes…whatever method you have to contact them.

  9. They didn’t follow HR policy?

    Clark County HR Policy


    The purpose of this policy is to identify the responsibilities of those involved in personnel administration and the requisite record keeping requirements. The elements of the policy acknowledge the distinctions between County Elected Officials, Appointing Authorities, the Board of County Commissioners and the Human Resources Department.

    The policy also provides guidance in the appropriate confidentiality of personnel records.


    This policy applies to the development of official records for personnel actions and the decision making authority of the various parties to the personnel actions. It articulates all required records including selection records, employee pay, status change, and benefit selection.


    The County Elected Officials shall have the final responsibility and authority in all matters affecting personnel administration for their respective departments subject to budgetary restrictions.


    The Appointing Authority has the authority to initiate personnel actions including appointment, discipline and discharge within the scope of this Manual, applicable labor contracts and County budget. The Appointing Authority may delegate in writing to subordinate managerial personnel the authority to appoint, discipline, and discharge.

  10. For the first time in years and years, I traveled into and through the Seattle metro area several days last week. I noticed that the traffic was impressively bad — and I read recently that USA Today had listed Seattle as having the 8th worst traffic in the country. Having lived (and commuted) many years in the number 3 worst traffic area (San Francisco Bay Area), I know bad traffic when I see it — and Seattle certainly caught my attention (being unfamiliar with the typical flows causing a big disadvantage). For details see:

    It seems to me, that if Washington has $450 billion to spend on highway improvements — the state (as a whole) might be better off if that money was spent in the Seattle metro area rather than financing a bridge with trolley cars that Southwest Washington clearly does not want. Of course, that would upset those rent seekers who might benefit from the CRC project — but certainly, there are enough rent seekers, that spending on any highway projects would meet with approval and keep the political contributions flowing…

  11. I have felt that Seattle Metro area traffic and highways have been horrendous for years. I go up there three or four times a year and it is always a nightmare. If there is money to be spent on transportation down here a third bridge and some area bypasses to move freight would be an excellent option.

  12. Let the Liberal assholes in Seattle pay for their own crap.They pooped in their own nest and the rest of the state shouldn’t have to bail the jerks out.

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