More at Risk of Homelessness, So Recall Those Trying to Prevent It

by lewwaters

head_up_assThere is little doubt that the Lazy C, legally known as the Columbian, the unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party is one of the poorest excuses for a newspaper seen. Their bias reeks as does their contradictions in articles often published.

It’s not unheard of to see one article one day boasting of home values increasing followed the next day by foreclosures increasing. With Democrats largely in control over the past few years, the Lazy C spared little ink to try to convince readers how well off they were, even though they obviously weren’t.

Now we see them setting a new record in bashing of a Republican with some 24 articles in a week blasting State Sen. Don Benton (R 17) along with Clark County Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore, both elected by wide margins just this past November.

Even though the Lazy C admitted their act was legal and within the confines of a Commissioner’s duty, the two hiring 5 term Sen. Benton to also head up the County’s Environmental Department as set the Lazy C on a rampage as they have spent the last week whipping some people into a lynch mob frenzy over the hiring.

Their hiring of Benton is intended to restore some balance between overbearing environment regulation and our local economy in order to see more jobs created and more middle class families returning to work earning decent wages, Clark County now surpassing the fourth straight year of double digit unemployment.

But since the three all are critical of the most expensive boondoggle to perpetrated upon this county and considering the governor issued marching orders of “increase the decibels,” since he to favors further burdening the struggling middle class to pay for the project nobody wants, the three men in Clark County working the hardest to help the middle class in our country recover must go.

Two articles appearing the online edition of the Lazy C this evening strike at the heart of this.

First, we see yet another hit job against the Conservative County Commissioners as we read of pathetic ex-mayor, the one most responsible for our community being in such an economic downturn by his public/private spending projects and who began pushing this overly expensive Columbia River Crossing project on the community leading an effort to recall the two recently elected commissioners.

Royce Pollard arrogantly approached the County Commissioners at the Tuesday Meeting adding his vitriol and ill-manners to those who fell for the Lazy C’s hit jobs all week. Pollard called Commissioner Mielke “stupid,” then accused both of breaking the law and labeled their hiring of Benton as “bullshit.”

Pollard then organized an effort to have them both recalled, he hopes to have them, and their opposition to the CRC removed from office.

But he fails to say what laws were broken since even the Lazy C admitted they acted within their confines. He now “assumes” the two met in private and with absolutely no proof or any evidence, other than his own aging deluded mind, wants them removed from office.

The Lazy C is only too happy to continue with the lynch mob frenzy by covering this.

Oddly enough, the very article appearing about the recall hit piece says, “Twice as many people at risk of homelessness in county. Numbers surge as recession-era aid ends”

Benton Recall 2

Leave it to the Lazy C and a scumbag ex-mayor thrown out of office 4 years ago to let egos overrule common sense and demand the removal of the three people trying to get the middle class back to work to help them stay in their homes at a time they are once again being faced with homelessness.

Pollard did nothing but pile up the bills for the middle class to pay while he ran the city and committed us to Billions more in debt to pay for a financially failing light rail system to be forced upon the community.

Pollard, a Democrat went along with just about every environmental scheme brought to him, even if it threw middle class people out of work. He did not care.

We even read of Democrats efforts in the upcoming special session to “tax the pants off of the middle class” would eliminate 9,800 private-sector jobs, according to a Washington Policy Center assessment.

And the Lazy C is letting it slip that as they support ousting the people fighting the hardest to ward that off and get middle class families working, citizens are twice as likely to be homeless soon in our county.

This is pure madness on their part.

Yes, they have spewed hatred of Don Benton since he was first elected and have rarely said anything supportive of either Mielke or Madore, but their blind hatred prevents them from seeing that the efforts of Mielke and Madore in hiring Benton is to head off such a disaster as a double increase in homelessness in Clark County.

But, that doesn’t matter, only carrying out their hate.

7 Comments to “More at Risk of Homelessness, So Recall Those Trying to Prevent It”

  1. This is such an insane time we are in. Where is the logic and the calmer heads?

  2. From my viewpoint, it appears that CRC is part of a much bigger scandal that is on the verge of surfacing.
    Look around folks … the Thunderbird at Hayden Island just “happened to burn down at the right time” …hmm, that is good timing for the Boondoggle Bridge and Lunatic Light Rail project to begin in 2014, whether the Vancouver citizens want Portland’s TriMet financial monster or not. The new Target Center at Jantzen Beach just happens to be in line with other major projects, such as the apartment complex being built at the former Burgerville site in downtown Vancouver WA. Hmm ? Oregon Legislature rushes to assure borrowed funds will be available to push TriMet’s red-ink light rail, as part of their “get the common people out of cars and into public transportation”. Washington power POLS push hard for funding, and send Governor Inslee (Christine Gregroire’s #1 partisan hack) to shove Light Rail and super-expensive bridge down Vancouver’s collective throats. Transportation feds jump in with both feet. Obama chimes in “Fed $$$$, FED $$$$”.
    Let’s see, TOLLS will be paid for many decades by people who most likely do not plan to use light rail. Where are the pro-CRC politicians driving their SUVs ? To the transit stations to hop a Max in mid February ? Bet not. Who will ride Max ? Same groups that do now .. students, older people, lower income people, people with disabilities (these are my direct observations after riding Max light rail many times, from Delta Park TC to all areas the light rail services) .. those who pay low or no taxes, and who often get all day passes very cheap. So .. all those suburban homeowners who never use light rail and work in Oregon, get to pay endlessly for a Mega-project that will cost HUGE $$$$$$$, benefit very few people, save little or no actual time in commuting, and support minions of lying, manipulating political types and their fat-cat cronies who will reap Mega-windfalls from a major project.
    Portland prides itself as “Bridge City” .. and features their pride and joys in Chamber of Commerce promotions and national marketing hype ..yet has no interest as a partner in a 3rd or 4th practical bridge to actually help the flow of traffic daily between the 2 states ? Hypocritical as usual. Something that could be cost-effective and practical not worth consideration ? Why ? Because all of the under-table deals and political maneuverings have already been well underway for 10 or more years. Who cares if it makes any business sense ? Who cares if it is grossly over-priced ? Who cares if no real commuting time or expense will be saved ?
    Enter anti-CRC catalysts> David Madore puts things in perspective, clearly articulates what is wrong with the boondoggle bridge and light rail proposals, and the dishonesty behind the “studies” and slick promotions being fed to the voters.
    Columbian led by Scott Campbell, Lou Brannaccio, John Laird, Stephanie Rice, Royce Pollard begins a 24 / 7 hit job on any and all people they see as enemies of the CRC.
    I expect the same of the National Enquirer, Huffington Post, and Pravda ..what a wonderful world of dirty politics.
    David Madore is NOT the enemy .. the Columbian and the CRC are.

  3. Has The Left even done the calculus on this? Madore & Meilke won their elections based solely on anti-CRC sentiment. If they go up for recall, The Right will certainly do Stewart the same courtesy, and you don’t need a crystal ball to see how that’s going to turn out with anti-CRC ferver bigger than ever. Who the hell is calling the shots here?

  4. Bring it on. The left and CRC rent seekers will lose.

  5. It is a distraction to reduce the push be the “against CRC” groups and candidates. At a time when if you are conservative you should be a shoe in they will scandalize through the back door without facts to keep their horrid council in place so the tail can continue wagging the dog here.

  6. Ron…wonderful write by you and I am in total agreement with your statement. Royce is trying to come out of political retirement and into the political arena again. I wouldn’t doubt it if he tries to run for County Commish…hoping to once again, strangle the people of our area with his GOBK mentality. His position at Clark isn’t enough for him. He sees his Good Ol’ Boyz Klub failing, so he’s pulling out all the stops…even though it’s clearly showing his intent, not as an informer to the public but as someone who refuses to allow the people of Clark County to once again…be in charge.

  7. Lew, stop attaching pictures of yourself to every post!

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