Hitler Finds Out Don Benton Was Hired

by lewwaters

Hitler gets wind of Don Benton being hired to head the Dept of the environment and realizes all of blustering and scheming  with certain people won’t change a thing

10 Comments to “Hitler Finds Out Don Benton Was Hired”

  1. Video is glitching on my end. funny stuff what I saw of it.


  2. I needed a good laugh – thanks, Lew!


  3. Too bad there wasn’t an exploding head in the video clip.


  4. OMG…. that was funneh right there, I don’t care WHO you are!


  5. Ya’ll feel free to share anywhere you please 😉


  6. MISTER LEW WATERS…You sir, deserve an accommodation for the most accurate depiction of the strangulation hold our local Good Ol’ Boyz Klub has on the people of Clark County …an award to say the least, for this one!!! You absolutely, positively hit this one smack dab in the heart of the Bullseye!!! William Tell would have been proud of you, lol.

    What more can I say…this was……….


    And no, I’m not overreacting. This was definitely ON THE MARK!!!

    Bless you for presenting the people with the all too obvious!!!


  7. Ha! Very good Lew! Not much I find hilarious, all the worse for the truth of it. Let us continue building, and let them tell
    people why we can’t.


  8. why the fuss? clark county has learned how to screw voters better than other cities, counties, states and metros..all the while they are screwing us they are convincing us we enjoy it.


  9. That is the point, par, wake people up to the “classic politics” in Clark County.

    Sadly, many won’t as they blindly follow and do not actually research issues.


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