Lazy C Gets it Wrong, Yet Again

by lewwaters

Light Rail HellRegular readers know that the so called newspaper of record, heavily biased towards strapping the struggling middle class with more expenses in order to pay for forcing the financially failing light rail into Clark County from Portland, is probably one of the least reliable sources of news in the Pacific Northwest.

Hence, they are labeled the Lazy C for not properly vetting or researching many subjects, primarily anything political in nature or critical of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project,

They spare no ink when it comes to maligning critics and in large part, is behind the current brouhaha over County Commissioners Mielke & Madore being blasted daily for over a week now for legally hiring much hated State Sen. Don Benton to head the County Dept of Environmental Services.

But they out do themselves in getting wrong in what seems like an attempt to smear a group critical of the current CRC design and calling themselves the I-5 Project Inc. as they run an article on lobbying efforts on behalf of both sides of the issue, CRC foes, supporters step up lobbying efforts

Of course, it’s a good thing that proponents have hired lobbyists to serve their interests. But, it’s not so good that critics have hired lobbyists to serve their interests.

We see a subtle effort to smear I-5 Project Inc. in the 13 paragraph from the top where it says, “The lobbyist registration forms fail to list the names of significant donors to the I-5 Project coalition, and the PDC is working with the group to file that required information, PDC spokeswoman Lori Anderson said last week.”

Drop down a few paragraphs and you will find, for the lobbying effort on behalf of proponents, “The Columbia River Crossing Coalition, a private group funded largely by business and labor interests, earlier this month paid for a radio ad designed to reach local commuters.”

Mains, Funding

They still don’t tell you just who funds the pro coalition, but giving you the vague “funded largely by business and labor interests,” they leave you with the impression it is all on the up and up and that the group critical is somehow in violation of PDC rules.

That is flat out wrong, as I will show.

The Lazy C makes sure to mention they received no call back when trying to contact the groups treasurer and quite frankly, given their heavy bias and many past efforts at smearing anybody critical of the CRC, I wouldn’t call them back either. All we need do is look over the 29 articles from this past week bashing, insulting, criticizing, ridiculing and hurling just mean words at Commissioners Madore & Mielke to ask why any honest hearted person in this community would want to talk to them.

Be that as it may, I had no problem discussing this with a group member and getting to the bottom of the allegation hinted at by the Lazy C.

As it turns out, according to attorneys for the I-5 Project Inc., “the group is not a member organization or a trade organization, therefore its funders do not have to be listed.”

Confirmation of this opinion was confirmed by the projects lawyers through the PDC.

So there is no effort by the PDC to “work with the group to file that required information” as there is no requirement that they file it.

This is the fact as laid out to me by a member of the I-5 Project Inc.

Light Rail SpoofIt should also be noted that we see in the article the words of rookie State Senator Annette Cleveland (D 40), entering her 4th month as State Senator and somehow already an expert, even though she has no practical experience in politics or engineering, claiming “The decision in front of us is a compromise. The special session is going to require everyone’s willingness to come together. … I’m still very hopeful that logic and reason will prevail.”

Really, Ms. Cleveland?

And just what “compromise” have you, Jim Moeller or Sharon Wylie been willing to offer?

Elimination of critical freeway interchanges so to preserve light rail that you constituents do not want? That’s your idea of a “compromise?”

Even as the newcomer, Cleveland has been unbending in supporting forcing Clark County to accept light rail at a cost that would build several bridges across the Columbia River and fully knowing that the struggling middle class, seeing over 4 straight years of double digit unemployment in the county, will carry the burden of increased taxes, tolls, even an extra toll Ms. Cleveland proposed to fund the $450 Million share, increased license fees, potentially an employee head tax and more.

She, like 49th Rep. Jim Moeller remain silent on the now known efforts of an Oregon Legislator to meet with and encourage businesses upriver of the proposed bridge to relocate 200 miles south in Oregon, once the bridge is constructed and will have inadequate bridge clearance to facilitate shipping their larger goods downriver to customers.

Cleveland asks for “logic and reason to prevail,” but where is the logic to establish a choke point on river commerce downriver of many businesses today and that will negatively affect creation of business upriver for the next 100 years?

Obviously, like others before her, the notion of “compromise” is we give up our positions for theirs while they give back nothing!!

Returning to the I-5 Project Inc., they advocate some real common sense alternatives, such as drop light rail and get the proposed bridge up to an adequate height to not hamper river commerce.

If mass transit is required in order for the feds to return some of our tax dollars to us that can easily be accomplished with buses or even a Rapid Bus Line on the bridge that will not require a low grade and will actually be flexible not restricted to hard rail.

If it is really “logic and reason” being sought, there you go.

Forcing light rail on a community that has repeatedly rejected in, both directly and by proxy and plunging a community Billions of dollars into debt that they do not have, while chasing established businesses away and discouraging new ones coming in is far from “logic and reason.”

Neither will logic and reason be found within the pages of the Lazy C as they continue to blindly support such a boondoggle while alienating the community they claim to serve.

12 Comments to “Lazy C Gets it Wrong, Yet Again”

  1. Where logic and reason comes to play with each other the democrats from the 49th in leadership today are on another playground. They are incapable of comprimise in any true sense whatsoever and therefore choose to play alone. She is making me gag with her mousy syrup nonspeak rhetoric. Time will show this ballgame ill be won by the people.

  2. What gets me is that the editors get away with posing as if they are real community-minded people.
    They are elitists with a relentless agenda, and with a total disregard for the mores and traditions of everyday people in this community.
    They will savage anyone who dares to resist or expose their social-tinkering and outright advocacy.
    For decades they have practiced censorship, spiking any story that contradicts their radical Leftist/Humanist agenda, while doing hit-pieces like Lou Brayingcaca’s clever ‘M & M’ Commissioner bashing article, when it appears some conservative might do their cause harm.
    Clark County citizens have demonstrated their disgust with the light-rail bridge fiasco, but that does not keep The Columbian from giving aid and comfort to the proponents while mocking and attacking the majority who can recognize an insulting boondoggle when they see it.
    And of course, the Operation Fast and Furious cover-up and the Benghazi cover-up have no greater friends than the ‘journalists’ down at our hometown newspaper.
    The public’s trust in ‘news’ media is at an all time low.
    Rags like The Columbian serve as prime examples of why.

  3. Mains, who was Boldt’s consultant (and partially responsible for THAT miserable campaign) would sell a child to nail Madore.

    He’s been shooting off his mouth on the Benton hire since it happened, and as a RINO member of the downtown mafia, he is no more interested in “fair” then he is the Hair Club for Men.

  4. The coolest element of this, however, is the money the CRC Scammers are spending on ads is totally wasted.

    This scam continues to be DOA in the Senate, and that’s how it will remain… their wasted money notwithstanding.

  5. Mains now says, “The story says the pro group is funded by the Columbia River Collation and that is a group of business and labor interests. My question is who is the group that funds the other side? I know who’s behind CRC ad and I think it’s important for the public to know who funds both sides? It’s just not a balanced story that is why I asked, for my own curiosity on a project I’m involved in. Without knowing we can’t get a good understanding of both interests.”

    Okay, I can clear it up in exactly the same way.

    The group is funded by a group of business owners and middle class workers.

    See? All cleared up now 😉

  6. Nazi Germany did not have the written history of what people like this will do given time and opportunity. We do.

  7. Some of the pro ads which run during the afternoon drive time (prime radio) on KXL101 are being paid for by the BTA with checks written by Valerie Edwards. I checked myself after hearing three ads in 30 minutes between 5 and 5:30 last week. The BTA is the Bicycle Transport Alliance which wants us to pave the way for their commuting across the bridge.

  8. Carolyn didn’t you mean to say pay & pave the way.

  9. Yes I did. It is accurate as stated.

  10. Some time back, John Laird asserted that his attention to his compost heap disqualified him to be an elitist. In fact, compost is just worm poop and chemically similar to the “meadow muffins” city folks are warned about when visiting farms; considering that few John Laird columns are complete without the inclusion of a healthy measure of male bovine excrement, his fondness for compost is less of an excuse than an indictment.

  11. John Laird chose to write an article about Marc Boldt being a “victim” because democrats chose not to vote for a Republican rather than mother’s day. Here are my thoughts on Laird’s editorial from last night:

    1) Laird fails to mention in his editorial that the Columbian published 9 articles within 5 days about his sanction and also wrote an editorial and allowed an entry in all politics is local.Furthermore, it was Lou Brancaccio who chose to call Boldt’s sanction a “self inflicting wound” whereas Dwight Pelz calling for the ouster of Rodney Tom & Tim Sheldon has received no coverage even though Pelz’s points are really weak and infactual as well as calling for them to be kicked out of the party. Pelz must had forgotten: Under Washington law, a political-party organization has no right to exclude anyone. When candidates sign up to run for office, they choose their own party affiliation – listed on the ballot as “prefers Democratic Party” or any other designation they choose. The flop of Tom and Sheldon are significant to Clark County as they can kill the CRC funding in the senate as the GOP has 25 votes.

    2) Laird forgets Nick Ande’s quote: “The Clark County Democrats are a ‘big tent’ organization. We don’t assume that all Democrats are going to have exactly the same views, and we appreciate that diversity in viewpoint within our party rather than admonishing it. No county Democrat has been blacklisted because they have what are perceived as more moderate viewpoints.” He also forgets it was Jim Moeller who admitted to you (Lew) that he does not agree with all of the party platform even though it was he who accused of Jon Haugen of not being a “real democrat” and also called Boldt’s sanction political lunacy.

    3) A few of Pelz’s contentions for calling for the ouster of Rodney Tom and TIm Sheldon are very weak. The one about the 9th order budget can be refuted. The media praised the compromise and move and blocked a bad budget that the state could not afford. Furthermore, he leaves out that the party has opposed Sheldon since he has been in office. A few headlines regarding the 9th order:
    “Newspapers throughout Washington applauded the results. Here are some of the headlines:

    “‘Forced Bipartisanship Paid Dividends in the State Budget,’ Tacoma News Tribune.

    “‘State Budget a Triumph of the Middle,’ Seattle Times.

    “‘Long-Needed Budget Fixes Made at Last,’ Spokane Spokesman-Review.

    “‘Compromise Strengthens State’s Future,’ the Tri-City Herald

  12. John Laird is a fool if their ever was one. A one man solo using a paper for his stage with an ache for the attention he craves. What will he do when he retires to get it?

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