Lazy C Obliterates All Semblance of Impartiality

by lewwaters

“Folks should be tolerant of both (whom) they agree with and disagree with.” Lou Brancaccio

Media MeterThe above quote is found in a March 26, 2011 editorial “Keep Us Close, Very Close” where editor Lou Brancaccio is whining about people cancelling their subscriptions to the Columbian, better known as the Lazy C for their ineptness in reporting relevant truths about the Columbia River Crossing light rail project and their perverse witch hunt attitude against conservatives.

Brancaccio also said within the same editorial, “Essentially, we try not to be anybody’s friend or anybody’s enemy.”

To quote County Commissioner Steve Stuart and former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard, BULLSHIT!

All we need do is perform a cursory look back through the archives to find strong evidence of their pro-Democrat bias and seething hatred of certain conservatives.

We can especially see it today in the bombastic reaction to the hiring of Sen. Don Benton to head the County Department of Environmental Services, and their twisting of facts on how it came about as well as treating the community to some 29 articles blasting the choice in the week since.

We have seen constant ridicule and demeaning of Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore, even before Madore was elected by a wide margin of county voters.

Of that election, we now see acerbic political page editor John Laird, ever the liberal whiner, lash out at the community for the election of Madore with his hate screed, “Community’s embarrassment rooted in voters’ inaction,” where he blames Democrats for not voting for incumbent Marc Boldt, even though it was the Lazy C itself that promoted Boldt as the quintessential Republican even though Boldt had abandoned the GOP values and sided with Liberals all too often.

Fellow Blogger Kelly Hinton and I numerous times cautioned they were doing Marc no favors as Democrats will not vote for a Republican and they ignored the advice, resulting in some 35,000 under votes, giving Madore the win by nearly 14,000 votes.

But they accept no blame themselves, much like we see coming out of the White House, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Clark County gave all indication of wanting the County Commission to move towards the right when in 2008 they elected both Tom Mielke and Marc Boldt, both running as conservatives, to the County Commission.

Boldt’s abandonment of his conservative claims cost him the 2012 election while Tom Mielke was returned to office, also by a wide margin over challenger, Joe Tanner.

And successful businessman David Madore was swept into office with promises of “shaking things up” and getting out county moving again.

But the Lazy C doesn’t care for that move for a variety of reasons, largely due to the Columbia River Crossing light rail project being forced upon Clark County taxpayers, against our will.

So any semblance they may have once had, or even questionable claims of impartiality are gone as, likely responding to the marching order from Governor Jay Inslee to “increase the decibels” to drown out struggling middle class taxpayers balking at being further burdened with taxes, fees and tolls to pay for a bankrupting boondoggle, all efforts must now be taken to destroy the will of voters in redirecting the County Commission by voters.

A week’s worth of hate articles whipping a couple hundred people out of the 450,000 people in the County resulted in a disgraceful display of vitriol, false accusations and insulting comments directed towards the two County Commissioners Tuesday evening and disgracefully allowed by Liberal Democrat County Commissioner Steve Stuart, who is applauded by the Lazy C for such flagrant violation of the County Commissioner Code of Ethics.

The Lazy C is gleefully supporting a banal effort to launch a recall of the two commissioners, even though it was openly admitted at the Saturday strategy session that there is no basis for such a recall, eliciting the comment of “we do not have at this time a valid reason for a recall, but I’m sure there is one somewhere” and “We just need to find it” from former mayor Pollard.

Of course, this call for going on a witch hunt failed to make it into the Lazy C’s coverage of the gathering.

Former County Commissioner and former State Senator Craig Pridemore, who moved out of Clark County to accept his own appointment to serve as Director of Finances for the State Licensing Department was also somehow involved in this.

He too called upon those present to launch a “big effort” to “FIND a reason for a recall.”

Gone are previous calls seen of respecting duly elected officials as the go about their tasks in representing voters will. The only thing to matter now will be to oust those duly elected Commissioners and since by all likelihood they will not be ousted, to obstruct and blast any effort they try, especially if it involves stopping the CRC and helping save the struggling middle class in Clark County.

In following along with the false notion of the Country can only come together when Democrats are in complete control, Pollard also stated at the gathering “I believe this will bring the county back together.”

He did not bother to explain, liberals rarely due. But it is obvious that liberal Democrats feel they and they alone will force everybody into their group think and see rubber stamping of their views as the institute a dictatorship in not only the country, but our County.

Going as far back as the 2008 election, after the Democrats complete takeover of the country with the election of Obama, Brancaccio penned “Come together …right now” where he lamented, “it felt like there was an opportunity to come together, to extend a hand rather than point a finger” and “So is there an opportunity now to stop the shouting and the name-calling, end the fist-pumping?”

Apparently not from the Lazy C when the community stands for itself in an election and chooses people they don’t want.

The gloves are off at the Lazy C as they go into a full court press to undermine the will of the middle class voters in Clark County.

5 Comments to “Lazy C Obliterates All Semblance of Impartiality”

  1. Precisely. Well writ..

  2. Many consumers of the “main stream media” have learned that they’ve been simply supporting those who constantly promote left-leaning liberal/progressive views through propaganda disguised as “news.” The main (left) stream media, particularly newspapers and news magazines, have been losing readers and subscribers for years … with the trend accelerating of late. Many news consumers have found that the Internet provides alternate means to obtain news and information about the various topics of concern. It is easy to find advocates on each side of issues … and to compare the positions, with each side HONESTLY advocating their viewpoint. When the motives are known, it is easy to sort out the truths, mis-truths, mis-statements, and outright lies expressed by each side.

    Many in the media, having been schooled by left-leaning professors in the liberal arts, do not even see the bias that they have. They “think” they’re being even handed, even when they are highly biased. I can recall years ago when my ex-spouse worked for a local government agency, she was certain that Hubert Humphery was going to win the presidency as “everyone I know is for him”… I worked at a less one-sided employer where it was obvious that Nixon had far more support than Humphery. But the “sample bias” encountered by my ex-wife is common among liberals. “Everyone” they associate with has a certain world-view and knows that their opinion is “correct.” Thus, they give no credence to alternate views or opinions.

    I have not subscribed to a “main stream” newspaper or news magazine since 2005 (or so). I don’t really miss those publications — and I’m able to be aware of all the latest news and political issues by using “alternate” media.

    I wish that the “main stream media” were not so biased and made a more effective effort to report facts about stories (in their news columns) without the bias that’s so frequently presented. But since they don’t … I just ignore ’em.

  3. I speculate that the real motive of has beens Pollard and Proidemore is to side track the promised county wide vote. To that end they are cynically playing the greenies for suckers.

  4. Of course I was referring the the promised county wide light rail vote.

  5. I suspect that this frenzy is a campaign to mount opposition forces against GOP in general. Claiming how evil and Kinieving we are etc. If they can do that we lose all the city races this year. The obvious here is for the GOP to buy billboard space and mount an anti-crc slogan against the status quo in order to help the voter keep their eyes on the ball.
    Stay fairly moot on the anti- Benton/Madore thing and do not feed the hungry taxing monster so it will die a faster death.

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