M&M vs the P P boys

by lewwaters

We all saw just how pleased with himself Lou Brancaccio, Editor of the Lazy C, was for labeling County Commissioners David Madore and Tim Mielke as “M&M,” complete with a pack of M&M candies over a copy of the Lazy C, meant to be demeaning.

We also saw ex-Mayor Royce Pollard and ex-State Senator Craig Pridemore conduct a rally to whip people into a recall frenzy, even though they admitted they have no sound reason to launch one.

We now have our own acronym for Pridemore & Pollard, “the P P boys” since their goal is little more than peeing on Clark County citizens

PP boys

5 Comments to “M&M vs the P P boys”

  1. Man, do you think this will get their attention?


  2. It sure ought to 😉


  3. I just called Mars INC, makers of M&M to report that the Columbian is misusing their brand. I told them that M&M was one of my favorite candy (and it is), but that all this newspaper’s misusing of their brand is causing bitter taste in my mouth. I told them that I’m sure others are feeling the same way about this NEGATIVE advertisement by the Paper.

    PS I’ll let you know if I hear back from them.



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