The Cowardice of Jim Moeller

by lewwaters

coward 1Jim Moeller, 6 times elected Representative for Washington State 49th Legislative District can be accurately labeled many things. An open homosexual, bombastic, arrogant, sly, slick, effective (for a liberal), agenda driven and more. But the one thing I have never seen in Jim is cowardice, until now.

He does operating in the Legislature with a “my way or the highway” attitude and up until this latest session, pretty much got his way with fellow Democrats controlling both houses of the legislature and a Democrat in the Governor’s mansion.

Jim has never been known to shy away from confrontation, other than to ignore it when it suits him and he will just go about his business. So I was taken aback some when I discovered over a week ago that he placed a block on me for his facebook page, especially considering we had not ‘friended’ each other.

Not on either’s friends list, neither of us leaves a comment on the others page, so I was perplexed why he would block out a constituent, since I reside in the 49th Legislative District and have for over 25 years.

Admittedly, sometimes I’m a little slow, but it dawned on a few days ago. He’s not worried about me seeing his facebook page so much as he is running away from me on the Lazy C’s website, since commenting there is through facebook.

If you are wondering why, it is obviously because my continual reminders of his suing constituents to invalidate their votes, constantly raising taxes on middle class taxpayers, blind support for the CRC and how it is going to decimate the middle class, confronting him about his preference for supporting Portland, Oregon over the 49th and showing his dodges as when I confronted him about Oregon Representative Caddie McKeown’s effort to encourage businesses that will be negatively affected by the inadequate height of the light rail bridge he strongly and blindly supports to relocate to her district, 200 miles away in Reedsport, Oregon.

That would amount to a loss of several hundred jobs from Clark County and with the likelihood of our tax dollars being used to help relocate the company through Moeller’s “mitigation.”

But as constituent, do I not have a right to ask such questions of the one elected to represent where I live?

Of course, I never received answers to any, other than justification for his suing to invalidate votes, but never an answer on why he refuses to support the desire of his constituents to place a 2/3 super majority requirement on the legislature to increases taxes that they have approved 5 times now.

Of Caddie McKeown’s efforts, after trying to ignore my question many times, I finally received a reply in comments one evening of, “Lew et al: It’s been said that ‘Those who do not understand your silence will probably not understand your words’. Your minds have already been made up. Why should I waste my time? I have a bridge to fund. ;-)”

Perhaps due to others joining me in asking about the matter, Jim decided it would be best to hide from me, a constituent and not have to face hard questions as it wasn’t long after this that he decided to block me from seeing what he has to comment on the Lazy C’s website.

Equally curious with Jim was seeing him level insults at me when he doesn’t believe I can see them.

As can be seen in this partial facebook discussion over the recent hiring of Sen. Don Benton to head the County Dept. of Environmental Services, something he vehemently hates along with Sen. Benton, Robert Dean posted the transcript from the audio of the meeting when Benton was hired that I exclusively have posted in the post, The Great Clark County Collusion Caper Debunked.

Moeller’s reply, “Robert: I still don’t know WHY you quote Lew Waters. Makes me question your integrity…”

If Jim had bothered to look and listen, it isn’t my words quoted, but from the official recording of the May 1, 2013 Board of County Commissioner’s meeting when Benton was hired.

As for questioning anybodies integrity, perhaps Jim needs to look in a mirror as he has never been blocked here or on my facebook page or have I ever fabricated anything about him. Instead, I rely on his own words he used.

While it is sad to see an adversary stooping to such cowardice, it is gratifying to see that my efforts have paid off enough for him to run scared now.

But blocking me will not give constituents answers they deserve and I am sure I will not be the only person asking them.

Jim, you can run, but you cannot hide. I’ve told you in the past that your arrogance will be your downfall. That you now take such a cowardly stance is just the first step towards your fall.

9 Comments to “The Cowardice of Jim Moeller”

  1. Lew, you “beat him like an old rug.”

  2. LOL, Dick, I love throwing their own words back at them. Great job 😉

  3. Lew, I must give Mr. Moeller a point: It is, after all, HIS Facebook, to use consistent with Facebook’s rules. So I will add this: The 10th Commandment is the most important of the Ten. God issued this Commandment with the force of thunder and fire. This Commandment is THE #1 gateway to sin. A breach of this Commandment naturally leads to a breach of the over 9. Blocking you in advance is the best evidence that Mr. Moeller had breached this Commandment and several others. Mr. Moeller’s blind support for the CRC Project is just one more example of a man actively engaged in breaching the other 9 Commandments. So you are right, while “blocking [you] will not give constituents answers they deserve,” the fact that you were preemptively blocked should give all voters the answer they need why Mr. Moeller and his group supports the CRC Project and other allegedly sinful projects.

  4. All of the other descriptors notwithstand, “overly bright” ain’t one of them.

    I am honored to be blocked by this lying weasel. And yes, it’s because he’s a coward.

  5. Guess I gotta start snipping the Columbian blog site for you eh Lew?

  6. I can see what is said there, just not from Jim Moeller.

    I can, however, sneak in through the backdoor to his facebook page from time to time to see what he says 😉

    Feel free to let me know anything he says there.

  7. I understand. I got so sick of Mike I blocked his stuff so I never have to see it. It does create some interesting breaks in the verbage of a conversation which can make it hard to follow though. I know Mike Yancy well enough by now I do not need to see his comments so it doesn’t matter to me.

  8. You’re right, it is cowardice to block you and then publicly criticize you where he thinks you can’t see it and can’t respond.

    I have other FB accounts where I can check up on them, though.

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