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May 17, 2013

Strolling Through the Lazy C Dungeon

by lewwaters

Dungeon 1The Lazy C has a place on their site they call the “Open Forum” where those who wish to retain their anonymity can spew away their delusional thoughts without signing up for a facebook account to reveal who they are, unlike regular comments under every day articles.

The place is sort of buried, requiring you to click on Opinion, and then scroll to the right to forums, click there to open then scroll down to the week’s worth of rants to see what is there. Those who frequent it, mostly Libtards and a few Paulbots seem to refer to it as “the Basement.” I refer to it as “the Dungeon” where malcontents assign themselves as Dungeon Keepers to speak out in full anonymity, unwilling or unable to stand up for their views openly.

A Dungeon, more common during medieval times, were often seen as dark, cold, damp rooms built below castles where torture took place or people were thrown if they disagreed with the King or Queen and where freedom was lost while Castle Guards and Dungeon Keepers freely roamed to torture, ridicule or mistreat those imprisoned in them.

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