Strolling Through the Lazy C Dungeon

by lewwaters

Dungeon 1The Lazy C has a place on their site they call the “Open Forum” where those who wish to retain their anonymity can spew away their delusional thoughts without signing up for a facebook account to reveal who they are, unlike regular comments under every day articles.

The place is sort of buried, requiring you to click on Opinion, and then scroll to the right to forums, click there to open then scroll down to the week’s worth of rants to see what is there. Those who frequent it, mostly Libtards and a few Paulbots seem to refer to it as “the Basement.” I refer to it as “the Dungeon” where malcontents assign themselves as Dungeon Keepers to speak out in full anonymity, unwilling or unable to stand up for their views openly.

A Dungeon, more common during medieval times, were often seen as dark, cold, damp rooms built below castles where torture took place or people were thrown if they disagreed with the King or Queen and where freedom was lost while Castle Guards and Dungeon Keepers freely roamed to torture, ridicule or mistreat those imprisoned in them.

300 or more rants in a week isn’t unusual at the Lazy C’s dungeon and cover a wide range of complaints, everything from bitching about Commissioners Madore & Mielke, ranting about Sen. Benton, ridiculing conservatives and every so often, complaining about yours truly, me.

I actually find it quite comical to be the subject of such angst among Libtards & Paulbots, especially considering they relegate me and this blog as irrelevant. But apparently relevant enough that they visit it and read it frequently.

At one time, early on, it seemed to be a little more even handed but, has increasingly become a domain for the Libtard and Paulbot mentality, most who apparently do not wish to stand behind their words with their actual names.

That I can so easily irritate them is a badge of honor I wear proudly.

This week, for instance, has some wondering where I am and why I am no longer commenting on any of the Lazy C’s articles. One asks, “Also, anybody heard from Lew Waters? I haven’t seen him on the FB side for a while.”

As is to be expected, replies amount to, “that Lew Waters is MIA as others. I’ve heard that he was at one of the Commissioner’s meetings but left in a hurry. I would have loved to have a word or two with the man himself and his ideology over the truth and common sense approach to local politic commentary… HE is one of a kind…he just can’t reason..,” “you asked about Lew Waters earlier. He cannot comment on the C, he is way too busy writing posts on his blog. And what posts they are…,” and “Just got done checking Lew’s site myself. Wow – He’s having a good time with this Lazy C business.”

Why yes, matter of fact I am.

Of course, none of them thinks of emailing to ask why I am not commenting there, that would be too easy and since it would be the sensible thing to do, given most of them have no sense, escapes them.

I especially love the feigned offense taken over my post M&M vs the P P boys where in response to Lou Brancaccio’s M&M for Commissioner’s Madore & Mielke, Pridemore and Pollard became the P P boys for their part in the lynch mob mentality seen lately.

Nailingit Offended

Of course, doctored photo’s of conservatives as monkeys, vampires, being hung or beheaded is never considered offensive to this person.

Yet another one, just this morning believes to have uncovered major conspiracy concerning our friend GoldenOldie who commented there and had the audacity (in their feeble mind) to speak freely on this blog

holycrapola rant

“Virtual Suicide?” A little over the top, don’t you think?

But it goes to show that she was right in her comment left here that the Libtards & few Paulbots dominating the Lazy C’s Dungeon have no interest in discussion or exchange of ideas, they intend to dominate and indoctrinate and feel their anonymity within the Dungeon grants them that.

Most laughable to me with those malcontents is sighting me at certain events I did not go to. It leaves me wondering just who they spied and scorned erroneously. Some older guy with white hair who may not even know me might still be wondering about the visual daggers directed at him.

The selection of Sen. Benton by Commissioner’s Mielke & Madore really got them going as my posting the actual audio and a transcript of what was actually said became an effort by me to “spin the selection as Bill Barron’s doing.”

You can read it and hear for yourself at The Great Clark County Collusion Caper Debunked and judge who spun what.

Some have confided in me that they suspect Jim Moeller or Tim Leavitt might be hiding behind some of the anonymous names and I must admit, while not leveling that accusation TO BE CLEAR, I AM NOT LEVELING SUCH AN ACCUSATION, I do see a certain similarity in some comments and postings by the likes of Jim Moeller who recently channeled bombastic, blowhard Al Gore with the following;

Moeller Al Gore Channel

As we know, that is the way of the Libtard and Paulbot to shout down, demand and declare debate over, never considering another view or that they might not be so perfect themselves. But as Governor Inslee issued in his marching order, “increase the decibels,” bullying to get what you want is okay, for them.

It’s all just another day in the Lazy C’s Dungeon where anonymous malcontents choose to spew their garbage, unwilling or unable to support their rants and who live a life of vitriol against anybody who dares believe differently.

The eternal victim even when they hold the majority.

Grabbing all credit and deflecting all blame with hate filled rants while they demand tolerance and acceptance for themselves.

If you ever get bored or need some comic relief, pop over to the Lazy C’s Dungeon and stroll through the maze of intellectual ignorance and verbose fatuity.

Just don’t expect anything remotely resembling factual information.

21 Comments to “Strolling Through the Lazy C Dungeon”

  1. I’ve never laughed so hard as I did when I read this piece of yours (with tears welling in my eyes), Lew. Not because of holycrapola’s hilariously “…….” (fill in the blank) post which you presented, mind you…that one was definitely over the top and clearly pointed out the issues of the forum I spoke of in my comment on your segment for which holyc pointed out, even though he failed to mention the statement I’d made immediately afterwards which states “To clarify…I EXPECT a community newspaper to provide balanced and fair reporting and their discussion forums should strictly forbid personal attacks.” Of course, when I contacted the person in charge of the forums…there was rarely a response if ever and nothing was ever done. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone used their full names like they do on Facebook??? THAT my friend is the number one reason why so many people hide behind avatars such as the one I use here. Some have foolishly come forth in the dungeon and have pointed themselves out at the community meetings videos and photos…leaving themselves up for target practice by those who go headstrong with such brazen written attacks. One who used to be on the forum as alleycat, used to make threats on others and is suspect to be posting once again under another avatar.

    Poor Roger…he’s even been riddled by others for “hitting on” Debbie Peterson. And they wonder why so many of us want to remain anonymous.

    In my defense (even though I truly don’t have to defend myself) is what I truly find as a misleading attack in attempts for holyc was the fact that I have mentioned several times on the forum…that I am in fact a Republican, even though holyc claimed I was a “closet Republican.” That is how I registered and I never changed. Strike one, there. Strike two came when holyc thought I was caught red handed when in fact, I knew exactly what I was saying and meant every word…knowing all too well the public access for the dungeon dragons to read what I stated. When a news entity loses it’s partiality, it’s no better than a bird cage liner and if the shoe fits??? Strike three…which truly has me laughing…is when I was accused of never showing up anywhere. Why it has me laughing is pretty much the same reason for the humor you have encountered, Lew…except when you weren’t there, you mysteriously appeared. In my case, I’m accused of not attending although I was there minus a couple redundant three-peats.. I’ve gone to the meetings. I just didn’t let people know and still won’t to this day, ESPECIALLY because of those who target people in opposition. I’ve even shared comments face to face at these meetings, in front of camera or next to reporters with local politicians and members of the workforce with the County, C-Tran, RTC and the like…making my statement heard.

    Too hilarious!!!


  2. I got a kick out of crapola’s rant today regarding your “defection,” or is it “treason?” 😉

    About GoldenOldie, I have had too some harsh opinions about the Columbian when they did censure. I think that it was the previous web guy named Matt but he left. Whether he did it on his own or directed by someone, I don’t know, but at least I had the decency to state so right here and then.

    I did not go to another blog and to Lew Water’s blog, the most ideology driven non reasoning and blind zealot to be found locally.

    GoldenOldie betrayed her home which was here. Nobody cared that she was a republican or a democrat or a nazi for that matter. The only decent requirement was to just state so. She said that she voted for Madore, then that she didn’t. What is it? She enjoyed years of spilling her diatribe here and then this? And now you hanging from her skirt? Dude!!! Dude that has met GoldenOldie…. Prove it! Or should I take your word when you don’t take mine?

    Somebody is quite delusional it seems 😉


  3. Most of these Goddamned characters are from the Twilight Zone anyways. The Columbian needs to hire a Staff PsychoTherapist and needs to install a Rubber Room.


  4. I think the Dungeon is their rubber room, Jack 😉

    Goldie, latest I saw is crapola indicating all is forgiven with you, just as soon as you realize the error of your ways, LOL

    I guess it feels the Dungeon is its private domain?


  5. Yeah…I’m a misdirected soul.


  6. I’ve never laughed so hard! Think some of them need a frontal lobotomy on there or maybe have had it done one too many times! 😀


  7. LOL, like insects drawn to a light bulb, they cannot ignore this blog 😉

    I will regret drawing attention to this garbage, but, I will, nonetheless, and then scoot outta here.

    Lew Waters (with someone’s encouragement,I would bet my life on it), has taken on us Basement folk today.

    Nailingit, holyc, have had their posts cut-and-pasted and ridiculed. Commenters are piling on (guess who?).

    Enjoy and ignore. Puhleeze. Look at Lew’s post and get it out of your systems. Fast. 🙂

    We had a great conversation flying around here last week and now it risks deteriorating into middle school squabbling, for the most part.

    I give up.

    link text

    manthou — May 17, 2013 at 3:57 p.m.


  8. Malcontents at their – best Lew and goldie are true bookends.


  9. What I find the funniest, I am scourge of the Pacific Northwest, ranting and raving endlessly, but someone just had to put me up to writing about the Dungeon 😉


  10. “the most ideology driven non reasoning and blind zealot to be found locally.”

    I’ve been called worse by better.

    Well, maybe not…. “better,” but you get the drift.

    Right, Greggy?


  11. Lew, I’ve seen your comments over the years, but have not followed you as some on both sides have done. And Bob Larimer too. So I may not know everything you think on this or that, but then again; there is a philosophical underpinning to these things.

    You have both been badly maligned by the Borg. But, from what I can see, I also have some significant differences with you.

    Libtard, I agree with, and is a kinder term than that which is so often thrown out there by Leftists to describe their political opponents. Paulbots? Nope. The framers of the US Federal Constituition based their ideas on Locke’s Second Treatise on Government, which is Libertarian. The basis of which is the formation of government for the protection of individual rights, and also to band together for repelling “foreign intrusions”. This is what is now known as; Classical Liberalism. Not to be confused with socialism through government, which has come to be called Liberal in this age.

    This idea of the purpose of government, is even more succintly stated in our Washington State Constitution in article one section one: “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”

    “protect and maintain individual rights”.

    The Left wants to control the private sector economy, but are Libertarian on the social issues, but the Right is Libertarian on the private sector economy but wants to control social issues.

    Comments Lew?


  12. Alan, since you readily admit that you have not followed me, you have no way of knowing that to me, a Paulbot is the most extreme of the Ron Paul supporters, those who believe Ron Paul or nobody and have no problem yelling, screaming and blasting anybody not in lock-step with Paul.

    I see them as a separate group from every day Ron Paul Supporters and in fact, consider Paulbots as more left than they admit, bordering on anarchists.

    I have had many dealings with them over the years, earning my distinction of a Paulbot.

    Sorry, but I have strong differences with Ron Paul and much of his ideology. Not all, mind you, but much of it.

    As for Libertarian, other than the fringe right and left, all of us have some Libertarian in us.

    But then again, Libertarians come in all views, some further left, some further right and quite often cannot come to any agreement amongst themselves.


  13. I do not have time for the Columbians opinion blogs. Other than the infamous two chaps on the weekends I pretty much leave the rest alone.


  14. I popped over to the Dungeon one last time this evening and boy, are they upset over this post. Of course, I’m not worth reading, that is why they all rushed over to read and comment on this.

    Silly people can’t even see the entire post is more of a fun post poking a little fun at their antics.

    But that’s okay, let them rant.

    The way I see it, if they are bashing me, they’re leaving someone else alone 😉


  15. Lew, it appears you and Goldie have received more attention on the forum than Glenn Beck ever did in one day…just about 24 comments about your write and goldenoldie!

    There should be an award for most-read blog in one day or something, here…8))


  16. Lew, been following your blog off and on for a while, nice job!
    When I read this today I laughed so hard my face hurts!
    When I read the (as you call it) Lazy C’s forum, I read comments from those who haven’t a clue.
    Such nasty remarks made about people who isn’t even posting a word. UN-believable!
    and to think,.. their party say they promote rights of, freedom of, responsibilities of the individual and
    beliefs concerning societal conditions and governmental responsibilities.


  17. They do promote all of that, Alisi. Just so long as it is something they agree with 😉


  18. I see crapface is claiming, “On another subject, Lew Waters can’t stand dissent. I flagged a couple of comments as dislikes, just a couple. What did he do? He reset all dislikes to zero. Now you tell me what kind of integrity is that?”

    Really? Does anybody know how to do that? I sure don’t.

    Funnier yet, the thumbs down are all still there.

    Wouldn’t be the first time they made something up to play victim, it’s SOP.


  19. Lew, then must work like a auto-kinetic image. 😉
    Funny how they so dislike the comments and your blog, yet they seem to run to read it, at break neck speed of course.


  20. I just peeked and lo and behold, the oh so tolerant, all embracing crapface is demeaning Bill Turlay because he is a senior citizen and 72 years old.

    I guess he never met Bill to see what great shape he is in.

    Issues don’t matter, just that Bill passed 70


  21. So true Lew, they never look into a persons record, or health just what party they are from.
    Never do they think that if it wasn’t for those wise and the well pass 60 that has worked hard, and held this country together… Nor do they think about those who fought and laid their lives on the line for this country, so they can have a platform to spew the bile they do. Wisdom and worthiness of the older citizens in their eyes is unwanted.


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