When You have No Argument, Cry Victim

by lewwaters

Ron Paul CrybabyOne thing anybody with half an ounce of sense recognizes, it is the liberals propensity to always cry victim. They must be the eternal victim, even if they win and especially if they lose an election or whenever something doesn’t go their way.

We see the same attitude with the Lazy C Editor, Lou Brancaccio as his efforts to whip a large scale lynch mob mentality in the county over the County Commissioners hiring of Sen. Don Benton to head the County Department of Environmental Services basically falls flat on its face.

Brancaccio treats us to the Lazy C’s 32nd rant over the hiring by trying to proclaim nobody supports the decision of Commissioners Mielke & Madore because no one in elected office answered his call to come forward and defend the hiring.

To Brancaccio that translates to no support while ignoring that more and more elected officials are shying away from speaking with the mouthpiece on newsprint.

Several of our elected officials look upon the Lazy C more as foe than a friend or impartial media and have grown weary of being blasted, having their works or words misrepresented and reading borderline slanderous claims about them.

And as you can expect, Brancaccio even tries to twist their avoiding him into some sort of fodder for his point of view, forgetting they are no longer the only game in town.

The few commenters that still comment on his columns try to take him to task, to no avail. They make valid points that he ignores and when mentioning what a pathetic source they have become, what else does he do but cry victim, right on schedule.

Brancaccio Victim

What Brancaccio leaves out of his rants is that Commissioners Mielke and Madore did absolutely nothing wrong. They broke no laws, and violated no code. They chose someone for a job they felt would do well and within their duties as Commissioner’s, expedited the hiring to have someone in place before it’s too late to hopefully create some much needed middle class jobs this year.

But, they chose someone the Lazy C and many Democrats abhor, Sen. Don Benton who has been a target of theirs for almost two decades, in spite of repeatedly being reelected by voters.

Of course, if you are someone the Lazy C likes, such as disgraced former 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Jacks, you can sexually harass women staffers and they have your back, crying “no paper trail” to help cover up such nefarious acts many in Olympia claim happened.

But point out the obvious bias and favoritism, and here comes the victim card of “blame the media.”

A lot like B.J. Clinton’s, “there’s no there, there” and “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is,’ is.”

And when the agenda fails, your excessive rants fail to incite a community to any degree and elected officials both refuse to obey your wishes and shy away from discussing very much with you, cry like a baby.

Ask Josephine Wentzel, Brent Boger, Kelly Hinton (who didn’t even run for office), Alan Svehaug, Don Benton, David Madore, Tom Mielke, oh hell, just ask about any Republican candidate or elected official and you’ll likely hear an earful of how the Lazy C twisted, smeared, attacked and even admitted they were the better candidate, but endorsed their Democrat opponent.

But we are to believe they are impartial as once Brancaccio editorialized, “we try to be nobody’s friend or enemy.”

And yet, after his many rants against conservatives for refusing to “cooperate” with him for interviews or responses, he opines that their silence now translates to no support whatsoever for Commissioners Mielke and Madore or Sen. Benton, other than what he defines as “frenetic and friendly bloggers and Web commenters … defending the indefensible only a few are willing to tackle.”

And of course, what makes it “indefensible” is that the Lazy C doesn’t like it!

But since the move was perfectly legal, within the Commissioners job description and elected powers, no one even needs to run to the Lazy C to defend anything. It is incumbent upon the Lazy C to show where it was wrong or improper and so far, they have failed.

All they have shown is that they and Commissioner Stuart don’t like it and in spite of all of the efforts to whip up a lynch mob mentality in the County, they have only succeeded in verbalizing a very small group frantically calling for a recall, but ignoring the words of the P P boys, ex-Mayor Royce Pollard and ex-State Senator Craig Pridemore that there is nothing to base a recall upon.

In reality, the only thing “indefensible” is the Lazy C’s overblown denigration and attacks on people they don’t like as they see their agenda dismantling before their eyes.

In the meantime, the nation is becoming more and more embroiled in scandals of epic proportions by their beloved Democrats as we peel back the cover-ups to discover an administration more crooked than any seen before who uses the IRS to fight opposition, refuses to aid a consulate under siege, taps the phones of other media and illegally sends weapons into the hands of drug lords in a neighboring country.

Is the Lazy C outraged over any of that?

Maybe they would be if Sen. Benton or Commissioners Mielke & Madore could somehow be tied to it.

18 Comments to “When You have No Argument, Cry Victim”

  1. psst….Lew….

    the dragons of the dungeon are still peekin’ in…8)

  2. The worst that can happen to them is they get educated a little 😉

  3. Well Lew, by the votes on our comments…they’ve at least learned to either give a thumbs up or thumbs down…mostly down.

    Gettin’ educated??? I’d doubt it. They’re a pretty smart group of folks who are dead set in their ways. For the people who are borderline in their opinion…ready to lean one side or another in political issues as I have been on numerous occasions in the past (except for loo rail), the dungeon dwellers are great in convincing the people to go the opposite direction from them…simply because of the fact that they are ruthless and quite rude if you dare bring up an opposing argument in hopes of them providing a sensible and reasoned reply. Instead…well, you know what we got in return.

    What I find amusing is when I sat in the den of wolves at the recent CRC gathering at the ESD building (I call it Moeller’s Party), you could literally feel the very same vibes in the room and one gets in the dungeon. You didn’t DARE disagree with any of the members on the panel at the front of the room at Moeller’s Party. Those virtual hatchets by the raucous group of boyz and girlz in bright orange and green t-shirts in the back of the room (with their timely hoots of approval whenever their fearless leader would speak) were pretty potent that day. Once it hit Noon…and their designated time was through…they all but disappeared. I’m curious, though…(not to get off the subject, here)…do they truly believe if they continue the cheerleading, that even IF the crossing were to begin – hopefully without loo rail – that they were the chosen ones to work on the project??? Chances are…any bridge construction company will bring in their own workers first…and boy oh boy will the boyz and girlz start a hollerin’.

  4. Goldie, those ratings are only within the blog and otherwise, mean little.

    They just show me right every time they pull such things.

  5. Yeah…they don’t do a sneak peek very well, do they??? (stated with a chicken-eaten grin)

  6. In all fairness though, Lew…there are a couple people in the dungeon who are quite civil, even when we totally disagree – especially one who goes by the name of Luvithere. She has always discussed issues on and away from the dungeon with me and has never pulled the shenanigans others have pulled. That in my book goes a longer way when working together to find a solution…even if it’s just our opinions we share. Oh…if that was how politicians could work…

    Imagine how many conflicting issues would be solved!!!

  7. Of course there are, Goldie. Not everybody is a blind ideologue like Crapola, who seems to feel that is their private domain to rule.

  8. goldie and Lew,not all in the basement or dungeon have closed minds there are a few of us that speak how we feel.Don’t lump us all under one person[ holyc].

  9. Oh…you mean….

    Alleycat??? (one in the same)

  10. Not to worry, timerick, I think we all know that none of us always stand under the same umbrella.

    But, there are those that take some things much too seriously.

  11. The basement of the C has always been a place where both sides could express views.Yes at times it can get hot.But most of dwellers are civil most of the time.I have met a couple on a personal level and find them very nice to talk with.It is impossible for everyone to agree and be on the same page.But it is not impossible to be respectful and civil to the other person.

  12. Timerick…you are one of the few remaining in the dungeon who have always shared in discussion with civility. You sir, have been a pleasure to share in discussion whether we agreed or disagreed.

  13. Thanks Goldie.Did you see the CRC thinks they have 2 on board for mitigation.That leaves just Thompson.I asked Moeller if I was going to get mitigated for my business downtown he has not yet answered.

  14. Yes I did see the articles, timerick. What I’m curious about is…these mitigations are supposed to be kept in secrecy yet the local news sites are reporting a possible agreement. Wouldn’t that be a breach of privacy laws? And speaking of laws…don’t you find it a bit wishy washy that they’re paying these companies off in order to get a crossing project built?

  15. Oooh…Governor Inslee just vetoed the $81 million funding for continued planning of the CRC. His words –

    “There is no wisdom in expending these funds if the state of Washington does not contribute adequate funding to actually build the bridge,” he said before vetoing the section. “We all need to understand a central fact. This project needs to be funded this year. There is no other option.”

    (courtesy the NewsTribune)

    Is this yet more strong-arming tactics by Governor Inslee against the Washington State Senate Republican Caucus to force them to approve the funding?

  16. Time the Majority Coalition outright killed it.

    Inslee refuses an impartial audit and now, refuses a much needed planning study?

    It’s the State & CRC against the people

  17. They could so easily have had the support of the majority of the people if reason had come into play. Instead, the supporters of loo rail…folks such as Rep. Moeller, Senator Annette Cleveland, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, the former Washington State Governor Gregoire and current Governor Inslee (just to name a few)…kept reaching for the carrot (loo rail bridge funding)…something they couldn’t refuse, and now there’s a possibility that after all the wasted funding that has gone into this nightmare, that the federal government might demand the money back on top of everything else!!!

  18. Funny…someone thumbed down my comment which begins with “They could so easily have had the support of the majority of the people if reason had come into play.” Unreasonable act, albeit minimal result…so typical of those who disagree with common sense and reason, lol.

    Sometimes, the desperate action(s) of a few makes one chuckle.

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