Gov Inslee, “It’s All or Nothing” in Bankrupting the Middle Class

by lewwaters

screwedIn spite of all of their boastful claims, anybody paying attention has come to realize that Democrats are actually the enemy of the middle class in America, not their guardian or friend. From restrictive taxes to job destroying policies, Democrats continue to burden the shrinking middle class as more and more, citizens fall below the poverty line.

Washington State far left Democrat Governor Jay Inslee provides a perfect example of how the Democrats are out to destroy the American Middle Class as he vetoes $81M for CRC yesterday, making the claim of “It’s all or nothing.”

On first look, given that our state once again faces a budget deficit exceeding $1 Billion, it may appear that he is actually cutting expenses. But the truth is far different. His ultimate goal in vetoing the $81 Million is an attempt to force the legislature into passing a measure to spend $450 Million to begin construction of the contentious Columbia River Crossing light rail project, forcing Clark County’s middle class taxpayers to not only accept the light rail they have repeatedly rejected, but pay for it too.

If approved, the $450 Million turns into $3.4 Billion to start. Cost overruns and interest on bonds, TIFA Loans and more would likely triple that amount, all on the backs of the middle class in Clark County who have seen over 4 straight years of double digit unemployment.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to Democrats like Governor Inslee or Jim Moeller (D Portland/49) as they blindly rush to burden taxpayers with a bridge too low that will likely see more tax dollars used to help relocate those upriver businesses negatively affected by the inadequate bridge height, designed solely to accommodate light rail, out of Clark County, likely to Oregon or another state.

Erik Smith at the Washington State Wire in Olympia provides insight missing in several reports with his article, Governor Takes Breathtaking Gamble on Columbia River Bridge Project where we see,

“By using his veto pen on the appropriation, the governor signaled that he believes there is no middle ground. But from the perspective of the project’s critics, he has created a self-fulfilling prophecy. The $81 million appropriation aimed to keep the project on life support until the Coast Guard can decide whether the low-hanging bridge design presents a hazard to navigation and places too significant a burden on existing and future industrial development upstream of Interstate 5.”

Senator Ann Rivers (R 18th) says of the Governor’s gamble,

“The Legislature gave the governor an option, and he just took it off the table. … It feels a lot like he just pulled the plug on the project.”

Senator Don Benton (R 17th), a long time opponent released a statement saying,

“While I didn’t anticipate his veto, I give him credit for sidelining a project that simply isn’t the right investment for Clark County and our state as a whole – which is why our Senate Majority Coalition Caucus has been united in its opposition.”

“I want a Coast Guard-approved crossing that meets the needs of Clark County commuters when it comes to reducing traffic congestion and the needs of our state concerning freight mobility, by road and by river. I’m willing to delay the funding until we have a design that reflects those priorities. The governor’s veto accomplishes that.”

Pulling the plug on the project as it is currently designed is precisely what should be done in order to save our struggling middle class who will bear the burden of this fiasco, both in paying Billions in extra taxes to pay for it, high tolls in perpetuity and the loss of future job growth due to the inadequate height of the bridge design to accommodate light rail.

Representative Jim Moeller (D Portland/Vancouver) on the other hand, is ecstatic over the Governor’s attempt at heavy-handedness saying,

“Thank you, Governor! It’s time to fish or cut bait! There is no ‘re-do’ option available. And to Sen. Ann River’s comment: of course it’s gamesmanship and the governor plays to win! Hello! The options have just been narrowed…”

Moeller, who not too long ago was channeling global warming guru Al Gore with his moronic “the debate is over” must not realize, in his blind allegiance to this fiasco, that his options are now gone! Not “narrowed,” but gone!

Moeller adds,

“This is to force a vote on the ENTIRE transportation revenue package – Regardless of the CRC. It all goes forward or none of it does!”

Moeller’s arrogance blinds him to the fact that “none of it going forward” is the likely outcome of this bluff of Inslee’s.

People don’t like being strong armed into accepting something as ridiculous as this doomed project that promises only to bankrupt the middle class as Portland, Oregon drains more precious tax dollars out of our local economy.

Clark County’s middle class can ill afford Inslee’s folly to fund these dream projects that might see a few local union members hired. In case he hasn’t been paying attention, the price of gasoline currently in and around Clark County ranges from $3.83 to $4.09 per gallon and he wishes to add another 10¢ per gallon in taxes.

Along with that it has been proposed that car tag license fees could increase by $20 apiece, adding a $25 fee on to purchases of bicycles costing $500 (on top of current sales tax), a potential employee head tax on businesses and of course, tolls on the already paid for bridge in anticipation of the faulty designed light rail project moving ahead.

Given the tenor seen in the Senate Coalition Majority earlier this year, this is likely a gamble Inslee will rightfully lose and his bluff is called as they kill the Transportation package. But, as we have seen too many times, many measures thought dead suddenly come alive again in Olympia.

To forestall that possibility, we need to turn to the U.S. Coast Guard who will be conducting meetings on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Red Lion Hotel on the River, 909 N Hayden Island Drive, Portland, Oregon and on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Hilton Vancouver, 301 West 6th St, Vancouver, Washington on the proposed application to approve the inadequate bridge height.

The Coast Guard is seeking input from the public on the potential affect this will have on our community and river navigation. Your input may be in person at one of the above listed meetings or you may submit them in writing through by June 20, 2013.

It’s time we citizens in Clark County stood up to the likes of Democrats like Jay Inslee and Jim Moeller who see us ATM machines for repaying wealthy donors to their campaigns. It is not enough that we rely on the slim Coalition majority to kill this middle class destroying CRC light rail project, we must do our part too in calling Inslee’s bluff.

I urge you all to read the proposal at and submit your comments, letting the Coast Guard know that the current proposal has no public support, will limit river navigation and future job growth, decimating the future of Clark County Washington.

It’s time to stop this madness, redesign the project into something we citizens who will pay for it want and can afford and tell Portland to bail themselves out of their folly of an ever intrusive light rail.

We don’t want it!

Inslee Whiney Middle Class

Fight back against the Democrats war on the middle class.

19 Responses to “Gov Inslee, “It’s All or Nothing” in Bankrupting the Middle Class”

  1. I am going to make a prediction. The Coast Guard will bow to the political establishment and approve the bridge height as planned. I further predict that some of the senators will cave as they will be wined and dined with all kinds of freebies. The Senate will behave exactly like the US Senators did in Obamacare. Blow in their ear with enough free stuff and they will vote anyway they are asked. I further predict that the CRC will find another so called legal ploy to bypass the required vote on the O&M of light rail. It’s going to stink to high heaven but Leavitt and Company are going to get their choo choo and to hell with the burden on Clark County residents.

  2. Is it true that Moeller’s bow tie lit up and started spinning…to the left?

  3. I wouldn’t be too sure, Willard. The feeling in Olympia outside the legislature is Inslee loses this one. He holds no cards and he’s bluffing against a straight flush.

    LOL, Dick.

  4. I hope you’re right but I think about all of the other goodies in that transportation package that are beneficial to some of those anti CRC Senators and I worry that they will cave if Inslee put them against the wall.

  5. Well, I agree with the “…or nothing” part.

    Look, they are putting on a full court press. But that moron Inslee took his last card off the table with that idiotic veto, and now this thing is truly dead as a wedge.

    Sorry, Willard… but they will NOT cave; if they were going to cave, they already wood have. Every kind of bribe that could be offered, has been offered and rejected. Further, the Transportation Co-Chair, Sen. King (R-14) has put it all in writing:

    The conditions for this project haven’t changed:

    The bridge must have a height that will serve at least 98 to 99% of all traffic, current and future. The current plan by the CRC is not acceptable.

    The project “…must increase the flow of traffic and commerce over a vital interstate highway.”

    We need to eliminate costly and inflexible light rail.

    There must be “fiscally prudent transit options” over the bridge.

    The bridge must be ten lanes, a bus lane each way and 2 plus HOV lanes.

    Those are Sen. King’s conditions; no attempt has even been made to fulfill them, and Sen. King remains steadfast in those requirements.

    They are now, because of Inslee, out of time. And because of that, they are getting both more desperate and more strident. And in the end:

    Inslee loses.

    And so does The Liar, Stuart, the down town mafia, Identity Vancouver, the Chamber of Horrors, Molehill, Wylie and that idiot Cleveland.

    Hopefully, the next time they get the urge to waste 10’s of millions of our dollars, they’ll at least have the decency to ask us.

    Imagine how much better off we’d be if those slime had just put this to a vote to begin with.

  6. Let us pray!

  7. I, for one, am perfectly happy that Inslee vetoed the $81 million. This is squandering “good money” after the $100+ million already squandered to come up with a “bridge too low…”

    The LAST think Clark County needs is to get tied into the bottomless pit of trolley cars… The initial plan will prove to have insufficient traffic — then the claim will be that “we need to expand the service to xxx (wherever the promotors think people will be too foolish to object) — and like the camel’s nose in the tent, we’ll soon enough have billions of dollars worth of trolley cars serving a county with insufficient density to EVER make the trolley cars worthwhile. Keep in mind, that even the most successful rail transit systems only generate a fraction of operating and capital costs from the fare box. The full costs are borne on the backs of the local tax payers through property taxes, sales taxes, bridge tolls, etc.

    There is a small role for public transit in Clark County … easily provided by busses from those centers of concentrated population where there is sufficient passenger traffic to business centers where jobs are held — including those in southern Clark County, Vancouver, and across the river in Portland. Busses can be added or reduced relatively easily as demand varies. New developments can be served without expensive acquisition of right of way, building and installing tracks, signals, and stations. (A bus stop can consist, at a minimum, of a simple sign. A trolley car, these days, needs an elaborate station.)

    As demand develops for bus transit, park & ride lots can be established and HOV lanes designated on the freeways to move busses (and carpools) to the areas where jobs are located (if appropriate — and operating for the MINIMUM number of hours necessary). Trolley cars will require large outlays for fancy stations, parking lots/structures, fare machines, etc. and then require a station attendant.

    The “middle class” is all the union employees that this creates — union members who then pay dues to unions that then support all the loony lefty ideas that are turning Washington into a shadow of California (and I do not mean that as a complement). This whole CRC plan is a boondoggle intended to flow more dollars to unions, construction companies, and the countless other rent seekers that suck the blood of the taxpayers through liberal politicians. There is nothing in the proposal that makes any economic sense for Clark County or Southwest Washington as a whole.

    Indeed, a much better idea, presented in articles at, is a third bridge, to the west of the current bridge, that might take away some truck traffic from the Interstate bridge. The Interstate bridge can be “improved” by changing the railroad bridge by adding another movable section that aligns with the high point of the Interstate bridge — potentially reducing bridge openings by up to 90% (according to reports).

    All of these plans are far cheaper than the CRC with trolley cars as proposed. But the grand politicians who want to build the CRC prefer “big projects” that they feel enhance their prestige and pay off an untold number of political cronies.

    I say, NO BRIDGE is better than the CRC.

  8. One other thought … if the trolley cars are allowed into Clark County — then the pressure will start to have “transit villages” and other Agenda 21 central planned communities, where people are forced into super high density apartments/condos. Portland has already established a couple of these miserable slums/tenements to be … and that would be a terrible mistake for Clark County to follow along with that approach.

  9. More pressure from the government…

    In the Willamette Week link article link below, it says “If Oregon and Washington don’t break ground on the Columbia River Crossing by spring 2014, the federal government may ask for its $178.5 million back.”

    Well damn it…if that’s so, then why should the money go back into the hands of the Federal Government??? YOU’RE the ones who want to waste the time and money on this damned project, not us. Hell, YOU DON’T EVEN LISTEN TO US, THE VOTERS!!! YOU should be the ones penalized, not the taxpayers. That’s taxpayer money and it should go back to the taxpayers, NOT the bureaucrats! Stop robbing Peter to Pay yourselves!!! While your pockets remain full, people still remain without a job…without a home…destitute!!!

    I’m sick and tired of these bozos who hold our lives in their puppet strings!!! Inslee…if you want the damned bridge so badly, then why don’t YOU and your high and mighty loo rail supporter across the river in Salem, along with MOELLER and his cronies pay for it!!! YOU’RE the ones who want it yet you WON’T be the ones riding it…and neither will we!!!

    Phew…that felt good to get off my shoulders, today!!!


  10. Willard, I’ve updated the post with some quotes from Sen. Don Benton on this foolhardy move of Inslee’s.

    Reread it and see if that sounds to you like someone ready to cave.

    As for others wanting the funds, I imagine they will be more than willing to cut the CRC out altogether and let it die, given the strong opposition down here and from others in the Senate.

    Watch for Jim Moaner’s head to soon explode 😉

  11. Lew
    It was not Benton that I was thinking about. I think he is committed. Trying to predict what the others senators might do has about as much insight as some gypsy tossing chicken bones but I hope you’re right but I have perhaps less confidence than you.

  12. Friend of John Galt, I was doing a little snoopin’ around, today…even read comments in the dungeon of the Columbian when I read one person’s comments about Zeitgeist. Interesting how it closely resembles similar principles as with Agenda 21. No kidding!!! Although some points on preserving our world’s forests and prairies and waterways should not go unnoticed, it’s the manner in speaking about Agenda 21 which so many do not fully understand…either that or they understand and are so warped in the head, they don’t even realize the implications of cluster…k community living.

    Some may think this is just an ASSumption on my part, but all one has to do is look around in our communities…see where condominiums are popping up in the strangest of locations. Oh…it’s happening…and it’s those who oppose this which has sparked these needless fits of outrage with their ideologies being disrupted by those of us who have put our foot down and are standing up for what we believe in…preservation of our communities…INDEPENDENT communities and INDEPENDENT rural farm land, not social democracies – aka One World, One Government (NWO, perhaps???)….sustainable living or is it something else?

  13. One other thought. If the transportation package doesn’t go through and CRC doesn’t get the 81 million how soon before they are forced to shut down?

  14. Lew, thanks for putting on the information regarding the public meetings by the US Coast Guard. The more exposure there is for these meetings, the more the people have a chance to speak!

  15. Willard Carroll, the final day of reckoning I believe is September 30th of this year.

  16. Been out n about most of the day just read what Inslee has done. I agree Lew this is his way of strong arming, and clouding the minds of those who hasn’t a clue about the costs. Feeding fear is the way his ilk work and if fear doesn’t work then hit the population with more taxes.

  17. Curtis King NEEDS to hear your voice, call his office and leave a message of thanks and praise for his standing firm against a lot of weight.
    Senator King is under a tremendous amount of pressure to cave on the transportation appropriation to include light rail. It is a full court press in olympia to fund fully a project that will impoverish Clark County for generations while enriching a select and fraudulent few. We need to call his offices and thank the Senator for standing strong, let him know we appreciate the tremendous storm he stands against and that we stand with him. Remind Senator King that the price tag of One point two Million dollars per job is too much to pay in mitigation fees to move three businesses and over two thousand jobs out of the area.

    Legislative District: 14

    Party: Republican

    Residence: Yakima Office Number: (509) 453-1431

    Olympia Office: P.O. Box 40414, 205 Newhouse Building, Olympia, WA 98504-0414

    Olympia Phone: (360) 786-7626

    Toll Free Number: (800) 562-6000

  18. Carolyn, thank you for sharing the phone numbers. I’ll be making my call this morning and I too urge everyone to do what they know is right!!!


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