CRC Social Engineering

by lewwaters

Although created addressing the Bay Area, it sounds exactly like a CRC script.

14 Comments to “CRC Social Engineering”

  1. Stunning!

    Social networking foiling social engineering.

  2. BULLSEYE!!!!

    BTW…The character on the left reminds me of Rep. Moeller with a wig, lol.

  3. Ain’t it great, Martin? 😉

  4. I posted this to my facebook page yesterday and am hoping it goes viral around here. Man does it sound like my Monday eves at the city council!

  5. That is EXACTLY why I moved to SW Washington from the Bay Area. And it is why I oppose allowing Portland’s trolley cars on this side of the Columbia river.

    What’s interesting about the video (which focuses on the Agenda 21 propaganda) is that what the ABAG and MTC folks are talking about was what the original plan for BART was all about. The suburban cities were supposed to zone for high density (apartments/condos) housing near the BART stations so that many could walk to the trains (40 years ago). Once a few such developments were built, the residents complained sufficiently about “changing the character” of their cities, and local planners downsized or cancelled the high density developments. (BART complained that those outcomes hurt their finances.)

    BART and the social planners then spent years putting together regional planning authorities, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) that “innocently” started out as a means for local cities and counties to “discuss” regional issues. But by routing funding through these agencies, the central planners forced the cities/counties into accepting regional planning (though occasional notable resistance remained).

    In the past couple of years, these central planners have been working on “improving” public opinion by holding “workshops” where their central plans are discussed. First, the meetings are packed with government workers and union members who all support more central planning. Then during the “workshop” portion of the meeting, attendees are given false choices — e.g. Would you prefer busses or trolley cars? (not giving the option to improve roads or build additional freeway miles). These orchestrated meetings were exceptionally annoying. (Note: Professional propaganda operators were brought in from “beltway bandit” consulting firms to help the local officials keep control of the meetings and to cause directed outcomes.)

    Over the years, I attended quite a few of these types of “informational” meetings and “workshops” — where central planned idiocy reigned supreme. Those who dislike the plans and protest the idiocy are allowed to speak — but when the “final” plan is released (usually after a delay of several years) objections have usually been completely ignored. (I could give specific examples, but they would be meaningless for SW Washington.) The recent pro-CRC meeting held in Vancouver was much like the meetings I attended in the Bay Area. “Public input” is really not of interest — the plans have been made — the proponents simply want to make a show of “listening” before they ignore the public.

    Lew, you provide a valuable service by bringing these things to the attention of our fellow citizens.

  6. Friend, this is something a lot of us have recognized for a long, long time and is one of many reasons I oppose the loo of TriMet and their encroachment into our state, trying to force us all into HD clusterf*** developments and any traveling would be done in tin-can loo loo’s. The interstate commerce highways (no longer freeways) are also known as “Corridors of the Future” or “Congressional Highway Corridors.” (see link below for maps) Of course those who support social (re)engineering recognize our concerns as merely a conspiracy theory, hoping the dastardly two-word label will diminish the seriousness of the situation we are facing in hopes of shrugging it off as just an “old people’s” thought. Sad to say, social (re)engineering is also supported by the likes of those who poison our very food we eat and the medications our doctors say we HAVE to take…most like due to the toxins in our food. Political correctness is also recognized as a social engineering tool. We must say and do what they tell us or it isn’t PC, you know.

  7. A little extra reading for you…well, maybe not just a little –

    Click to access CorridorsoftheFuture.pdf

  8. Lew, I see holycrapola is still reading your articles, here. He’s trying to dismiss your video, calling it dumb as dumb can be…even claiming we share ignorance and propaganda spreading from the right which I find so typical of those who claim to be experts. All HC has to do is read the link I have below from the National Multi Housing Council which clearly states in “Myth/Fact #2,”

    “No discernible difference exists in the appreciation rate of properties located near higher-density development and those that are not. Some research even shows that higher-density development can increase property values.”

    In the typical doubletalk of pro-social engineering and cluster development, either property values increase or they don’t. They can’t give a definitive answer. I believe they forgot that when property values do increase, so does the dollar amount on property taxes, forcing existing homeowners right out of their homes.

    And of course, a Myth occurred by the writers that more people will have one or less vehicle in high density developments because they will have mass transit to do the work for them. (If it’s anything like Portland, they’re eliminating parking spaces for new HD dwellings.) They claim they have more walkable neighborhoods. Yeah…like Rockwood??? That used to be a lower density neighborhood. When MAX went in, high density followed. Walkable? What a joke!!!

    Their myth/fact #4…I noticed they didn’t do a study of Rockwood. That would’ve blown their argument out of the water.

    Click to access Myth%20and%20Fact%20FINAL.pdf

    Social Engineers…manipulative little buggars aren’t they!!!

  9. LOL, Goldie, I see no one is joining hi in that either.

    But, it’s good for him/her/it to keep reading and sending people here.

    The more they read, the more enlightened they may become and see right through his/hers/its crapola 😉

  10. It’s totally amazing how stupid some of these little Bastards can be.

  11. Wow….check out this article –

    Anybody for a moneymaker for TriMet??? Social Engineering at it’s best. If you sneeze near them, they might ticket you, lol.

  12. Unbelievable, Goldie. I guess we are to believe their jurisdiction will end 2/3 of the way across the Columbia River?

    It’s all just a means to suck money out of poor Clark County citizens.

  13. And HOW long have we been trying to get the message of truth out regarding the CRC promoters and what their actual agenda has been from the beginning, Lew???? It’s only too obvious, especially since us voters have said NO to anything light rail for three out of three propositions! What sickens me is the arrogance of the politicians who support this project in its current design. Absolutely NO confidence in their capabilities as politicians as they have absolutely NO respect for the voice of the voters. ELITISTS AT THEIR FINEST!!!

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