Voters? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Voters

by lewwaters

Pile Driver 1Either the fix is in or someone has been given the word that construction of a new bridge is likely a sure thing.

I received word today from a well connected source that a “worldwide mega-corporation” is making calls locally to ensure there will be 800 pile drivers on hand by fall of 2014 to “begin construction on a bridge across the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington.”

This has not been confirmed by an “official” but the source is very well connected to be included in inside information.

It is unknown if this is a move to just be ready in case the CRC is funded or if the go ahead has been given at the highest of levels to build it.

It is also unknown if light rail is to be part of the package, but as we all know, the sole purpose of this project is to force light rail and the excessive expense of it on Clark County, where we like it or not.

All indication is this is coming from very high and not from within the State of Washington, most likely the other Washington where the real crooks all sit.

We must remember that Clark County voters have defeated light rail itself at the ballot box as well as every funding measure placed before us, but apparently our votes no longer matter in this new Union of Socialist States of America.

There is no final design for a new bridge with safe clearance for all river traffic and the U.S. Coast Guard has not even ruled on granting a permit for the unsafe clearance bridge, but powers up high are moving ahead with no concern other than taking our paychecks to line the pockets of the rich and powerful pulling the strings in this mess.

The Lazy C has informed us that Governor Inslee has reached agreement with two of the affected companies upriver to share with them an unannounced amount of our dwindling tax dollars to offset their losses once the bridge is built.

The agreements worked out remain hidden from the public view while the Lazy C and other scream for transparency in just who is behind funding some anti-CRC groups. Our tax dollars being promised to private companies is none of our business apparently.

We also must remember that Tim Leavitt, Jim Moeller, Annette Cleveland, Steve Stuart, Jay Inslee an more are working overtime to ensure voters do not have the chance to speak through a vote, knowing full well that given how we have defeated every single measure we will likely do so again.

This news might have been fed to discourage and cause us to back off and just accept it, but I have no intention of doing so and I hope none of the rest do either.

As former American Major League Baseball Player Yogi Berra once famously said, “it ain’t over till it’s over.”

I wasn’t given the name of this mega-corporation but was assured we see who they are soon enough.

I also don’t see how this corporation will just move ahead should our State Senate do their duty and kill the projects funding, but as I indicated, the go ahead seemed to be coming out of Washington D.C.

Regardless, it is imperative we continue supporting our Senate Majority Coalition to not approve funding for this boondoggle. The federal government can only impose so much on us.

It is also imperative that we throw out those who have blindly supported this project all along when they are up for reelection.

Mayor Tim ‘the liar’ Leavitt, City Council Member Jack Burkman this year and when they come up again, 49th Legislative District Reps. Jim Moeller and Sharon Wylie. County Commissioner Steve Stuart must go as well when he runs again.

It is unconscionable to me to hear that even though voters have repeatedly rejected light rail funding, Democrats has decided to flip us off and force it on us with us picking up the very expensive tab through increases in gas tax, vehicle license fees, possible reinstituting an excise tax on our cars yearly, not to mention excessive tolling before construction even begins.

It is up to us, we are the real power if we exercise it instead of sitting around complaining.

Governor Inslee called upon proponents to “increase the decibels” to drown out middle class taxpayers legitimate concerns.

We better be prepared to start making a lot of noise, enough noise to make elected proponents feel very uncomfortable in their cushioned seats of authority.

10 Comments to “Voters? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Voters”

  1. amazing since it’s obvious that the CRC is now deader than a doornail.


  2. Over my dead body! Death or freedom from oppression. There are only two options.


  3. No need to sit around and complain. Next chance to speak up: Coast Guard meeting Public hearing, Wednesday June 5 at 5-8 PM p.m. in the Hilton Vancouver Washington, 301 W. Sixth St.Info found here.


  4. Good Lord!!! I just got done reading Rep. Moeller’s comments in the two articles, “Coast Guard hears CRC objections from project’s critics” and “Two of three manufacturers ink deal with CRC over I-5 bridge height Clark County’s Bird Cage Liner.” That man is so distanced from the people of Clark County…he doesn’t even realize how he’s destroying what is left of his credibility.


  5. He’s blocked me from seeing what he says on the Lazy C’s comments, Goldie. I guess he couldn’t handle being exposed 😉

    If you can, copy them to me in email


  6. Well that sucks, Lew. Really transparent of the guy, wouldn’t you say???


  7. I never commented on his facebook page, but was beating him up pretty good on the Lazy C.

    So I figure it was due to him seeing I was making headway in undermining him.

    But yes, funny thing to hear him cry about transparency when he blocks a constituent from seeing what he says as well as the comment he left on Reality Clark County recently were he said in part, a candidate should not reveal his complete platform to voters.

    I guess transparency only matters when he wants to know who to attack next


  8. Well he’s surely showing his true colors on his platform. Hopefully the voters in his district will take note.


  9. StopCRC….you’ve definitely raised an eyebrow or two with your comment @2:52 am. Methinks you have hit the target on the head BIG time…and it goes way beyond the realm of the CRC. I’m speechless (and that’s a rarity, lol)!!!

    WOW!!! just WOW!!!


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