Abortion Activists Target Congresswoman Herrera Beutler

by lewwaters

Jaime HerreraBy now we have heard of the sad news from Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and her husband, Daniel of their unborn child being diagnosed with Potters Syndrome, a condition most often fatal to the newborn child.

Even though I am not Jaime’s biggest fan, she is who we have to deal with politically. But this transcends political views.

With this being her first child I can only imagine her thoughts and deep concerns over the child and uncertainty for the future. She has no good choices to face other than prayers with hopes the treatments listed at the link above are successful, should she carry through with the pregnancy.

I say that because this is one of those rare times I would not object if they arrived at a decision to abort, but that is a very personal matter she, her husband and her doctor would have to make. And as said above, she can also choose to carry full term, placing it in God’s hands. That is her choice.

Whatever she chooses will not receive any condemnation from me, as I said, this transcends political views and disagreements.

But apparently not everybody feels this way. Once again we read of the pure vileness, meanness if you will and total intolerance from the leftist, primarily abortion activists who think a dead baby is the best thing going as they target Herrera Beutler with their hate filled rants over the announcement.

Some of the comments the National Catholic Register are reporting directed at her from abortion activists show just how demented these people can be.

We read,

“A clear case of politics colliding with a medical reality.”

“Sorry, prayers won’t do a damn thing.”

“Maybe you’re supposed to sacrifice a sheep to make the prayer work? I don’t know. But it only takes 1 success story out of 10,000 failed stories to make people believe.”

“I feel for her in that the pregnancy could have been normal. I laugh at her in that her political ideology has her in a corner I would wish nobody in.”

“I have prayers for her. To wise up and leave the GOP ASAP.”

Turning to the Huffington Post where some of the comments chronicled above came from, we see some later comments are just as mean-spirited and unable to show compassion without trying to score a political point.

“Most of us Americans are hoping for the most favorable outcomes for mother and child.
And it will be interesting to see if her treatment plan is consistent with the way she has voted on women’s pregnancy issues.
No matter what the outcomes are, I hope her predicament gives her fellow Republican lawmakers something to think about in terms of having compassion for women in crisis.”

“It WOULD be her decision if she wasn’t a republican. But since she IS a republican, I think the line has already been drawn and she HAS to carry this fetus up to the end…otherwise it’s murder according to them. Sucks they had to be so closed minded but they already told us…NO ABORTION EVER!”

“And if the foetus dies and endangers her life, will she have an abortion to terminate her pregnancy and save her own life? I know what some of her colleagues would have to say about that.”

“When you represent the citizens of the US, vote on matters that affect the public and you are a public figure…you are open to people commenting on your life and I think its fair game.
Don’t like it….get out of the frying pan (public spotlight).”

“Sometimes, Karma is more mysterious than God Himself.”

“She wants ‘privacy?’ I thought she was a republican. She’s voted against women’s health since she hit DC. Strap her down and stick the probe in, on national TV. No sympathy here.”

And on and on the vitriol goes from several media comments.

It’s shame that liberals cannot put politics aside for even a moment to show someone a little compassion.

It is also ridiculous that in their hateful rants, they can’t even get the Republican position correct, incorrectly stating views to suit their agenda.

In a September 3, 2012 article appearing in the local newspaper, when she was first running for office, Jaime was asked whether she supports abortion in cases of rape or incest, or when the woman’s life is in danger. She replied, “I do support some of those exceptions…”

That is the rub most liberals can’t understand. Their “choice” is more of a method of birth control, cheapening life. They would prefer more babies be aborted as a convenience with no regard for the mother’s psychological well-being afterward.

And as we can see in the above comments, they are not above stooping to any hateful rant in order to promote their desire of death (of others) and ridicule those who hold a view contrary to theirs.

I have more than a few areas that I disagree with Jaime on and did not like the way she ended up winning in 2010, thinking it was the dirtiest I have ever seen from the Republicans against a well suited Republican.

But this is not about politics and those trying to score political points from Jaime’s sad news should be ashamed.

But liberals have no shame, just hate and intolerance.

I hope you all will keep Jaime and her Husband in your thoughts as the face their future.

No young couple should have to face such a decision nor should they be subjected to the meanness of liberals over such sad news.

11 Responses to “Abortion Activists Target Congresswoman Herrera Beutler”

  1. Once the Evolution begins these Leftist sonsabitches will meet their Karma” and they know it , so they had better be all the assholes they can be whilst they’re still breathing.

  2. MMake that “Revolution”

  3. There is a chance with Potter’s Syndrome, that the child will survive. Sadly, it will most likely have years of medical issues including nasogastric tube feeding, treatment for anemia and providing growth hormones to the baby. My heart pours out to Rep. Herrera-Beutler and her husband. They have their work cut out for them.

    Regarding the issue of abortion…elective abortion that is…

    I cannot fathom the taking of a fetus at any time just because someone doesn’t want the responsibility of having a child. The women who choose elective abortions should sit down first with any woman who has lost her child through a life-crushing miscarriage. It isn’t just a simple procedure and certainly NOT a quick fix.

  4. Do I have to point out that this essay is politicizing the issue?

    I do have one observation: how did Rep. Herrera’s tragedy become public? Medically speaking – these kind of situations are normally kept very, very private.

  5. Lew I too am disgusted with the anti republican hate verbage at this time and at all times. Jaime is a hard working and well thought out representative with regards to the issues. She is in a rough spot on the front line trying to push for the things we need like a budget for instance, against a democratically controlled senate and executive branch. I truly think that we are lucky to have her there. I am amazed that anyone could be so heartless it just shows how ruthless and even numb or narcissistic our society has become to the emotions and soul needs of another human being.

  6. Martin, your question goes to show just how close-minded and unreasonable the left can be. What was she going to do? Pretend that nothing was wrong? The fact of her pregnancy was public knowledge. It was only logical that any complications should be made public as well.

    I wish her and her husband the best and will pray them and for their child.

    “Politicizing the issue”? I suppose that the Washington State Wire was politicizing the issue of Democrats taking advantage of a nursing mother too?

  7. Actually Martin, my essay is pointing out, once again, the blatant hypocrisy of vitriol coming out of today’s Democrats.

    You don’t want to see it and that is on you, nobody else.

    It became public because she is a public figure.

  8. I am very sorry that our Representative has such a serious situation with her pregnancy. I wish her all the best and that she will choose the outcome/response that is life affirming for her based on her reasoned judgement.

    This is one of those times when it illustrates perfectly my opinion that decisions about all medical issues should be decided between the patient, his/her doctor, and the other family members and trusted advisors that he/she may have. I do not believe that the government has (or should have) any role in this situation.

  9. Lew, I am indeed stunned by the blatant hypocrisy and vitriol – yours.

  10. Martin, do I not state in the essay of my disagreements with her, but that this transcends politics?

    Funny how pointing out the abject hatred of the left is now “vitriol.”

    Must be akin to disagreeing with Obama’s political stances is racism.

    Sounds a lot like mind control too.


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