Senate Coalition Majority Preserved, Lazy C Ignores: Updated

by lewwaters

Columbian FishwrapRegular readers know why I label the Columbian the Lazy C and the tag has drawn the scorn of Editor Lou Brancaccio, which only tells me I am on the right track. They claim to “serve Clark County,” but here is yet another example of where they in fact fail Clark County.

As we all know, State Senator Mike Carrell passed away a week ago. He was a Republican well liked and helped make up the Philosophical Majority in the Senate that has finally gotten bipartisanship working in the legislature. His death left the numbers even with any tie vote set to be broken by the Lt. Governor, Brad Owens, a Democrat.

Many expected to see a swift power play on the Democrats who have been unable to force their agenda through as they have the past and I am very appreciative to see that did not happen. But we were concerned with who would replace Sen. Carrell and how soon it would happen, with hopes of the appointment being expedited to ensure the Coalition Majority remained intact.

The process did go on fast track with three names being chosen for the County Commission to select a replacement from. Former Pierce County Councilman Dick Muri, University Place City Councilman Javier Figueroa and 28th Legislative District Representative Steven O’Ban, all three Republicans and all three good choices.

Last evening, The Pierce County Council selected Rep. Steven O’Ban unanimously to replace Sen. Carrell.

The Tacoma Tribune tells us,

“The unanimous vote for O’Ban came after a 4-3 vote to reject the GOP precinct committee officers’ first choice, Muri. Republicans Joyce McDonald and Doug Richardson and Democrat Rick Talbert were the minority backing Muri.”

Looking over news source last evening, I found the news at Seattle Post Intelligencer, the Bellingham Herald, KIRO TV News, the Washington State Wire, the Seattle Times, the Olympian, the Longview Daily News, several blog sites and the Oregonian in Portland, Oregon.

At the time of this posting, it still has not been mentioned in the Lazy C.

Shortly after 11 PM last evening they posted about a woman being injured in a car accident. The news on Steve O’Ban being selected was being posted elsewhere hours earlier, as early as 9 PM.

I expect the Lazy C will claim it isn’t news of interest to Clark County, which is pure bunk. With the legislature in special session to finish a budget they were unable to in regular session and the slim Coalition Majority hanging in the balance in Olympia, it is news to Clark County to know the Coalition Majority is restored and who was selected.

A stolen Taxi Cab in Portland last evening and found in Vancouver is news according to the Lazy C, but the selection of a Republican to restore the slim Majority in the legislature isn’t?

All the more reason I refer to them as the Lazy C as they select what citizens may be informed about according to their sensibility.

While I know not everybody is pleased with the selection of Steve O’Ban, I congratulate him and look forward to him continuing to take the stands he did in the House as our newest Senator. I would have been pleased with any of the three being chosen and will not second guess the selection.

I also will not expect to find relevant news very often in the pages of the Lazy C.

UPDATE: Approximately 15 minutes after this post went public, the Lazy C ran the following in their Northwest Section

7 Comments to “Senate Coalition Majority Preserved, Lazy C Ignores: Updated”

  1. Gee. I guess it didn’t “come over the wire.”

    Remember that bogus excuse?

    The democrats simply didn’t have the votes or they wouldn’t have hesitated to try a take over. 24 wasn’t enough.

    If the MCC just had one member absent, there wouldn’t have been a tie and Owen wouldn’t have been able to vote.


  2. Maybe Lou has no paper trail again?

    I know they did not have the votes for a power play, but if you remember, they tried it once already when Janea Holmquist Newbry left the floor briefly to breast feed her baby.

    I put nothing passed them.


  3. The Columbian sure leaves an “Agenda Trail”.


  4. The other media in Oregon felt it petainent to report. Everytime I think I might restart my paper subscription I find the Columbian ticks me off again and so I refuse to aid and abet the crime they commit each day of fraudulently calling themselves a newpaper.


  5. Lew, please remind us all about the former ploy to abuse the absence of a member feeding her baby? This is outrageous. Date, circumstance, and what they were trying to push through please. thank you.


  6. Headline in Willamette Week:

    Washington Republicans: Columbia River Crossing is Dead

    Headline in Columbian regarding the statement by Washington Republicans as of 5:21 pm, June 5, 2013:


    go figure


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