Sometimes it Doesn’t Pay to be a TV News Reporter

by lewwaters

Nothing to laugh at in this report out of Rhode Island

Don’t expect Obama to call the News Reporter or Reverends Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton to condemn this or even acknowledge it. Likely they would justify it.

It’s a sad day for us that anyone responds in such a way, calling the reporter “Dumb White Girl” after she sics two dogs on her.

WLNE TV reports the woman has been arrested

24 Comments to “Sometimes it Doesn’t Pay to be a TV News Reporter”

  1. Another Vicious Obama voter/Gorilla that needs to be put in a Zoo for Sub-Humans.

  2. Jack, your prejudice shows.

    This woman was obviously torn apart because of what happened. It still is no excuse for the assault on the woman reporter and cameraman. The woman should be charged and with video evidence clearly showing her intent to cause injury and harm beyond the boundaries of her home and the news reporter and cameraman had clearly shown no intention of bodily injury (just emotional trauma by asking the woman questions about the shooter) to this woman or her family…should receive assault with a deadly weapon…four charges. Once with the stone, two more counts with each dog set loose and finally with the baseball bat.

    I’d sure hate to be a reporter.

  3. Black on White crime has been rising in frequency and becoming all the latest rage in this country. Did you see the stories of it on Memorial weekend?

  4. Crime in general is on the rise nationally. The news will sensationalize anything to make a buck.

  5. Regardless of the woman’s comment to the reporter (which I’m only taking Lew’s word for as I couldn’t hear it in the video), this is not about race, it’s about ‘stupid’. And it’s about meanness and cruelty. It’s a mistake to read race into this.

  6. That’s where you’re wrong, Craig. First, turn your volume up, she says it as she is walking away towards the end.

    Secondly, this is the very kind of act that was so heavily opposed during the civil rights era in the 1960’s. Even when it was Police unleashing dogs on marchers, the media was blasting it all over about it being so wrong.

    Lastly, if it had been some White person who unleashed dogs on a Black reporter, it would be headlines all over, Obama would be making calls, Jackson and Sharpton would be organizing marches and all hell would be in the news.

    Turn a blind eye if you wish, but acts like this sets civil rights back several years.

    And if you think race isn’t the issue, I urge you to look back at Trayvon Martin.

  7. I agree with you that the race-baiters would be on this like stink on cow manure if the roles were reversed, but that doesn’t mean that the woman in the video is a racist. As far as her comment, in the heat of anger I have said stupid things myself that I didn’t mean, and have regretted afterwards. The woman was obviously incensed. Maybe she is a racist but the video doesn’t prove that she is.

  8. Frankly, I’m sick of the so-called journalism (mostly on TV news) where a reporter sticks a microphone into the face of a member of a victims family and asks, “what is your reaction?”

    This is “ambush journalism” at its worst — and it is usually intended to elicit an emotional response that will play well on the 5, 6, and 10/11 PM news broadcasts.

    I don’t see any real racism here — but I do see a parent of a hurt child being treated obnoxiously by the press. While the reaction of siccing a dog on the reporter is clearly a reaction that’s beyond the realm of decency, I do think if this were done a little more frequently, we might have fewer of these “reaction” shot news stories.

    Lew, I think you missed the point — that this is an example of the press acting stupidly and to some degree, the reporter was “asking for it.” Consider how you might feel, upon the serious injury or loss of a loved one to have the “Lazy C” or one of the local TV station’s reporters come and stick a microphone in your face and ask you, “How do you feel?”

  9. Actually John, given that they were telling her the person who shot her daughter, who apparently was not seriously wounded, but shot just the same, had turned himself in, the reaction is not just over the top, but criminal.

    She could just have easily gone back inside or tell them to ‘F’ off.

    The race enters in that if the roles were reversed, this would be national news with everyone from Obama down calling for something to be done, marches, rallies and of course, condemning ‘whitey.’

    There is absolutely no justification for what the woman did to the news reporter.

    Consider for a moment too, John, how many times was the media accused of racism for NOT covering stories like this that affected a Black person?

    People can’t have it both ways.

  10. Discrimination by any member of the human race is unforgivable but so is journalism that feeds off of an attack by one member of society to another.

  11. “Journalism” is quite dead these days

  12. Sorry Goldie – a Cow is a Cow and Obama – voters are Gorillas.

  13. Yeah Jack…whatever. Soooo….if you had to have an emergency operation and your blood was incapable of being stored for you and synthetic blood was out of the question…and the only person whose blood type matched yours was one of an African-American, would you turn it down???

    Just wonderin’

  14. If I had to pull the trigger on a Baboon, I wouldn’t hesitate Goldie.We need to clean out the gene pool.

  15. Jack, I hope you don’t mean ‘Baboon” solely because of race.

  16. Babboons act like Babboons, Lew.Uncivilized Primates belong in a Zoo.

  17. It must be miserable to live with such hatred.

  18. No, it’s miserable to watch people try to defend uncivilized primates out of “white guilt” – “Karma” is when uncivilized primates attack white fools.

  19. Haven’t you noticed Goldie, that we keep monkeys in cages for a reason?

  20. Our prisons are full of uncivilized primates that cant behave themselves.

  21. Jack, you need to cool it with this line.

    While this woman is no doubt a grade A jerk, there is no need to go into the rest.

    We don’t have to be like her in comments.

  22. I agree that the “news” is now obsolete. They won’t report both sides of facts, only what is in line with their own agenda, politically. In this case though they only wanted to report the injustice of what happened to this mother, her child, and get some soft sympathy and hear what words she had to say on the matter, and let her know that the killer had been caught. Then air it, then we all in her emotions with her. That said, this reporter was only doing her job, she was not “asking for it”. Ever notice that the “newbie” reporters are usually sent out to these sorts of incidents. What that mother did was wrong. Attacking with violence first, then siccing two dogs on the reporter? You see in a fair world with fair justice, the law is applied to everyone in the same manner. It is called equality. There is not excuse for what this woman did to the reporter. I hope that this young lady leaves such a worthless profession. It is just no longer worth it when the news is chasing rainbows, and dogs running through sprinklers on a hot day makes the news.

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