Moeller Falsely Claims, “House Passes Budget – Senate Does Not Act”

by lewwaters

Moeller, Right To MoneyRepresentative Jim Moeller (D. Portland/Vancouver) sent out his usual spin the truth email this evening titled House Passes Budget – Senate Does Not Act laying all blame for a budget agreement not being reached on Republicans, as usual.

In the email, Moeller claims,

“Majority elected House Democrats have advanced substantial steps toward middle, compromise ground in striving for agreement with Senate Republicans.”

“I stand for our House budget that puts children-in-need before tax breaks, that maintains strong funding for our schools, and that preserves a stable foundation supporting basic human services while addressing our immediate needs.”

Ah yes, the usual “it’s for the children” again.

What Moeller leaves out is the steps the Senate Coalition Majority has taken to actually have another responsible budget and not just the regular burdening of the middle class with more tax hikes they can ill afford.

For instance, Senate Advances Negotiating Position – Passes Worker’s Comp, K-12 Reform Bills and Spending-Limits Measure where we read of efforts to reform education spending by giving “school principals the right to pick and choose teachers who work at their schools, rather than allowing teacher assignments to be determined by union contracts and seniority.”

It also has a clause to require a public vote, heavily opposed by Democrats. Rosemary McAuliffe, (D. Bothell), ranking Democrat on the education committee said “the measure is opposed by lobbying organizations representing teachers and school principals.” She adds, “There does not need to be a referendum on this bill. The public does not need to be part of this debate.”

It also places limits on non-education spending, making more funding available for education itself.

We also read of yet another Democrat sleight of hand with tax increase at House Dems hide tax increases in education bill, not budget.

Of this latest trick, Rep. Ed Orcutt (R. Kalama) says,

“We hear the other side talk about helping the kids. And that sounds great. But a tax increase will cost jobs, and you can’t help kids by making it more difficult for employers to hire their parents.”

“We believe education should be funded first. But if you fund all of your other programs with normal budget revenues but need a tax increase to fund education, you’re putting education last, not first.”

Rep. Cathy Dahlquist (R. Eatonville) adds,

“We’re here to do one thing during this session, and that’s to fully fund education. But this bill doesn’t do that. It holds our kids hostage to a tax increase.”

House Republicans preferred a plan similar to the one passed by the Senate Coalition Majority, the same Coalition Majority Moeller says “Does Not Act” that actually earmarks $1.4 billion for new education funding by subjecting some bloated social programs to necessary cuts.

But as we all know, all social programs, regardless of bloated they are are sacred to Democrats, leading Moeller to make the usual ludicrous claim of Republicans “turning their backs on seniors, the poor, the blind or the disabled.” That it is not true means nothing to him as Moeller won’t be happy until he bankrupts the middle class he desires to keep burdening with more and more taxes instead of controlling spending.

Yet another example of the Coalition Majority “Not Acting” comes at Senate OKs revised budget, will trade revenue for reform bills where the Senate is prepared to compromise on some tax increases, provided the Democrats are willing to compromise on a much needed “slate of reforms designed to make state operations more efficient.”

As we can expect, Democrats are incensed that they be expected to actually compromise as they throw out their usual slate of baseless accusations, including Democrat Governor Jay Inslee accusing Republicans of Refusing to Compromise.

Our state has been under a Democrat stranglehold for over a Decade where Democrats freely spent and wasted tax dollars on any whim they had. They refuse to live within the means voters have been demanding for over 20 years and have no desire other than the continue to confiscate as much of our paychecks as they can.

The formation of the Senate Majority Coalition, a bipartisan majority that actually works together has Democrats up in arms as they no longer have carte blanche to just keep raping taxpayers as they see fit. The Senate is right to compromise in the manner they propose to get taxpayers some relief and institute much needed reforms that are long overdue in Olympia.

But Democrats like Jim Moeller want the status quo and has no idea what bipartisan really means. It’s “my way or the highway” with Moeller. On his facebook page Moeller claims,

“Compromise is a key part of a democracy. The “My way or the highway” mentality is not condusive to this democracy. Understandably, our Republican friends honestly believe they ARE compromising. The challange for all of us (R’s and D’s) is to give up something that is important to each of us to reach that compormise.” (misspelling in original)

He then claims in another post,

“The Republicans insist on holding the budget(s) hostage with the need to ransom three Senate policy bills that the House will simply not accept. They go against every value that we have as Democrats and the House is not asking the Senate to pass OUR policy bills.”

The Senate needs our support if we are to see those much needed reforms put in place and next election, Jim Moeller needs to be kicked to the curb and replaced by someone actually willing to engage in true bipartisanship, not blind allegiance to a political party supporting socialism.

9 Comments to “Moeller Falsely Claims, “House Passes Budget – Senate Does Not Act””

  1. The senate budget puts more money in schools and leaves money in the rainy day fund!

  2. “Compromise is a key part of a democracy. The “My way or the highway” mentality is not condusive[sic] to this democracy.”

    You mean like compromising on the CRC Scam Moelhill… you fricking hypocrite? Compromising on light rail and that sort of thing?

  3. And, for as long as he has been in government, he doesn’t seem to know that we do not live under a Democracy.

  4. I heard Moeller is beside himself. Does that mean he’s been cloned? OMG say it isn’t so!

  5. Moeller, cloned? Oh gawd, I hope not. Having one in town is bad enough 😉

  6. Jimmy and Timmy need a long vacation .. in a time capsule headed for another galaxy far away.

  7. There would be less children in need if they’d stop taxing the Hell out of the people in just about every facet of our lives. Jimbo and his cohorts haven’t figured that out yet.

  8. Ron…I wouldn’t wish that upon the other galaxy.

  9. lol…I see the little mole is diggin’ into the thumbs up/thumbs down feature again. Must be something we said, eh???

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