Patty Murray, Still as Stupid as Can Be

by lewwaters

Patty Murray 2It’s been nearly three years since conservative firebrand Ann Coulter rightfully labeled Washington State Senator Patty Murray “The Stupidest Person in America” and Ms. Murray appears hell-bent to keep on proving it.

Nowhere is this better shown than in her blind, rabid support of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project as she ignores bridge engineers, WSDOT, ODOT and past Dept. of Transportation Director Paula Hammond’s call of the current bridge over the Columbia River being “safe” so she can parrot other fearmongers erroneous calls of “the bridge is collapsing any moment.”

The Lazy C, staunch blind proponents themselves make Murray’s idiocy their headline news in the Saturday June 14, 2013 edition with Murray targets opponents of CRC wherein she repeatedly states how “unsafe” she feels the bridge is adding, “people who don’t want this to go forward don’t often think of the consequences if they win, and I think they need to think about that. … If this bridge collapsed here, there would be loss of life, there’s no doubt about it. I don’t want to go to anybody’s funeral to get federal funding.”

Murray, CRC Headline

Murray bases her rant on the recent collapse of the bridge upstate over the Skagit River, caused by a semi-truck hauling an oversized load striking 10 structural support beams that held the bridge up and as we know are learning, the driver moved to the right due to a passing truck crowding him while passing, forcing the driver to feel the need to move out of the lane with the safe clearance and into the lane with much less clearance.

The bridge itself, its condition or even the age had absolutely nothing to do with the collapse and prompting former State Transportation Chief Paula Hammond to say, “I resist the notion that everyone says ‘this is why we need more revenue.’ There’s a lot of reasons we need to invest… this isn’t the example.”

The bridge over the Skagit River was not listed on any “structurally deficient” list nor is the bridge currently over the Columbia River. But, that does not stop dullards like Murray from ranting on how the bridge will be collapsing into the river at any moment if we don’t hurry up and replace it with the new modern light rail carrier certain special interests are demanding today.

In spite of all of their rants of “unsafe,” “easing congestion” or “improving freight mobility,” the truth is now known from day one this project is solely about forcing Clark County Washington into accepting Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail into our community, in spite of numerous votes rejecting it, both directly and by proxy.

It is know now too that Clark County, after seeing over four straight years of double digit unemployment, our still struggling middle class will bear the brunt of the expense for generations to pay off the boondoggle they have rejected if built as planned.

Murray, like many state officials and the governors of both Oregon and Washington buy into Oregon Governor Kitzhaber’s “no light rail, no bridge” meme, offering all the proof ones needs to see that safety, congestion and anything else matter not one bit, only light rail.

Of that plan to force light rail on the people Murray says, “there is no backup plan. The people who are opposing (the CRC) need to tell you what the backup plan is.”

By that she indicates “light rail or nothing” while playing on people’s fears of the bridge will be collapsing at any moment.

You would think if bridge safety was of any concern at all, the effort would be to get a newer bridge going right away without holding one hostage to light rail. But no, it remains light rail or nothing.

And that shows yet another failure in critical thinking on Murray and other proponent’s part, unsafe clearance for river traffic.

The current bridge has 178 feet of clearance when the lift span is raised while the new design offers only 116 feet fixed no lift span and raised from the initial 95 foot clearance. And that is measured when the river is running at its lowest level, forgetting the water level rises throughout the year, especially when the snow melts and runs off the mountains, at times resulting in flooding as it did in 1996.

It is also due to the inability of light rail to climb any grade steeper to raise the bridge to a proper, safer height and will create the lowest clearance along the river, a river that heavily traveled for commerce with barges shipping products to foreign ports.

Murray worries about an interruption in commerce should such a collapse happen, but ignores that currently, at least three manufacturers are negatively affected by the reduced clearance, requiring officials that support this fiasco to “mitigate” hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars to those companies to offset their profit losses or to assist them in relocating elsewhere, likely out of the immediate area to a region that will offer them safe passage.

Also showing Murray does no homework, as she rants about a bridge collapse, as I previously noted, one fourth of all bridge collapses in America since 1940 were the result of collision by water vessels hitting the bridge itself or one of the pier supporting them.

And Murray wants to stick us with a “Bridge Too Low?”

The U.S. Coast Guard has yet to sign off on this ridiculous project and is under pressure from high sources to do so, I am sure. But they are also hearing from river users, taxpayers, commuters and more on why they should not permit the building of this bridge under the current design.

If safety is of any concern at all, a reduced clearance bridge should not be approved.

Murray still sitting in the U.S. Senate is a disservice to our state and country as her squeaky tennis shoes track mud all over citizens when she blindly falls into lock step with her handlers and campaign donors that look forward to raping middle class taxpayers out of billions more of our hard earned paychecks so they can force us to pay for what they want to buy, inefficient and slow moving light rail in a community far too small to support it.

Patty Murray is still just as stupid as she can be.

24 Comments to “Patty Murray, Still as Stupid as Can Be”

  1. Murray is either stupid or corrupt or both. Follow the money.

    While these practices are “legal” (that is, I’m not suggesting that Ms. Murray has broken any laws when I say she is corrupt) these big mega-projects are often part of log-rolling (deal making within the beltway where one elected official supports a project that another elected official wants for their district) and/or are a means to funnel money indirectly to unions, who will then provide monetary and in-kind (labor) support to the elected office holder(s). That makes it “corrupt” from an ethical purity standpoint — but the ethics committees in both houses of Congress consider these matters as “business as usual.” Is it any wonder that Congress has approval of only about 15% of the public?

    These ethically suspect activities contribute strongly to the disconnect that the political class has with the general public. Special interests (and narrow interests) are often given precedence over mere citizen’s interests due to the financial fall out from the projects. Unions and rent seekers often get first crack at the politicians. Citizens, especially those who are thousands of miles away, get short shrift. The low information voters are then captured using emotional appeals that say zero about what the politician has actually done during their “service” in Congress.


  2. Just remember that Herrera feels the exact same way.


  3. Herrera has repeatedly stated that the bridge should not be built with light rail.


  4. The “ONLY” reasonable-sounding argument I have ever heard from the side of the promoters regarding replacing the I-5 bridge is that there are currently no emergency lanes for fender bender accidents which would typically cause needless back ups. What is perplexing about this argument is that even with emergency lanes, maneuvering over to these lanes through two merging lanes with damaged cars would be all but impossible as those wanting to merge onto the highway would already be trying to get up to speed to match traffic flow and we know what just might be the end result now, don’t we. Almost NOBODY knows how to merge properly these days. They’re all caught up in the “ME FIRST” attitude.

    What is so friggin’ difficult about replacing straight across…three lanes with additional space for emergency lanes and a center bicycle lane between two bridges??? If they’d remove the Hayden Island and ramps, merge the Hwy 14 ramps with the Mill Plan ramps (redesigning the exit TO Hwy. 14 so that there’s a straight shot from Mill Plain/Hwy 14 onto the bridge) and construct a bypass bridge over to Marine Drive, half the battle would be won.

    Secondly…instead of ending the HOV lane at Marine Drive…end it altogether. That alone in itself would eliminate Delta Park northbound accidents. How many times I’ve driven in the HOV lane with passengers…and an idiot decided they were going to cheat the system and hop in the lane for a bit, cutting me off. I-5 from Wilsonville, through the T-Curves, onto Marquam Bridge, through the Rose Quarter area and through to Hayden Island is a disaster waiting to happen…and often is!!!


  5. Sorry, max, but here’s the thing:

    There’s a reason she has done absolutely nothing about the CRC during her 6 years in office, both in the Legislature and in Congress. No bill to take off light rail, no bill for a minimum height, no bill for a county wide (or even CTran district-wide) vote.

    There’s also a reason her number one contributor is Kiewit, a bridge contractor.

    She SAYS a lot… and does nothing. And no where is TALK cheaper then in a politician.

    Sen. Ann Rivers has done more to kill this rip off in 6 months then Herrera has in 6 years.

    It’s not that Herrera CAN’T do a bill: after all, it took her about ten minutes to waste everyone’s time on the now-dead Pearson Museum bill.

    No… she’s practicing the “bright, shiny object” brand of politics where she has obviously fooled many people (You, for example) while keeping the donors who own her like their never was a 13th Amendment happy by DOING nothing.

    Her lack of action means one thing and one thing only: That she feels the exact same way as Murray… she just is too much of a coward to admit it.


  6. At the coast guard hearings it was stunning to hear from companies at risk to go out of business by a bridge too low. The CRC responses to some callous, suggesting that there are competitors in other cities that could fill the gap for companies who might fail. For others, secret deals adding untold $ MILLIONS to the project cost. The CRC and Senator Murray seem to feel a total redesign of the community, eliminating businesses including major ones is the price we all must pay to bail out OR light rail. The conceptual CRC bridge is what should be redesigned, without voter rejected light rail. BTW, another article on CRC,


  7. KJ – I’m just trying to understand your POV so bear with me, please when I ask you the following questions and put in my two-cents’ worth.

    If you claim Rep. Herrera-Beutler is doing nothing, what do you call her letters to the US Coast Guard? Do you see these as a smoke screen as well?

    As I recall…from day one, she has opposed LRT and has expected the crossing promoters to go back and get it done right…without LRT. Regarding Kiewit’s support…seems to me the people are doing whatever it takes to make sure they’re noticed when the bridge…ANY bridge construction is considered and finalized as they would have some definite interests in the construction of the project whether it has LRT or not. It would be nice if even a third bridge built would be done by locals, wouldn’t you think?

    Also…wouldn’t it make sense to be more concerned if she was receiving funds by companies directly involved in light rail construction???


  8. Is it just me seeing this or is Senator Murray speaking in the video as if she’s in some kind of trance?


  9. Murray always acts like she in a trance. Happy drugs maybe? 😉

    Most every time I hear her, she is basically babbling incoherently and making no sense, just as she did this time.


  10. Lew, I’ve noticed the same type of demeanor in several of the politicians lately…even Rep. Moeller when asked questions about the CRC which got in the way of his agenda. And Senator Cleveland…I’d swear she’s a drone/clone of Murray with her responses. It’s truly sounding more and more like a broken record with the responses by some of the politicians these days.


  11. Maybe it’s the Zombie Effect, lol.


  12. They’re fed talking points and warned not to deviate. When Obama forgets and ad libs it, he sounds like a complete moron.

    And with CRC, they’re all parroting the same talking points.


  13. Obama is a complete Moron.


  14. G.O., thanks for asking.

    Her letters are eye-wash. They contain no requirement to act, no “or else” clause, no threat, no requirement.

    “Expressing grave concern” is about as useful as howling at the moon. The moon might hear it but it’s not required to act or respond.

    Herrera wanted action on the Pearson issue, so she acted foolishly and impulsively, again, to make the folks back home believe she’s actually doing something… when, in fact, other then getting a few gallons of earned media, what has her hissy fits accomplished?


    She’s been in a position to spike the funding on this program since she got into Congress. All she has to do is attach a rider to the transportation budget, either killing the funding altogether or putting conditions on it like striping out light rail or requiring a vote or a minimum bridge height.

    I reiterate: she has done nothing except talk. She has written a few letters but has placed no conditions on anyone or any agency. And why would her number one contributor be a bridge contractor?

    Considering the stakes involved, the LEAST she could have actually DONE is to drop legislation as quickly as she did on Pearson. But 3 years in, she hasn’t even done THAT.


    I’ve been in politics around here in one form or another since 1988. I even ran the state GOP staff in 2000. I spent 6 years on legislative staff for Marc Boldt.

    I know the difference between “motion,” which is all that Herrera has provided, and “action,” which is something that actually changes something or makes a difference.

    You properly ask: “If you claim Rep. Herrera-Beutler is doing nothing, what do you call her letters to the US Coast Guard? Do you see these as a smoke screen as well?”

    My response is this: what difference has any of her letters made? What changes have been brought about because of her press releases? What restrictions on the CRC have her actions actually caused?


    None, and;


    Political Science 101: talk is cheap. What she says doesn’t matter. What she does matters.

    It’s like the CRC babbling about 12,000 plus public contacts.

    Given their written policy on ignoring the public and the fact that NONE of those “contacts” resulted in a single change to the program, the location, the outcomes, the costs… what good were all those “contacts?”

    I ask you to compare Herrera’s actions with Sen. Rivers. Of the two, who has done the most to kill this thing?

    Bridge contractors haven’t donated to Sen. Rivers. Why do you suppose that is?

    Who has actually made a real, genuine, difference on killing the CRC?

    No Sen. Rivers? That thing is getting built.

    No Congresswoman Herrera?

    No one would notice, since her actions in this matter have roughly mirrored Brian Baird’s, who didn’t do anything about the CRC either..


  15. Your problem with Congresswoman Herrera Beutler is unfounded where the CRC is concerned. I must ask you one thing though, since she was elected to congress in 2010 and began serving in 2011 how has she spent 6 years doing nothing by the year 2013?


  16. By the way she has passed a bill unanimously which put restrictions on the funding for the project through requiring the Coast Guard to report to congress for approval of its permit prior to issuing it on the CRC.


  17. Hmm…KJ, Carolyn has brought facts to the table which counter your argument. I believe with all the red tape, and what the Representative has done is far more than what you claim. Rep. Herrera-Beutler has also pushed for the voters to have a deciding factor in this project as well. Do you remember when she urged C-Tran to put the funding request by C-Tran for a district-wide vote regarding the sales tax increase to pay for LRT and BRT funding in May of 2011? (see link below) We had that vote in November of 2012.

    In the manner of her approving the crossing, she stated outright in April of 2011 that she would not support the project if Washington residents had a disproportionate share of the costs. It is obvious we will bear the burden of the costs. (see link below)

    January 30, 2013, a letter to Rear Admiral Keith A Taylor, signed by her, Doc Hastings, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers and Raul Labrador…expressing the need for a complete study and review, since the obvious impact of the current FEIS is substandard.

    March 6, 2013, Rep. Herrera Beutler sent a letter to Nancy Boyd, asking about certain questionable expenditure requests from the CRC.

    June 12, 2013, Rep. Herrera Beutler submitted a letter to the USCG, raising her obvious “grave” concerns regarding commerce upriver from the CRC Project and urged the USCG to make a decision which will provide no restrictions, pointing out her urging them to do all they can to ensure the final outcome of the permitting process would protect the free navigation of the river and our regional economy. A quote from her letter: “””Doesn’t the need for such substantial mitigation point to serious design flaws that limit navigation? I would offer that building a bridge without adequate clearance is an unfortunate choice that could be remedied through the redesign of this project.”

    KJ, she’s asking questions. She’s doing what she was hired to do. She isn’t giving in to pressure and wants answers just as we all do. Rep. Herrera-Beutler has made it adamantly clear that the bridges need to be replaced, but she won’t support it if the people don’t agree to the design and if the people of SW Washington are being held hostage to the majority of the costs.

    Again KJ, I’m still confused regarding your comment @6:05. I truly want to understand your point of view but from what I’ve seen in facts and what you’re telling…it’s just not cutting it. Remember, our Representative has more on her plate as a member of the US House of Representatives. It’s not just the crossing project on the table these days.


  18. Well, Carolyn, I might have bought into your “unfounded” response if you had shown one instance where I had written anything wrong.

    She became a state Rep in 2007. This is her 6th year in office. During those six sessions, she has done… and accomplished… absolutely nothing. She has introduced zero legislation at either the state or national level to impact the CRC. She writes letters. She wants “reports” She expresses “grave concern.” And how has that made any difference in any of this?

    Please don’t just tell me I’m wrong without citing where and how I am wrong… and what she’s done to address these issues in any meaningful way that has impacted any of this to date.

    For example, precisely WHAT has her “grave concern” changed in this project?

    This is an ENTIRELY outcome-based business. Her outcomes have been abysmal to non-existent.

    You and others are buying into her “shiny object” shtick without asking yourselves the most important question: what difference has any of it made?

    The “report” to congress was so nebulous as to be worthless. A report on WHAT? WHAT is supposed to be in it? How does that “report” requirement CHANGE ANYTHING? The Coast Guard can provide a one page summary that is a “report” and it changes nothing.

    At the end of the day, as I pointed out and you have not denied, her number one contributor is Kiewit, a likely bridge contractor. Everything in politics happens for a reason. They gave her big bucks for a reason… and that reason was NOT to stop them from being a CRC contractor.

    PLEASE show me where I’m wrong. I’m BEGGING you to point out to me how I’ve blown the call. And whatever that is?

    Has to make a difference. And to date?

    Precisely none of it has.

    The woman has been worthless in Congress. For God’s sake, she doesn’t even have the guts to do town hall meetings.

    Even Brian Baird did those.

    We’re facing Constitutional crisis after Constitutional crisis… and she’s silent. Huge issues are confronting us, and she’s no where. That may be swell for you, but I am not impressed.

    I want a DOER representing us in DC, not a talker. And so far, it’s all talk… and no do.


  19. GO, you’re missing the point. For example:

    ……..Hmm…KJ, Carolyn has brought facts to the table which counter your argument. I believe with all the red tape, and ……..what the Representative has done is far more than what you claim. Rep. Herrera-Beutler has also pushed for the ……..voters to have a deciding factor in this project as well. Do you remember when she urged C-Tran to put the ……..funding request by C-Tran for a district-wide vote regarding the sales tax increase to pay for LRT and BRT funding ………in May of 2011? (see link below) We had that vote in November of 2012.

    That vote, of course, was required by law. ALL funding mechanisms for LRT MUST be put to a vote. You know that. That makes as much sense as me telling a rock that I drop off my deck that it has to hit the yard below. It’s pretty much going to do that whether Isay anything… or not.

    Again, the issue is this: WHAT DIFFERENCE has she made?

    Wanting a vote that we had to have BY LAW doesn’t mean we had the vote because SHE wanted it.

    …….In the manner of her approving the crossing, she stated outright in April of 2011 that she would not support the …….project if Washington residents had a disproportionate share of the costs. It is obvious we will bear the burden of …….the costs. (see link below)

    So, by all means: where’s her legislation to STOP any of this?


    GO, you have GOT to understand: her direct inaction where she has done NOTHING has, in fact, impacted this precisely in no way whatsoever.

    Her failure to “support” this project is utterly meaningless UNLESS she is actively, and legislative, OPPOSING it.

    For example, she’s shown she can add an amendment to a bill, to a budget: what about an amendment that would strip out the federal money from this project? Where’s THAT “amendment?”

    This whole thing is like back in the day. If I had taken my kids to a restaurant and told them I opposed them getting, say, milkshakes… and they went ahead and ordered them anyway, and I did nothing to stop them from ordering them and then PAID for them… what good was my opposition?

    And what message did I send by failing to ACT?

    That is exactly what Herrera is doing here. Precisely.

    She needs to do MORE. She’s not doing ENOUGH. And “doing enough” means STOPPING THIS PROJECT.

    Absolutely nothing she has done or tried to do would result in that outcome.

    She sits on Appropriations and used to sit on Transportation. She’s been there since the start of Congress in 2010 when the GOP took control of the House and she could have spiked the funding for the CRC at ANY time, or at least held it hostage to conditions involving, say, striping out LRT or a minimum height or a Clark County wide vote..

    Actions like that WOULD have actually made a difference. And when are we supposed to see those types of efforts from her?

    As of now, if the state senate caved and funded the $450 million, this thing would get built because Herrera has done nothing and WILL do nothing to stop it.

    And NOT building it is the ONLY outcome that matters.

    As I pointed out, follow the money. And the money leads directly back to Kiewit Construction as her number one donor.

    PLEASE don’t tell me that doesn’t concern you or that I should ignore that… or that they gave her that kind of bank because they like her or something like that.

    Money talks, and number one donor money screams. I hear it clearly.

    Don’t you?


  20. KJ…I want to say first hand that at Federal Capacity, Carolyn was correct regarding Rep. JHB. It was 2011. You were right about JHB’s tenure in office, though…since she was appointed to replace Rep. Curtis at the state level in 2007.

    Regarding JHB, according to, Kiewit wasn’t the top supporter in her campaign. It showed Pacific Bells Inc. at $18K. Kiewit donated $16K. I tried to find the official campaign contribution list but was unable. If you have it, please share.

    In an email I received from her just yesterday after expressing my concerns to her yet again, she stated and I quote –

    “All along, I have said I would take my marching orders from a vote of the citizens on how to proceed with the CRC. I successfully fought to ensure citizens of Clark County received a public vote in this project.

    Citizens were finally given this chance with a vote on Proposition 1, which they rejected by a wide margin in the November 6 election. The voters’ decision on Proposition 1 offers us the best indication of how Clark County residents feel about light rail. Upon learning the results of this vote, I joined with elected officials from Clark County to call for the project to take a new direction. The voices of voters cannot be ignored, and I will continue fighting to ensure their will is respected.”

    She also stated the following which I believe is important to share:

    “I continue to believe that the current I-5 bridge no longer meets our region’s transportation needs and must be addressed. However, problems related to the CRC’s preferred design and funding sources are mounting, threatening the chances for a successful project. I’ll continue to work for a project alternative that has the support of Clark County citizens, and that meets the transportation needs for our region.

    Once we have that proposal, I believe the federal government has a responsibility to pay its share of the project. As a member of the House and Senate Transportation Conference Committee I successfully helped shape and pass the recent bipartisan, bicameral federal transportation bill that makes funding available for major infrastructure and transportation needs, such as the replacing the I-5 bridge.”

    So KJ, does this sound like a snow job to you? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Nowadays, it’s hard to trust any politician. I agree with you that when a politician states they will fight for the people, they need to fight up front and now on the subject AS Ann Rivers has done in this case…not let federal and state funding continue to pour into the project…but at what point you have to ask yourself…just how much political clout does Ann Rivers have or even Rep. HB have in Congress for that matter, and are they truly able to change the course of the program of “the Agenda”??? It could be that TriMet is just the pawn, the fall guy IN “the Agenda” and we’re going to get this crossing THEIR way no matter what.


  21. Murray is bat-shit nuts.


  22. Speaking of bat-shit nuts…no, make that bat-shit CRAZY…

    I couldn’t believe what I just read in a statement by Representative Moeller in the bird cage liner of Clark County. It wasn’t the quote about the Occupy group that concerned me. It’s the rest of his comment. His statement and I quote, states the following:

    “I don’t hang out with my Occupy Portland buddies any longer (like we were ever buddies) as they have been unfortunately taken over by the anarchists. – on all levels – very disappointing. Also I am less concerned what Clark County says to me regarding the CRC – than the 49th LD as they are not my constituents. However, the voters of the 49th LD are my constituents and they are vastly more supportive (from the phone calls, emails and personal messages) of the CRC with light-rail and tolls than voters in the 17th and 18th LD’s.”

    Evvvvery day, I read somewhere in some website, that the Republicans are dividing our nation and that they refuse to work with the Democrats to form a solution. Well for Heaven’s sake, Representative Moeller…you have just put your foot in your mouth once again with this statement, sir. You could care less what anybody in any other legislative district has to say in Clark County? How in God’s name do you expect to accomplish something…ANYTHING…which involves SW Washington if you could care less what other legislative districts are saying? Transparency??? Well sir, you have definitely shown just how transparent you are…especially in the cranial region! Goooood Lord!!!!

    Election time couldn’t come too soon.


  23. Moeller would pull his panties down and take a dump on the sidewalk beside Burnside just like any other “occupy” moron.


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