Fail: Happy Fathers Day, From the Lazy C

by lewwaters

Fathers DayFrom the looks of the Lazy C this Father’s Day weekend, either it is of no real importance any longer or they feel there are no decent Dad’s locally.

While maybe not a major holiday, Father’s Day is intended to be a day set aside honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. A way to recognize the contribution of hard working Dad’s in raising families, providing, protecting and caring for their families.

As a father myself, it’s nice to be recognized for one special day. In spite of our shortcomings and missteps, the overall majority of us do the best we can juggling work, home and yes, dealing with both wives and children after a long day working.

But, the Lazy C seems to see it as just another day to push the CRC agenda and berate citizens locally for not wanting to take on more debt for another public/private adventure to benefit a minor league baseball team owner, not even an acknowledgement on their front page Sunday.

Saturday saw Lazy C editor Lou Brancaccio write a column, Press Talk: Let’s play ball … someplace else blasting Clark County Citizens and County Commissioners for not hitting us with an “entertainment tax” to fund a $24 Million ballpark to host the Yakima Bears a couple years ago.

The tax wouldn’t have been levied on ball game admissions, just every other form of entertainment in Clark County.

So Lou feels put out now to have to travel all the way to Hillsboro, Oregon to watch a game, if he wants. A distance of about 25 miles that probably irks Lou too that we also oppose extending Portland’s financially failing light rail into Clark County, so he won’t be able to hop on a choo choo train and take three times as long to get there.

I include that because he also whines in the same column, “If you look at the I-5 bridge proposal — gasping its last breaths as we speak — we’re becoming known as the ‘just say no’ community.”

Liberal Democrat Martin Hash provided one of the better retorts in comments with, “How would you know if this is the ‘just say no’ community? Nobody ever asks us…”

Likewise, looking at Bombastic Editorial Page Editor John Laird’s Sunday rant, First Citizens consistently support transportation projects we see a continuation of the efforts to shame and coerce taxpayers into willingly surrender even more of their shrinking paychecks to cover the massive overspending we see from the legislature.

Laird, predictable as can be, tells us about his research into so called ‘first citizens,’ awarded such community distinction for “their accomplishments and contributions to the community in a number of areas, including effectiveness in leadership roles, raising community standards and expectations, strengthening community identity and civic pride, and exemplary giving of time, self and resources.”

Of course, Laird focuses primarily on one area, the Columbia River Crossing light rail project, mentioning it some 5 times. Laird even goes so far as to remind us one former so called’ first citizen’ saying, “CRC is critical to the environment of this community.” That he is also an attorney for one of the three companies negatively affected by the unsafe height proposed for the new bridge to carry light rail that stands to see a substantial amount of tax dollars come their way through “mitigation” is of no importance.

Laird quotes über-leftist, former City Council member and sleazy town gossip Pat Jollota, also a strong CRC supporter saying “with every big project, you always run up against the naysayers.”

And on and on Laird rants, demeaning struggling middle class wage earners and fathers who wish to place their families before fattening the bank accounts of wealthy manufacturers of light rail equipment for daring to try to keep a little more of their paychecks so they can be good fathers and properly care for their families.

Laird, Complainers

That is the Father’s Day message sent out by the Lazy C, the hell with your families, support light rail into a community that has rejected it four times.

But I guess I can’t be too critical, after all they do have two articles mentioning fathers or Dad’s.

Poll: Most men aspire to be dads tells us of an AP-WE TV poll taken somewhere back east on young Dad’s and Diaper duty’s just the start for new dads is another AP feed about couples in Florida, Indiana and Missouri sharing diaper duty and other chores, much like most of us Dad’s did years ago.

Local Dad’s? Well, I guess the Lazy C doesn’t think any of you locally merit much mention, although late in the evening they do mention Fathers, families floor it at car show about an annual Cruise-In car show at a local pizzeria to raise funds for cancer.

That apparently is the Lazy C’s Father’s Day coverage, no local Dad’s focused on for being good Dad’s, increasing the decibels to promote the Columbia River Crossing light rail project, denigration of all, Dad’s included, that prefer to hang on to a much of their dwindling paychecks as they can so they may properly care for the families and whining about those Dad’s again not supporting a minor league baseball ballpark, again preferring to retain some more of their paychecks to care for their families.

Father’s day itself? Just another day to push the agenda and demean Dad’s wanting to care for their families before caving to more tax confiscation.

I once thought there was hope for the Lazy C.

Apparently not.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dad’s out there. I hope you had a great day with your families and those days continue.

9 Comments to “Fail: Happy Fathers Day, From the Lazy C”

  1. Leftists typically want government to take over as parents… so showing the good that Dads can do is not going to be a priority for these hacks.

  2. Wow! K.J. Hinton that is truly an insightful response. You are right it would undo their message that we need the government to parent our kids because we are all so bad at it. Wow! I never thought they’d take out all mention of good Dad’s locally before.

  3. “First Citizens” is code for ‘Couv Mafia

  4. Lew, who is (are) the twit(s) who consistently ‘thumbs down’ any comment made by conservatives on this blog? I parenthesize because it may be two individuals or just one little twit who uses different credentials.

  5. I don’t know for a fact, Craig, but I highly suspect one or two malcontents from the Lazy C dungeon

  6. Craig, it’s the same old, same old basement crowd out to troll any way they can without being traced…the same techniques they used to push the “drama buttons” in order to gain a reaction or two. Pretty sad, I think. They can’t accept the fact that others think differently from them.

  7. I know this will be deleted but “dad’s” is the singular possessive form of this noun. When you are talking about multiple men who have children you mean dads (plural noun). (And dad shouldn’t be capped as, unless you are using dad in place of someone’s name, i.e. Dad has two dogs, it is not a proper noun). So, “Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dad’s out there,” should be Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there. I know you’re an old crank with a lot of complaints about the way things work here in the newfangled world, but people are more likely to take you seriously if basic grammar and spelling aren’t distracting them from your arguments. And my dad is an old crank who has a lot of the same problems, but he knows basic sentence structure.

  8. Amy, you’re wrong on it being deleted, but correct on my being an “old crank.” At lest in your world.

    This blog isn’t about perfect grammar nor am I an English teacher. Still, the message is received and understood with the understanding that I do not hold myself above others or look down my nose at others, as you seem to enjoy.

    Your intellectually juvenile effort to insult fails as you fail to even address the subject.

    Good luck in dealing with everyday people who don’t meet your level of expectations or aren’t as perfect as you perceive yourself.

  9. Amy –

    It is wonderful that you hold Lew Waters in such a regard that you are here to help him with improvement of enunciation and punctuation as you will also discover several of us with grammatical errors anywhere you read just about anything. Regarding your comment which states “I know you’re an old crank with a lot of complaints about the way things work here in the newfangled world, but people are more likely to take you seriously if basic grammar and spelling aren’t distracting them from your arguments.” (Sorry Lew, you know we like ya), I can’t say whether or not he’s an old crank, although he admits to the nickname…but my focus is on the second half of your statement. If that was as true as you claim, then just about anything and everything in this world shouldn’t be taken seriously. I see it on the news, in the tickers, in the newspapers, online, on sign boards…everywhere. So my advice to you is…

    Try to lighten up on the grammar police patrol. There’s far more to be concerned with rather than our punctuation and spelling…and furthermore,

    pleeze dont’ tayk mee sereeous’ly!


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