Will the Lazy C Ignore Benton – Rivers Reconciliation?

by lewwaters

Rivers-BentonIn spite of Lou Brancaccio’s many denials, the Lazy C (the Columbian) is noted for their left leaning bias, making them more of a daily newsletter for the Democrat Party than an objective newspaper in their political articles.

Very few Republicans receive much of a positive nod, especially if they are conservative Republicans and not the spineless RINO’s selling their souls to liberals on many issues of importance to us.

And yes, there are some exceptions or at least, an appearance of an exception. Senator Ann Rivers is such an exception in that they do not bash and denigrate her to the degree they have others, such as Senator Don Benton and County Commissioner David Madore.

They were real quick to jump on the disagreement and exchange of words between Senators Rivers and Benton, gleefully painting Don Benton once again as an out of control monster.

The story was picked up by AP and has spread nationwide, curious for State Senators since heated exchanges between elected officials is not uncommon and who back east cares what our legislature is doing?

But, as we all know, the Lazy C despises Senator Benton and has over many years, in large part because even though in the minority much of his career, he has been very effective in many aspects.

I don’t know exactly what occurred or why or why it was allowed to go public as it did, but as I said, such heated disagreements are not uncommon and we see that the Lazy C continues to ignore the ongoing animosity directed at Democrats Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon from their party leaders over their actually working in a bipartisan manner in the Senate.

That merits no mention in the pages of the Lazy C, but the spat between Senators Rivers and Benton merits front page news two days in a row.

But I have to wonder now whether or not they will be as quick to cover what was witnessed Saturday, June 22 at the Clark County Republican PCO meeting.

Clark County GOP

Clark County GOP photo

Clark County GOP photo

Clark County GOP photo

Clark County Politics blog http://t.co/9NvnAeLJ6o

Clark County Politics blog

As can be seen in the photos, Senators Benton and Rivers are far from the enemies ready to bury each other as the Lazy C wishes us to think.

Some comments from those who witnessed the exchange this morning;

Jim Johnson I was there for this, and can attest to the genuine and obvious good feeling passing between them.

Dennis Henry This was after a similar display in the Central Committee meeting. Well done Anne, Thank you for owning that moment. Don Gracious as ever you have earned my support, respect and good wishes.

I know both of these Senators and have a lot of admiration and respect for both. While it pained me to see this disagreement made public and taken too far, I am comforted to see they can and apparently have put it behind them and will continue to work together for what is best for Clark County, in spite of what the editors at the Lazy C want us to think.

It would be great if they went after this portion of the story with equal zeal as they did receiving word of the disagreement.

But I also believe their left-leaning bias will prevent them giving the matter the fair coverage it merits, just as I have seen them go out of their way to ignore the animosity Senators Tom and Sheldon have received all year from their own party.

The Lazy C should be ashamed to call themselves a “NEWSpaper.”

UPDATE 11:42 pm June 22, 2013: It shouldn’t surprise me, the Lazy C, likely shamed into mentioning it, buries this in the blogs, not in the paper as they did twice in bashing Benton

6 Comments to “Will the Lazy C Ignore Benton – Rivers Reconciliation?”

  1. When I cancelled my subscription a couple months ago, that’s exactly what I told them. They are an OPINIONpaper, not a NEWSpaper.

  2. “Anything to Sell the News” should be the county birdcage liner’s motto. The truth has prevailed once again.

  3. The power of the marketplace is the only thing that will force the leftist “mainstream” media to learn a valuable lesson in honestly sticking to fair and balanced reporting — something that I haven’t seen for decades….

    About the time the “activist 60’s” baby boomers started moving into their careers (in many fields) is when the trend toward “opinion” on every page, not just the editorial page began to be common place. Older reporters and editors, at least gave lip service, to the proposition that news should reflect reality rather than simply repeat ideological talking points. The (then) new generation seemed to carry the sensibility of the college demonstrations “against the establishment” as they actually entered and became “the establishment” themselves.

    I dropped my support (paid subscriptions) to almost all newspapers and magazines published by the leftist “mainstream” media around 2002 or 2003…. I had become completely fatigued with the news articles slanted in favor of leftist positions and usually giving a slap at the more conservative view, in the guise of offering “balance.” (Sorry, folks, “balance” isn’t denigrating an opposing view as you “present” it…)

    Oddly, it might seem, I’m better informed about local and national news by seeking out information and news articles online and by reading The Wall Street Journal (which has some flaws — and surprisingly, has some reporters who are trapped in leftist bias). It also helps to be sensitized to the tendency of reporters to suffer from broad based institutional bias — which is easily recognizable when you understand that it exists. When a questionable news item appears, you can seek out more direct information from both sides of the controversy (Bing or Google can help) — then one can evaluate the opposing positions against the reality as it is understood.

  4. “Will the Lazy C Ignore Benton – Rivers Reconciliation?”
    Is this a rhetorical Question?
    Does a tree falling in the middle of a dense deserted wood make a sound?–only after it becomes newsprint!

  5. Clark County is busy painting The Columbian as an Out-Of Business Monster.

  6. These two deserve to be left alone to work out any issues which may occur with regards to how one perceives legislative direction should go.

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