Updated: Lazy C Scrapes Bottom in Benton Bash

by lewwaters

Columbian FishwrapThat the Lazy C has a hate fest with State Senator Don Benton (R 17th) is well known in Southwest Washington and as much as it pains me to say, he didn’t help the cause with his public spat with fellow State Senator Ann Rivers (R. 18th) and filing a complaint against her.

Don has received little if any support over it and they did very publicly ‘bury the hatchet’ this past Saturday.

While I have no doubt feathers are still ruffled somewhat, I know of these people are professionals and understand they must work together in the Senate to reach a consensus on improving the lot of our state.

But apparently that isn’t good enough for the Benton haters down at the Lazy C who begrudgingly buried mention of the reconciliation in the online blog and not the front page as they did the spat. Nor are they willing to let it go as they continue to seek more ways to bash Senator Benton.

But either they are blind to their own hypocrisy or they failed to check into any credibility of who they chose to feature in their latest Benton attack, former State Senator Cheryl Pflug (R Sell out, 5th).

Cheryl Pflug

Cheryl Pflug

Late this afternoon they ran an article that will not surprise me to once again see on the front page tomorrow, Ex-senator: Benton’s complaint over profanity ‘height of hypocracy’ (the misspelling of ‘hypocrisy’ was later corrected after being pointed out by commenters) wherein they quote a “lobbyist who talked on condition of anonymity” and Ms. Pflug.

Now, it ordinarily wouldn’t bother me too much about using an anonymous source, but considering the animosity in SW Washington over the Columbia River Crossing light rail project, the rapidly decreasing support of it, Sen. Benton’s long opposition to the project and some extreme lobbying efforts going on as I write to entice the legislature to bury the middle class in more taxes to pay for this boondoggle, I am somewhat suspicious of this “lobbyist” who just happened to come forward to stir this up as it was dying down.

Knowing the Lazy C’s desire to be rid of Senator Benton makes me even more suspicious.

But to reach out to Ms. Pflug and run an article based on her words is the height of hypocrisy considering she must be the least credible person to ever claim to be a Republican.

If you will recall, Pflug was one of the Republicans who sold out the GOP to pass homosexual marriage through the Senate in 2012. But that is not what destroyed her credibility nor is that what shows the Lazy C scraping rock bottom with her.

No, that came a short time later with her untimely announcement of resigning her Senate Seat to take a high paying job in the Governors Administration, leaving some in the Governor’s Party claiming she was get her vote to get her vote on homosexual marriage that was heavily favored by then Democrat Governor, Christine Gregoire and the help the Democrat Party steal Pflug’s Senate seat.

Pflug filed for reelection as she normally would in May, but 3 days after the filing deadline closed, she announced her retirement from the Senate to take the job Gregoire offered her, leaving it impossible for more well known Republican to file to run for her vacated seat and giving the Democrats a distinct advantage in taking that seat. One Republican had filed, but he was a totally unknown.

Democrats ended up winning Pflug’s seat by a 9-point margin.

The questionable move by Pflug led the Washington State Wire’s Erik Smith to write,

“Cheryl Pflug’s exit from the state Senate is either the most masterful political play in recent memory or the smelliest deal since Teapot Dome.”

But, what really shows just how far down the Lazy C will reach in order to smear Benton, if you recall, when he was appointed director of environmental services, all hell broke loose with claims of he was not qualified, County Commissioner’s Madore & Mielke ignored the hiring process and one and on in condemnation after condemnation that still is ongoing after over 30 articles.

Did the Lazy C not bother to look at the hiring of Ms. Pflug?

Turning again to the Washington State Wire we read,

“A batch of documents released Monday by state Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, adds fuel to suspicions of nasty business in the 5th Legislative District this year, a story reported by Washington State Wire last week. The records, generated as a result of a public records act request to the governor’s office, don’t prove a scheme to influence an election via the gubernatorial-appointment process. But Ericksen says they’re good enough for government work. His letter to reporters says they ‘confirm corruption’.”

“The records show at the very least that the office of Gov. Christine Gregoire stretched the rules more than a tad for former state Sen. Cheryl Pflug, R-Maple Valley when she applied for a position on the state Growth Management Hearings Board. Her application was late and staffers had serious misgivings about her qualifications. At least two urged that it be spiked. But it went forward nevertheless. Among Pflug’s professional references was state Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, chairman of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee.”

“And finally, when the appointment was announced, one staffer reacted: ‘We’re doomed’.”

“Some of the more suspicious souls at the statehouse have been raising questions about the affair ever since the appointment was announced May 21. By naming Pflug to the high-paying position, the Democratic governor took an incumbent Republican out of the running for re-election and boosted the chances of Democrat Mark Mullet, an Issaquah city councilman who filed for the position. The internal emails, notes and memorandums ‘clearly show that political considerations to give the 5th District seat to Mark Mullet overrode Cheryl Pflug’s lack of qualifications to serve on the Growth Management Hearings Board,’ Ericksen says. Pflug and the governor’s office say everything is on the up-and-up.”

In simpler terms, the very things the Lazy C accused others of with the Benton hiring is what transpired with the Pflug appointment and the lazy didn’t bat an eyelid back then, only running a AP feed story mentioning some protesting over the timing an nothing about staffers complaints over lack of qualifications.

And yet, showing what hypocrites they are down at the Lazy C, they promote her view now against Senator Benton as if she has all of the credibility in the world, not mentioning once how she sold out the party she claimed, even to the point of endorsing the Democrats she resigned to give the advantage to, giving the Democrats the majority in the Senate until two Democrats joined forces in a bipartisan manner to form the Philosophical Coalition Majority to move our state forward.

The Lazy C also ignores the heavy efforts by the Democrat Party in Washington State to crucify those two as well. It’s just not “local news,” according to them.

I don’t for a fact what transpired up in Olympia, but I do know things gets heated and with what Ms. Pflug pulled, she likely made many people very angry. I don’t doubt Sen. Benton blew up and lost his temper for a moment as the article does mention deeper that he did issue her an apology.

But to now rely on her word, after she destroyed all credibility she may have ever had and to not question the motives of some anonymous lobbyist in the midst of heavy lobbying efforts to force an unwanted light rail project that voters have rejected 4 times now is reaching as low as possible, even for the Lazy C.

UPDATE: As expected, the Lazy C, after burying mention of the reconciliation in their online blog, runs this specious allegation and continuance of the Benton Bash on the front page of their Tuesday June 25, 2013 edition. And Brancaccio maintains they are not a biased newspaper for the Democrats?

2 Comments to “Updated: Lazy C Scrapes Bottom in Benton Bash”

  1. The mud is getting deeper. Chest waders aren’t going to help the daily birdcage liner any more.


  2. Yes Lew the Columbian is totally wrong in how they present the news to us.They withhold things they don’t want us to see.On the other hand Benton is not a real favorite of mine.I have heard him say and seen him do to many things over the years that I don’t agree with.But be that as it may,I do respect what he does for us as far as the CRC goes.He needs a lesson in manners.He sometimes sounds like Mike Yancey on the face book side.I would like to see more people like Pike and Rivers,they put fresh ideas and fresh air to this political game.


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