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June 27, 2013

House Passes 10.5¢ Gas Tax Increase, Dems Overjoyed at the Prospect of Bankrupting Taxpayers

by lewwaters

head_up_assAfter missing passing just yesterday, the House managed to pass their much wanted, middle class breaking 10.5¢ per gallon gas tax increase today.

How they voted;

Yeas: 51 Nays: 41 Absent: 0 Excused: 5

Voting Yea: Representatives Appleton, Bergquist, Blake, Carlyle, Clibborn, Cody, Farrell, Fey, Fitzgibbon, Freeman, Goodman, Green, Habib, Hansen, Hudgins, Hunt, Hunter, Jinkins, Kagi, Kirby, Liias, Lytton, Maxwell, McCoy, Moeller, Morrell, Morris, Moscoso, Ormsby, Orwall, Pedersen, Pettigrew, Pollet, Reykdal, Riccelli, Roberts, Ryu, Santos, Sawyer, Seaquist, Sells, Springer, Stanford, Sullivan, Tarleton, Tharinger, Upthegrove, Van De Wege, Wylie, Zeiger, and Mr. Speaker

Voting Nay: Representatives Alexander, Angel, Buys, Chandler, Condotta, Dahlquist, DeBolt, Dunshee, Fagan, Haigh, Haler, Hargrove, Harris, Hawkins, Hayes, Holy, Hurst, Klippert, Kochmar, Kretz, Kristiansen, MacEwen, Magendanz, Manweller, Nealey, Orcutt, Overstreet, Parker, Pike, Ross, Schmick, Scott, Shea, Short, Smith, Stonier, Taylor, Vick, Walsh, Warnick, and Wilcox

Excused: Representatives Crouse, Hope, Johnson, Rodne, and Takko

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