CRC and 10.5¢ Gas Tax Die

by lewwaters

CRC TombstoneGood news out of Olympia, the Senate shelves Inslee & the Democrats $10 Billion Transportation Bill

From an AP News Break: “Washington lawmakers shelved a plan Friday that would have raised the state’s gas tax in order to pay for a series of major transportation projects around the state.”

I urge as many of you as you wish to email a copy of this article to Rep. Jim Moeller and other staunch supporters who have long ignored taxpayers and voters voices.

The Lazy C got around to mentioning it late in the evening, well after other sources had reported it. While they claim that the funding is “likely dead,” a peek at the url reveals they apparently first posted it as  “CRC, Other Transport Projects Imperiled,” trying to give it an appearance of still in play.

Jim Moeller Hears the news

Jim Moeller Hears the news

We must remain vigilant, though. This will be brought back up in the future, I am sure. Update after the jump

From Jim Moeller this morning, Saturday June 29.

Moeller, Vows to fight on

8 Comments to “CRC and 10.5¢ Gas Tax Die”

  1. Now…..Will the downtown CRC office get to continue to burn thru a million dollars a month?

  2. we’ve got our ammunition all boxed up and ready, Sir

  3. Let the Anguished Whining by The Columbian begin! We’re going to Rename The Columbian – “The Whiners of Hound Fecesville” in honor of John the LiarD

  4. Let’s plan a replacement representative for our area now. I am running against Moeller still and he needs to be gone next year. It takes money and I cannot win no matter what if I have $11 grand and he spends $95 thousand. It takes money. The future is ours but it isn’t free. I’ll put my time and money into it how about all of you guys help me make the connections and get them money raised now?

  5. There was a comment on the FB side of the county birdcage liner which the man told Rep. Moeller that he knew what was going on. Sadly, his statement holds an undeniable truth. Anybody who knows anything about government and what the powers that be consider is best for our nation, you cannot deny the fact that they will step on anybody’s toes if it means fulfilling their agenda. We elect these people to do the job we expect but 99% of the time, the outcome is something unrecognizable to our expectations. The crossing will be built and yes, it will include the light rail. We’ve been able to “postpone” the intrusion of MAX into our midst…but it will come because it’s part of the master plan. Maybe not this year, the next year or even 5-10 years down the road, but they’ll get their way. History repeats itself but with added consequences. This time, it’s been $170 million+ of wasteful spending. Next time???

    THEY know now that traditional means of acquisition of funding won’t pass the voters and are running out of creative options, so it’s a sure bet the powers that be will utilize their executive powers in order to gain the funding for the loo of Portland and thrust it onto the taxpayers, the commuters, the struggling small businesses…the people. This my dear friends is our shadow government. Whatever they can do behind closed doors and timely release to the public in order to maintain that “transparency” they have conned the people into believing, they do it. It’s nothing new. It’s politics.

    Carolyn, I wish you the best in your endeavor to run against Rep. Moeller. This man’s push for uncontrolled spending habits is a prime example as to why many today are in the dire straits they are in. We need strong representation to fight the spend, spend, spend,,,”gotta have it” mentality. It’s gone on far too long.

  6. Moeller’s head is exploding as we read this. But not to worry, I’m sure he and his buddies will put it all back together and find some new way to torture local taxpayers in the name of their high-density socially engineered “vision” for Vancouver and Clark County.

  7. That’s why God made this Blog, Tom.

  8. Tom Sharples, good to know you are one of the many who know about the “Master Plan.” Definitely social engineering. A great local example which affects all taxpayers as well as the commuters of Clark County and SW Washington is with the crossing project. Another (a different subject altogether) prime example is the recent US Supreme Court ruling regarding marriage. All those people who think their marches and protests made a difference…

    They’ve been chumped…



    Yep, you’re reading it right. They’ve all been duped into thinking they made a difference, even though this was a predetermined conclusion derived by the seemingly invisible but quite evident unwritten Master Plan of Social Engineering of the human race.

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