Jim Moeller Boasts About His Cowardice

by lewwaters

How should an elected official act when a constituent seeks answers to tough issues and questions? This is how Jim “sue your constituents to invalidate their votes” Moeller (D. Portland/Vancouver) acts, even though I have resided in the 49th legislative district since 1988.

Moeller, Blocked Lew

Shouldn’t a constituent be entitled to answers from elected officials?


5 Comments to “Jim Moeller Boasts About His Cowardice”

  1. There’s a large number of reasons we can run this scam now, so in addition to being a coward, he’s just a scumbag in general.


  2. C-H-I-CK-E-N-S-H-I-T A-S U-S-U-AL-


  3. it’s “done, jim.


  4. Wow! What a tantrum thrower!


  5. For any skeptics who think I’m batting way out in left field on this, well here’s a little eye opener for you:

    Representative James Moeller (as well as other political hacks who practice elimination of comments on their public Facebook page – They will make statements on sites such as the Columbian just to stir up the dander of those who oppose them, knowing all too well they have the ability to remove or block at will. Unknowingly, some of the people who are surprised at the irresponsible statement by those in elected leadership who click “Reply,” have their comments…or better yet…the “Elected Trickster’s comments” mysteriously disappear from sites such as the C, thus resulting in making the comment by the person in opposition appear disjointed from the conversation and enhancing the Hack Job’s comment as superior and righteous. Yep…just another prime example of Bigotry and Deception at its finest!!!


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