Let’s Play Whack-A-Moeller

by lewwaters

Moeller spinMost all of us have played the game, Whack-a-Mole at one time or another. The little mole pops its head up and you try to smack it with a padded mallet before it drops back out of sight to core points.

I can’t help now but see the face of Rep. Jim Moeller (D. Portland/Vancouver) as the mole that keeps popping up and diving back down before voter smack him upside the head at the ballot box.

He talks big and often in vague terms when campaigning, admittedly hiding part of his platform from the voters to ensure he is reelected, only to then act against his constituents will and well-being, slyly letting them know he knows better and since they elected him, he is free to do as he pleases against them.

In any other district he would have been thrown out on his keester long ago, but he also know the district he decided to run in is so low-information and pro-Democrat that a road kill, dead raccoon running as a Democrat would win.

How else could such a person win 6 times after suing voters to invalidate their votes, continually impose higher taxes, even that ridiculous ‘candy tax’ he pushed through and constituents overturned at the ballot box as well as his drama laden outbursts to impose higher gas taxes, employee head taxes, license fees, tolls and more to force Portland, Oregon’s financially failing light rail into Vancouver after voters have rejected it 4 times, both in a direct vote and subsequent indirect votes.

Even within the gerrymandered sub-district created in 2005 to slip a sales tax increase in one was defeated in 2004, 2012 saw another sales tax increase to fund operations and maintenance of a proposed light rail extension go down in flames.

Moeller has played every dirty trick in the book to force light rail into Vancouver he can think of. From hissy fits to outright lies at times and misrepresentations of relevant data, he is bound and determined to burden an already struggling middle class with increased expenses to fund light rail along with a new mega-bridge to carry it in the place of the existing Interstate Bridge crossing the Columbia River.

It has been a long and contentious fight, taxpayers vs. government as government decided to ignore the will of the people as elected officials such as Moeller, former Governor Gregoire, current Governor Inslee, Vancouver Mayor’s Royce Pollard and Tim ‘The Liar’ Leavitt, County Commissioner Steve Stuart, former State Senator Craig Pridemore, current rookie State Senator Annette Cleveland, Rep. Sharon Wylie and many more squaring off against citizens to force their will upon taxpayers, completely ignoring their voices and votes.

And now, as we see the Columbia River Crossing light rail project down for a death roll, or at least falling into a deep coma, once again here comes Jim Moeller with yet another hissy fit and doing his damndest to smear fellow legislators who stood up for the taxpayer over the light rail special interests and Oregon.

As was shown late last evening, the Senate Coalition Majority through the Transportation Committee shelved the $10 Billion tax prohibitive transportation bill that would have left taxpayers on the hook for a 10.5¢ per gallon gas tax increase at a tie we once again see what we must pay for gas to go back and forth to work increasing along with several other taxes and fees aimed directly at the middle class, who can least afford those increases.

Jim Moeller is far from pleased that his constituents and taxpayers in general have been saved from such bankrupting extremes as he begins yet another campaign of lies to paint those who actually do support the middle class retaining a little bit more of their paychecks to support their own families as having, “No leadership, no vision, no ideas and no future.”

He then goes on to threaten taxpayers with, “if the critics who post here think this is the end of the CRC, they don’t know me OR the process very well.”

What power he thinks he has over the Senate ought to be interesting to see.

But, as can be seen, that middle class taxpayers now may hang onto a little more of their own paychecks deeply angers him as he rants about, “the inability of the Senate to deal with governing their caucus and a lack of vision of the Senate Republicans.”

He turns blind eye to the Senate Republicans actually responded to taxpayers, carrying out our will, not that of Portland, Oregon, that “economic powerhouse” south of us, as Jim Moeller describes it.

For some reason, Moeller is adverse to our community becoming an economic powerhouse of sorts in our own right and would rather see us shipping people, jobs and revenues south to another state.

So Moeller begins his temper tantrum with the blame game, ignoring that to taxpayers outside of the low-info voter 49th legislative district, the Senate Republicans will be receiving a large vote of thanks from struggling middle class voters still trying to dig out from this economic morass we have been in for so long.

Moeller, in his tantrum mode, surfs for whatever editorial he can find to blame Republicans, posting two and claiming, “The Senate Republicans refuse to deal with this issue or their own caucus and threaten the future of trade and very future of business in this state. They own this,” and “The Senate GOP owns this transporation problem.” (misspelling in original)

Once again ignored by Moeller, his party has had complete majority control of this state for over a decade and the Senate Majority Coalition, a bipartisan power sharing with two Democrats siding with Republicans, have only held the Senate this latest term, about 6 months.

Whack-A-MoellerNearly every legislative session we have seen taxes increase, tax increases proposed and more and more taken away from us by Democrats for transportation, education and what have you.

Everything has only gotten worse and Moeller’s answer continues to be more of the same, confiscate the paychecks of the middle class while giving them lip service of how he cares and is looking out for them, all the while hiding he is increasingly taking away from them.

But it is good, in a way, that he is playing this blame game and distancing himself far from this middle class saving effort of Republicans. He will be unable to claim any credit next election when voters begin seeing improvement in their lives and with all hopes we can now get to work on a truly representative transportation package that will actually deal with infrastructure, see a real lessening of congestion along the I-5 corridor and money spent where it actually needs to be spent, not sent to payback special interest campaign donors and wealthy fatcats hoping to grow their fortune on the backs of the middle class.

Moeller is not up for reelection until next year. Between now and then, every time he pokes his head up out of his dirt hole, we must be there and ready with our mallets, the truth, to play “Whack-a-Moeller.”

9 Comments to “Let’s Play Whack-A-Moeller”

  1. Could it be that all along, Mister Mole…er, Rep. Moeller really wanted to secure Washington’s share of taxation of the hard-working middle class…making sure that Oregon didn’t take it all???

    I’ll never be able to look at those little moles the same way again…8)

  2. If anything, Mole, err, Moeller wants to send more of our revenue to Portland.

    Perhaps he wants the credit from Portland for stripping us of more cash for them 😉

  3. Special Interests???

    Maybe he wants to bring more of Portland’s weirdness to Vancouver. Heck, we’ve got our own, here. Why would we want the weirdness of someone else, here??? We’re…Unique!!!

  4. What would hop on light rail to come over here we don’t want.

    But ultimately, as Moeller has often said, we need to be connected to “that economic powerhouse” south, never we need to create our own economic powerhouse here.

    It’s obvious that ensuring Portland is bailed out is of paramount purpose to him, screw Clark County.

    Th special interests are the manufacturers of light rail cars & equipment and the unions that will suck us dry paying their wages and benefits, just as they have with Trimet.

  5. It’s a beautiful thing! Milton-Bradley, eat your heart out!

  6. keep the tar and feathers warm for Moeller and tell your friends and neighbors to never support the Daily Dog Turd (Columbian)

  7. He has to go. I want to start a campaign with his face on a billboard asking a new tax based question every other week or so… Did you vote for the candytax? Then you voted for Jim Moeller! Drive the message home for a year!

  8. Whack a Moeller LOL too funny!
    Made me spit ice water everywhere and it went up my nose!

    Moeller needs to go bye bye! Maybe Portland would welcome him with open arms 😉

  9. Peetown would like another weirdo?

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