Election 2013: Vancouver City Council Position 3

by lewwaters

Vote 1It’s that time again, time to elect city council members for Vancouver and surrounding communities. All candidates have filed and are getting their campaigns geared up for the August primary in hopes of being one of the two chosen by the people to advance on to the general election in November.

Since I live outside the city limits, my ballot this year will be slim. I won’t get to vote for any of the city council positions so for the most part, I will remain neutral, but present my impression of the candidates seeking a return to office or hoping to replace someone.

Neutrality will not extend to the Vancouver Mayor’s race.

This initial post will concern the Vancouver City Council race for position 3, currently held by four term incumbent Jeanne Harris and those challenging her, Ann McEnerny-Ogle, Galina Burley, Frank Decker and Adam Fox. Order of listing is not by preference.

Jeanne Harris

Jeanne Harris OfficialJeanne Harris has served on the Vancouver City Council longer than anyone presently sitting on it. First appointed in 1996, she has won election to the seat she still holds 4 times and wishes to make it 5 times now.

I have to be honest and say that politically, she and I don’t agree on much and I have beat her up pretty hard in the past. But, a few weeks ago I took the opportunity and accepted her invitation to meet face to face over coffee. We still have opposing views on politics, but I can also say she isn’t the angry ogre many of us have thought since the time of her unfortunate outburst back in Sept. 2010.

She accepted the penalties and is paying the price for that incident as the Democrat Party she has strongly supported and represented over so many years sees her as a liability now and are sending their support to others, essentially pulling the rug out from underneath her feet.

She has been a strong supporter of the now defunct Columbia River Crossing light rail project, but has also supported, questioned and voted for several other projects as city council member, some even I could agree with.

She has a strong history of supporting local charities and community involvement and as said, has served on the city council now since 1996. She raised a son that has served in Iraq and has shown her self to be a supporter of Veterans. Bio & Past Campaign Site

Whether the past incidents and lack of partisan support hinder her this election is left up to the voters, but I would also say to compare her record with your own values before following the lead of the Democrat Party who sells her out after so many years of her supporting their views.

Ann McEnerny-Ogle

Anne McEnerny-OgleAnn McEnerny-Ogle is well known throughout the community for her involvement in various community functions and groups, not the least of which is her involvement with the Boy Scouts, Community Military Appreciation Committee supporting Veterans, her husband being a Vietnam Veteran.

Ann has run for the city council before, coming really close to winning, even being once endorsed by yours truly for appointment to occupy the seat vacated by then newly elected Mayor Leavitt. The seat went to Bart Hansen.

I would have to describe Ann as the most centrist of all of the candidates with a heavy focus on listening to citizens to represent the views of the community instead of dictating to them.

She has years of experience serving on various boards and commissions in Vancouver and is well known and respected in Vancouver. An accusation from the last election of her inability to work well with other people and not being recommended for reappointment is now known to be very mistaken.

Next to Jeanne Harris, Ann McEnerny-Ogle would have the most experience in community affairs related to city council.

Frank Decker

Frank Decker 2Frank Decker is a newcomer on the political scene in Vancouver and undoubtedly the most conservative of all of the candidates running for Position 3.

He claims to be a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Supply Clerk and said he has been involved as a technology teacher at the middle and high school levels.

He and his wife raised a family of three children here in Vancouver, both of their sons having served in the Military and in Afghanistan. Their daughter is raising her own family in Vancouver.

While he lacks in experience, he has gained much support from the new local Republicans desiring to see a change on the city council.

Whether that will be enough to propel him through the primary and onto the general election remains to be seen.

Galina Burley

Galina Burley CampaignGalina Burley is another political newcomer with several in the community feeling she was enlisted by Identity Clark County to try to keep this seat for CRC proponents since the initial announcement of her entry included her support of the CRC.

A direct question on her support of the now defunct project by blogger Kelly Hinton was met with a vague, non-committal reply.

Galina emigrated from Russia when she was 15 year-old in 1991. Of all of the candidates, she not only witnessed first-hand the oppression of socialism, but lived under it.

I sat down with her to a few weeks ago, but was disappointed our time was cut short and we didn’t get to discuss more about the issues of concern to her. In fact, we discussed very little about issues with my largest concern being a statement she makes on her Issues Page, “I commit to making the City of Vancouver a model of: ‘Equitable access to prosperity for all its citizens’.”

I was assured she does not mean socialism as she spoke of how her family arrived with on $50, but through hard work are now living the American Dream. Still, maybe it’s just me, but the wording disturbs me since every one of us already has all of the access to prosperity we are willing to work for.

Galina is employed by Clackamas County in Oregon and was previously employed by the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement and more recently the City of Norfolk, Virginia as a Community Outreach Manager.

She and her husband are raising three daughters in Vancouver and she appears to have the support of many members of Identity Clark County and the local Democrats.

Her ex-husband has recently raised several allegations against her, questioning her candidacy.

Adam R. Fox

Adam FoxAdam Fox seems to be running a stealth campaign as there is very little know about or heard from him. In fact, next to nothing is being heard from him and his name isn’t even appearing in the Public Disclosure Commission files yet.

There hasn’t been anything added to his “official Facebook page for his 2013 bid” since shortly after being created in May.

The main political experience he claims is, “having worked as a fundraiser and organizer with several organizations locally, including Volunteers of America Oregon InAct, the Sharon Wylie/C-Tran campaign, Fund For the Public Interest, OSPIRG, and WSUV’s River Cities Anthropological Society.”

Obviously a liberal, I am left to wonder just how serious he is about seeking public office since we hear nothing from him or his campaign.

Voters in Vancouver have some choices to make for this position. To the best of my ability this is what I have gleaned from each candidate. Who wins in August and which two advance to the November general is in your hands,

I urge each of you to check each of the candidates out, visit their websites, attend campaign events and maybe invite them to speak before whatever group you may belong with and listen to where they stand.

Let’s be informed voters this time and know who is being elected and where they will take us.

10 Comments to “Election 2013: Vancouver City Council Position 3”

  1. Did you ask Galina how she paid for her college education?


  2. It should be noted that Frank Decker is the only candidate that has been straight-forward with every group he meets about his opposition to the CRC and Trimet’s light-rail system being shoved into Clark County.

    Anne McEnerny has avoided taking a position on the CRC and light-rail even though she has been hard pressed at neighborhood association meetings and interviews with the Columbian to explain where she really stands. Seems like she wants to play both sides, avoid real decisions and potentially collude with the power-brokers. Not what most of us want to see on the Vancouver Council as we have too much of that already.

    Galina Burley is a CRC advocate and surrogate of the Leavitt backing group Identity Clark County that for too long has run counter to the interests of Clark tax payers.


  3. Nobody has publicly announced plans to challenge Burkman, a retired Hewlett-Packard engineer elected in 2009 after earlier serving on the council from 1998 to 2001.


  4. Actually, Roland, 3 people filed to oppose Burkman.

    I’ll be writing on them in the days ahead as well as those opposing Jeanne Stewart.


  5. IT is really simple, if you cannot state you are against the CRC, then you are for it. Hedging and hawing don’t cut it. From what I see there is only one person in this race opposed to the CRC, and raising a family here is participation in the community. From my conversations with him he is a sober and thoughtful man, with a quick wit, willing to hear opposing voices and accepting logically made opposing argument. To my mind there is nothing more that needs saying.


  6. thanks for this article. I am pro-lightrail. had a devil of a time getting exact clarity from other online article/interviews. I am for our children and a brilliant and progressive Vancouver. Sticking with Harris here–no wringing the conservatively fiscal hanky in my house. Too bad some Donkeys have flaked out on her. Man up and quit whining, pack-haulers with hooves. Carry the load and shut up. Build the damn lilght rail and pay for it like the future matters more than your next zero-fat latte.


  7. No surprise that we disagree on light rail, Holly, why I support a vote of the county.

    But I completely agree with you on the Dems “flaking out” on her.

    Regardless of what any of us think of her, she deserves better from them since she has supported them for so long.


  8. Thought I’d mention Galina almost answered my question regarding her education financing. She couldn’t exactly remember whether or not she got special government grants for immigrants or not she said. However she says she has an $80k student loan and is only paying $400 per month towards it. At that pace she ought to have it paid off about the time she is pushing up daisies. It leaves me concerned as to how she would handle city financial budget issues. I am not one for over extending debt into the outer space zone forcing young adults to ride the trolley rather than get a car because hey cannot afford the taxes we levy on them and thrive in their own future dreams at the same time.
    I have issues with Harris in that her pet area of desire this last fours years at least has been to support and advocate for things that force behavioral changes on what are free people. I remember her comments about not wanting to wake up one morning and finding that her neighbor had taken up pig farming so that is why she was for tighter coding and zoning regulations without any grandfathering clauses. She squealed like the pig stuck by the spit for the grill when she got smoking bans passed and altered what we are allowed to do in our parks through the new ordinance they passed. I do not like people butting into telling other people how to live.
    If I could vote I’d vote for Frank or Anne with the only concern on Anne being her desire to see BRT in Vancouver.


  9. Record shows Mrs. Burley and her husband William Burley filled for bankruptcy last year, how does she plan to handle city’s budgets if she couldn’t handle her own family finances?


  10. Everything will come out in it’s due time 😉


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