Open Letter to SW Washington

by lewwaters

Submitted by Professor Robert Dean

Professor Dean, known for his contributions to this community in bringing issues to light that helped bring about the demise of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project now writes an open letter to our legislators addressing, “what should we do now.”

An open letter to all the brave and clear-thinking elected representatives of SW Washington who stood up to the pro-CRC juggernaut and brought it to its knees. We thank you!

Some were clearly on the front lines taking the barbs from the Columbian and threats from formerly faithful, though self-interested, contributors.

Others did your part simply by refusing to join the majority and so denying them the constitutional super-majority needed to enslave us further.

But, in the end, it was the awakened majority of citizens here at home that defeated the monster. Let it be known – any local contribution requires local approval. If not by law – then de facto!

This is not the end, though. The problems are still there. The two Columbia River crossings remain a choke point to West Coast commerce. Let’s get to work and fix it.

Yes, self-interested special interested “stakeholders” hijacked the last effort. But, not all who worked on the project were crooks. For all the tens of $millions that were squandered there was good work done by the majority of dedicated, honest and knowledgeable engineers who worked on the project in some capacity.

Let’s investigate. Let’s find out how the $170 million was spent and salvage what we can. If there was criminal intent, prosecute. If there was excellence, reward it – bring those people back and start over with new assumptions.

For us, our work is just starting, too. We need new representatives on the city councils who will instinctively listen to the voters instead of having to be cajoled. Tim Leavitt, Larry Smith, Jeanne Harris and Jack Burkman have to go.

With new boards controlling RTC and C-Tran, planning can re-commence for the third and fourth crossings – this time with a Locally Preferred Alternative approved by the local voters.

Robert Dean

11 Comments to “Open Letter to SW Washington”

  1. Thank you for your efforts, Robert – the endangered Hummingsquirrels are proud of you, too.

  2. As others have mentioned before me….thanks to you as well, Professor!!! It definitely was a community effort (even stretching as far as the East Coast…8))…).

    Endangered Hummingsquirrels??? Jack, I enjoy your humor!

  3. Thanks for publishing this, Lew! I actually sent it to you as an expression of our thanks to you. You have been the main counterpoint to the Lazy C for so long we tend to take you for granted. I see the Oregonian is going all on-line now, too, so you know you have had a huge effect in influencing local opinion.

    Steve Stuart once said the closer we get to actual construction the harder it becomes (to rip off the taxpayers). He said the Devil is in the details. He was right, but unless people are informed they will not interfere.

    The Lazy C, itself, commissioned a poll that found the more people learned about the CRC light rail project the less they supported it. If you had not steadily applied your astute perception to every planned concoction of the pro-CRC crowd the people would never have known how it was they came to be bankrupt. They certainly would not have risen up in such numbers that even the Washington Senate had to take notice.

  4. Endangered Hummingsquirrels can only survive in this “fine Scottish weather,”Goldie.the little critters must be “finely roasted.

  5. Endangered Hummingsquirrels like lots of Beer in this hot weather.

  6. Jack, do they have their own little red..solo..(plastic)…cups???

  7. no, they drink out of beer cans

  8. Thank you so much Robert and Lew for getting the truth out to the thinking people who care about Clark County.

  9. Too bad Paul Montague can’t be put to a vote.

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