Hitler Finds Out the CRC is Dead

by lewwaters

6 Comments to “Hitler Finds Out the CRC is Dead”

  1. Too funny!

  2. So fantastic! Thank you!!!

  3. Well down Lew 👏👏👏👏

  4. And the Academy Award for best picture goes to Lew Waters!!

  5. Lew…

    Your creative mind is prevailing, as usual!!! What was said in jest has too many underlying truths to the point that in all honesty…makes this video even more sobering (Hitler for one…there’s no need to say what was sobering about that ******** (insert expletive) and the high likelihood of local leadership corruption which may soon surface for the other). Although the union members fought for what they believed was the truth told to them by the words of the people who promoted the CRC, the fact was…the CRC would have hired outsiders to come in and do the job. Very few locals who were highly capable to do the job would have received a temporary job status with this project. What tarnished the unions in the public eye was their rude shout outs, drowning out and belittling of those who opposed the project was far too evident and did not work in their best interests, even though the people they supported had asked for everyone to refrain from such behavior. The local union people would have gotten the shaft and that wouldn’t have been a pretty picture for union supporters or our community. For far too long, we have been lied to…swindled by the people in charge of the entire operation. What makes the hardworking union members think they weren’t lied to???

    Those in favor of the killed CRC design need to pick up their losses, stop the blame game and start working together with the commuters and the voters and improve OUR county as well as any arterials coming into or leaving our fine region.

  6. Like Hitler those proponents of the CRC were doomed to fail. Like Hitler they were capable of causing great harm and financial ruin. Like the people of the many countries who rose up against Hitler we have prevailed! Never say it is done though… we still see many traits of Hitler running around in the world, some right here in Vancouver as witnessed by this little spoof. Thanks Lew!

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