Liberal Goes Bezerk in Parking Lot

by lewwaters

Another idiot liberal ranting and verbally attacking people she doesn’t know because of them sitting in a Diesel Truck, idling.

4 Comments to “Liberal Goes Bezerk in Parking Lot”

  1. FAT, DUMB LIBERAL BITCH needed a knuckle sandwich


  2. She was definitely out of line and should have gone elsewhere. Hopefully the wife was on the phone with 911. This lady was about to go berserk. Does she think because she has a Prius, that she isn’t affecting the ozone layer herself? There’s other sources you know, lady.

    My two cents – I note the comment made by the maker of this video that they had the engine running and air on for the children who suffer from allergies yet the child was hanging out the window, breathing the same air the woman was complaining about. I never saw the diesel exhaust she complained about, though.


  3. Kendra Reed told Scottsdale police Talkington grabbed her buttocks while she was standing near her car in the parking lot of a Basha’s market near Thompson Peak and Scottsdale Roads about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.


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