Election 2013: Vancouver City Council Position 2

by lewwaters

Vote 1Continuing in an assessment of candidates vying for Vancouver, Washington City Council, Position 2 now merits a look.

Position 2 is currently held by Jeanne E. Stewart, undoubtedly the single most centrist person sitting on the council. She is being challenged by 2 political novices, Alisha Topper and Ty Stober, both relatively unknown.

Admittedly, neither of the candidates has reached out to me as did others I have blogged about, but I have talked with Ms. Stewart in the past. My views of her challengers are based upon their web sites and news articles.

Again, in no order of preference,

Jeanne E. Stewart

Jeanne StewartMs. Stewart was first elected to the Vancouver City Council in 2001, defeating Alex Veliko by nearly 20% in the final count. She ran and again won in 2005, defeating challenger Eric Olmsted by an even wider margin, approaching 30%.

As noted above, she is without a doubt the single most centrist member of the city council, thoughtfully considering constituents viewpoints she hears in her interactions with citizens throughout the city.

It was Jeanne E. Stewart who correctly assessed the public mood in 2010 concerning lumping a vote to increase sales taxes to fund operations & maintenance for light rail into a sales tax increase to fund C-Tran and voted against fellow council members on the C-Tran Board, resulting in her being ousted from the board in what can only be described as a tantrum thrown by sleazy mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt.

Within a few month, council adopted the very position they ousted her for.

Soft spoken, she is a woman who strives to actually represent citizen concerns over the often unrealistic desires of former mayor Royce Pollard and current mayor Leavitt.

Until the election of Council Member Bill Turlay, she often sat as the lone voice of reason and sanity against the now defunct Columbia River Crossing light rail project.

More than any other city council member, her 8 years on the Vancouver City Council is marked by placing citizens above the often unreasonable demands and positions of the city council that would further burden Vancouver residents.

Alisha Topper

Alisha Topper 1Ms. Topper is a newcomer with no tangible political experience seen, although she claims, “As a citizen, I serve on the governing boards of the Columbia Credit Union, Columbia Springs Environmental Education Center, Vancouver’s Downtown Association, and the Rotary Club of Vancouver Metro Sunset.”

This is her first time running for public office with her Issues page largely describing her as “YES” for whatever city council has proposed in the past, regardless if citizens can afford the taxes to pay for it all or not.

Craftily avoiding mentioning a position on the recently killed Columbia River Crossing light rail project, her list of endorsements is a in part a Who’s Who of CRC supporters, Identity Clark County and most notably, former Mayor Royce Pollard, who in the past refused to endorse any candidate unless they signed a paper swearing support of the bankrupting project that would force Vancouver and Clark County to accept Portland, Oregon’s financially failing light rail, even though it has been defeated numerous times by vote.

Her Public Disclosure Commission report indicates strong support from those members of the community who worked diligently over the years to force the boondoggle on Vancouver Citizens.

Before announcing they would not actually endorse nonpartisan candidates, Ms. Topper was one of two under consideration for partisan endorsement by the Clark County Democrat Party, the incumbent declining partisan endorsement from either party.

Although she lists her High School teaching assistant for special needs students, membership in Future Farmers of America, cheerleading, track and field participation and employment with the Fort Vancouver National Trust, her resume’ is lacking in actual public service or political experience.

Ty Stober

49th Ty StoberAlthough his second try for public office, abandoning his 2012 effort to run for the State Senator seat vacated by 49th Legislative District Democrat Craig Pridemore to promote homosexual marriage, Ty Stober is another political novice with little experience claimed, other than serving to promote homosexual special interests.

His issues page is a masterpiece of vagueness, touting “a vision for a prosperous and inclusive Vancouver” with no specifics.

Without actually mentioning it, he craftily uses language seen over the years by blind supporters of the no dead CRC light rail project.

His endorsement page is a Who’s Who of the Democrat Party and homosexual activists, understandable since he ran as a Democrat in 2012.

He also lists no public experience representing citizens other than promoting homosexual special interests.

These are your choices for Vancouver City Council Position 2 this election. There was another person who filed, but they dropped out early since it appeared they filed to run for city council to oppose County Commissioner David Madore and no other reason.

At the risk of being accused of endorsing, to me the choice would be simple if I were permitted to vote in city council races. An incumbent, who has faithfully served the public on the city council for 8 years, or one of two newcomers, neither with any political experience and both showing allegiance to special interests.

11 Comments to “Election 2013: Vancouver City Council Position 2”

  1. I would definitely endorse Jeanne Stewart as the most informed and studied council member we have. A strong and intelligent woman whose soul absolutely goes to the core of what she believes is best for the city residents not special interest groups. Someone to appreciate for sure.

  2. Vancouver City Councilor Jeannie Stewart has always acted with the highest integrity. For example, she declined a campaign donation by Waste Connections due to a potential conflict of interests in her role as councilor approving or disapproving of a contract with them as well as her role on another waste advisory board. Meanwhile, “Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt has accepted at least $3,650. Former mayor Royce Pollard approved prior contracts and also enjoyed generous donations. Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Harris accepted $3500, and Councilor Larry Smith received $1950.” http://couv.com/community/waste-connections-inc-lobby-for-local-campaigns

  3. The LWV and the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Candidates’ Forum on Thursday, July 11 at the downtown library. It’s a good chance to meet the candidates and hear what they have to say based on questions asked. I am the moderator for the event. The event opens at 6 p.m. and the forum starts at 6:30 p.m.

  4. There are actually several events scheduled Thursday evening, although this particular one you mention addresses city council candidates.

    I’ve attended most forums put on by LWV, but also prefer hearing their views on other matters that may give more insight into their intent.

    I especially appreciate the forums now being filmed by CVTV.

    Still, in this race, it’s going to be difficult to stand up to 8 years of faithful service to the community by two novices, even if special interests prefer the only true centrist on the city council be replaced by someone more aligned to the special interest.

    For future reference, Carol, if you are going to include a link back to your business, I prefer the business actually be located in Vancouver or Clark County and not Portland. Thank you.

  5. Supporting and with the support of other thinking counsel members Jeannie Stewart’s ethics are flawless, she has shown publicly that she is there in the interest of the citizens, and not special interests.

  6. The most recent election was on November 19, 2011. All Vancouver councillors are elected at-large , which is very unusual for a city of Vancouver’s size. A proposal to move to a conventional ward system was rejected by voters in an October 17, 2004 referendum.

  7. Gregor Robertson continues to build upon the accomplishments of his first three years in office: ending street homelessness; addressing housing affordability; improving public transit; making Vancouver the greenest city in the world.

  8. Vancouver taxpayers can expect to see many of these costs passed onto them. Vancouver is identified as the most liveable city in the world according to the latest annual ranking compiled by the Economist magazine. The Economist emphasizes “Cities that score best tend to be mid-sized cities with a relatively low population density.” The Economist goes on to say that Low density often fosters a broad range of recreational availability without leading to high crime levels or overburdened infrastructure. Low density in Vancouver will not be the norm for long. This is because city council has rezoned 94% of Vancouver residential properties to allow for the construction of laneway housing and over time this will significantly increase density while destroying single family neighbourhoods. Please see the Dunbar Residents Association newsletter that highlights the death of single family neighbourhoods. In 2006, Toronto ceased their laneway housing program (except under special circumstances are permits given). All of our concerns are the same concerns listed in the Toronto Staff Report that led to the end of their Laneway House program as their City Council could see the inevitable problems. Somehow our City Council doesn’t want to open their eyes to our concerns so please join us in getting that message to them.

  9. While I appreciate comments from our neighbors to the north, I need to let ya’ll know this is about Vancouver, Washington, USA, not Vancouver B.C. in Canada.

  10. my family and i are definitely voting for Stewart

  11. Already voted, Stewart it is!

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