An Acquittal, Race-Baiting and Lynch Mob Hysteria

by lewwaters

Lynching 3It comes as little surprise to see George Zimmerman acquitted of the charges of second degree murder and manslaughter in the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida last year. From day one, the evidence to support such an allegation just wasn’t there and none presented during the trial did anything to disprove Zimmerman’s claims.

My initial concerns of him receiving a fair trial were in the forefront of my thoughts during the trial, seeing many from the judge going in favor of the prosecution, but in the end, justice prevailed and Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges.

At least, in a court of law he was acquitted. A heavily biased media whipped the Black Community and Liberals into a frenzy since they first made the case national news, editing audio to make Zimmerman sound racist, portraying Martin as an innocent 12 year-old simply buying Skittles and even trying to portray Zimmerman as White, changing that label to White Hispanic when his true ethnicity came out.

We even recently were informed of the Department of Justice, under Barack Obama and Eric Holder lent a hand in organizing and carrying out protests in Sanford, Florida once the Police initially determined Zimmerman acted within the law, defending himself.

Few people are falling for the claim the DOJ was in Sanford, Florida to “keep the peace.”

Thanks to the efforts of race baiters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the lamestream media, the NAACP, the New Black Panthers and Barack Obama claiming “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon, George Zimmerman was quickly convicted in the court of public opinion last year, enraging some now that the courts, viewing the actual evidence and not race-baiting hysteria acquitted him on all counts.

Word was quick to come out of Washington D.C. of the Department of Justice is “weighing a civil rights case” against Zimmerman, responding to pressure from the NAACP and ignoring that in the initial investigation, the FBI found no evidence of racism on George Zimmerman’s part.

This is the same NAACP that is outraged over a Black woman in Houston, Texas being indicted for shooting and killing an unarmed White man over a minor traffic accident with conflicting claims of just what led up to the shooting.

Many legal experts are questioning just why he was prosecuted in the first place given that the original prosecutor saw the case was weak and evidence supported Zimmerman’s claims, not those of a grieving family or the race baiters and especially not the false narrative created by what I label the ‘lamestream media’ eager to sell copy at any cost with no regard of harm to others.

What really should be considered is just why this was even a national story and just why are many up in arms over the rightful verdict?

Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is not unique and in fact, the Black woman mentioned above is basing her actions on the same sort of law.

The Tampa Bay Times in Florida maintains a page of cases where Stand Your Ground has been used as a defense and show that it was justified 73 times, before and after the Zimmerman trial.

From a variety of cases, we see Black on Black, Black on White, White on White, White on Black and Hispanics as victims as well as shooters in a mix of cases.

Yet, only one case, the Trayvon Martin case, rises to national prominence and enrages people across the nation because the law saw the justice was to acquit the shooter?

Protesters, carrying signs like “When Will We Be Seen as Human” who never bat an eyelid at the massive numbers of young Blacks shot to death in major cities like Chicago on a daily basis wail as if life as they knew is over, even though they never met, never knew and likely would not have given Trayvon time of day had they met him on the street.

Zimmerman Protest, Human

Surely they would not have been outraged had he been shot to death by another Black person as we see so often in our large cities.

Trayvon is just a tool for a much larger agenda now as we see incidents of unrest breaking out and malcontents using him to call on death to others they seem to hate. Admitted Communist Van Jones even enters the fray by comparing Trayvon to Martin Luther King Jr. in a created image.

Not addressed by any of the race-baiters or protesters is the actual evidence, relying instead of the racially biased reporting of the lamestream media who reported it wrong all along, no one ever asking why, if Trayvon was merely walking home after buying his Skittles and Iced Tea, why was he off the sidewalk in a neighborhood unfamiliar to him, where he was visiting his father after being suspended from school for multiple reasons and apparently walking in between homes in the neighborhood, as first described in Zimmerman’s initial 911 call.

Left out too was Zimmerman, after being told it wasn’t necessary to pursue Trayvon as he reportedly ran away, being attacked by Trayvon as Zimmerman stopped the pursuit and was walking back towards his truck. Apparently, Trayvon, who we learned through prosecution testimony, saw Zimmerman as a “crazy assed cracker” doubled back to confront Zimmerman, striking him first and knocking him to the ground, punching him in the face and pounding his head against the concrete sidewalk.

In spite of initial denials, it did come out that the autopsy showed show injuries to Trayvon’s knuckles indicating he was indeed striking Zimmerman, supported by photographs of injuries to Zimmerman’s face and back of his head.

None of the race-baiters or protesters address any of the actual evidence, instead they listen to race-baiter extraordinaire Al Sharpton as he whips them into a frenzy with his call of “We Won’t Stop Until Justice Is Served,” while not granting any justice whatsoever to George Zimmerman, who is now a marked man with many calls of “Kill Zimmerman” heard.

Race-baiters have latched onto this case to further drive divisions between the people of this country and even appear to want major race riots between Whites and Blacks where the only possible winners can be the race-baiters and politicians who have long wanted to change our country from a freedom based Republic into a Socialist Oligarchy.

Anarchists’ are using it to call for mayhem and even killing of Police as they perform their duties.

In the end, there is no justification for the outrage, the unrest or even the continued persecution of a man who wanted to see burglaries stop in his neighborhood and who defended himself from what appears to have been a cocky teenager out of control with testosterone, thinking he was invincible (as many of us also once did) and chose the wrong person to attack, like many others did in the Tampa Bay Times page linked above.

The young lady mentioned above from Houston is entitled to her day in court as is the dead man’s family.

But like in the Zimmerman case, even though he never should have been prosecuted, let the evidence speak, not race-baiters or the agenda driven politicians who have tried to capitalize on the Zimmerman case.

Above all, we better find a way to shut out these hot heads and race hucksters promoting this division among us and come back together like we tried to do back in the 1960’s before they saw a way to build their own wealth by misinforming people and causing unnecessary unrest.

7 Comments to “An Acquittal, Race-Baiting and Lynch Mob Hysteria”

  1. There’s money in race-baiting – ask Sharpton, Jackson, and the NAACP about how much their bottom line has benefitted from the death of Trayvon Martin. There are electoral votes in race-baiting – Barack Obama would be able to inform you on that.

  2. 1. It is wrong to mix politics with justice. The mess that the “professional liberals” have created by mixing these elements is becoming obvious and will become more so as the number of protests and riots continue over the next couple of weeks or more. The politicians on both the left and the right know that politicizing the justice system — especially the criminal laws — is an unwise action. But the temptation to turn this page 6 incident into a “national story” of racism was simply too great for those who are trying to impose a politically correct agenda on the rest of us.

    2. Never let a good crisis to to waste. The professional liberals want to create some sort of crisis that would require political intervention (exactly what is unclear at this point — but Mr. Obama has called for “gun control for the sake of Trayvon” …)

    I suspect that the silent majority can see the realities of this case … and even reading the often biased reporting on the trial, it was pretty clear that the evidence supported Zimmerman’s claims — or, at the very least, did not “prove beyond a reasonable doubt” that Zimmerman had fulfilled the required elements to be guilty of either murder or manslaughter.

    This presents a problem for the professional liberals. They now have very worked up mobs that will, no doubt be used to justify further erosion of individual rights — and that’s what this is really about. The effort of the left to quash individual rights and make individuals subservient to the “good of the community.”

    We are well down the road to serfdom… This “crisis” will be used to push us a little further along.

  3. This is sad and it is scary. Two human beings and their family lives are changed forever. No amount of screaming and rhetoric from either side will solve that. No justice has been done only threats and hate spewed. I want my country back.

  4. Unwilling to accept the verdict of a jury of peers, the politically motivated prosecution helped install, the administration is now seeking to involve itself in Florida’s laws. Not through the regular time tested means of challenging the constitutionality of a law when a case shows itself, but through a civil rights review of Florida’s stand your ground law. This is not how the system inspired by a recognition of individual rights and liberty, designed and debated by Jefferson. Madison, Hamilton, Adams and Monroe. is supposed to operate.

    Not only has the president shown himself to not be at all interested in operating within Constitutionally mandated limitations of presidential authority, he has show himself to be at odds with the very document he three times affirmed to protect and defend. This sham trial is little more than an excuse to grab more power for the federal government and disarm the population both actually and intellectually.

  5. How are things going on your side of the river, what with this being the 6th day since the verdict? Any lynchings yet? Seems to be quiet here, but could just be the calm before the storm. Like you, I expect this could blow at any time. Keep us informed.

  6. So far it’s fairly quiet here, I haven’t heard of anything happening here in Clark County.

    Seattle & Portland saw some unrest, but nowhere near the scale seen in some other larger cities.

    The media and the race baiters are not giving in, though. They’re still out there trying to tie this case to any an everything they can to whip up unrest.

  7. Obama needs to keep his damned mouth shut it’s obvious that he’es trying tostart a huge race war.

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