UPDATED: Why Politics Is Called A Blood Sport

by lewwaters

Brass KnucklesOnce again we see confirmation of the old Aneurin Bevan quote, “Politics is a Blood Sport” in the Vancouver City Council campaign for position 3, currently held by Jeanne Harris.

While it is clear that the Lazy C is going to throw their support wholly behind newcomer, Galina Burley, evidenced by their usual reporting more favorable over other candidates, including the other candidate endorsed in this primary, challenger Anne McEnerny Ogle.

Burley, along with the challengers in the position 2 position currently held by Jeanne E. Stewart are both heavily supported by downtown special interests, Identity Clark County members, Democrat Party members, all strong supporters of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project that by all appearances, they hope to soon resurrect.

I met Burley briefly and although she was short on discussing issues with me, found her to be a pleasant person. But apparently, not everybody agrees, evidence by comments left under the editorial endorsing her and McEnerny Ogle today by one of her ex-husbands, Andrey Boyechko (I’m told she is on her third marriage, not uncommon today. My apologies if that is incorrect).

The Lazy C deleted this little exchange including a reply by Vancouver city council member Jack Burkman, also up for reelection this year.

Burley ex comment 1

“Galina burley recently lied saying that Marsha manning was working for the news and wanted us to send her anything we have on any of her opponents to get them exposed and in trouble, we later find out that Marsha is burleys treasury person, burley also threatened to sue everyone who talks about her, she only forgot that being a public figure means public!”

Mr. Boyechko returned and admitted to Mr. Burkman that he indeed is Galina Burley’s ex-husband in the following comment.

Burley ex comment 2

Then he left the following very accusatory comment

Burley ex comment 3

I’ve never met Boyechko nor have I seen the emails he mentions and have no idea who all he will send them out to. I can’t help but believe sending them to Stephanie Rice at the Lazy C will only see them picked apart or cast aside as “not newsworthy” given she has been selected as the one this election.

So, I cannot vouch for the veracity of a single claim made, but if I do receive the emails, they will be posted in their entirety for voters to make an informed judgment on who to vote for.

As I have previously said, I can’t vote in the city elections since I am outside the city limits and will not endorse candidates, but will try to bring as much factual information as I can to the table on each.

Boyechko is correct that many will assume he is just “talking crap about her,” especially among strong supporters. But others may see something that rings a bell in the selection.

Many will just ignore it altogether, which is their right.

I do not write this to sway your vote, but only to make available what has been said since I know many ignore comments left and the Lazy C itself, given their bias.

But, you must have all of the information at your hands that you desire if we expect to see any real improvements in city government.

Whether the allegation made by her ex is true or not remains to be seen. But too, it is not uncommon for a candidate’s campaign trying to dig up dirt on opponents ends up exposing their own dirt. For her part, Galina is free to counter or correct as she deems necessary, in comment, email, flyer or speech.

From where I sit, this appears to be a very entertaining campaign this year.

To Galina Burley I can only say, welcome to American politics. It really is a blood sport.

UPDATE: Mr. Boyechko left more comments about his ex-wife before the Lazy C chose to completely delete all of his comments.

Burley ex comment 4-a

While his words are not very kind, I am taken aback that the Lazy C chooses to completely delete his comments considering they have never deleted any such comments before if made against elected leaders such as County Commissioner David Madore, State Senator Don Benton or even County Commissioner Tom Mielke.

Regardless of what thinks of the comments, that the paper shows now they will not permit negative comments against Galina Burley, after years of not only allowing, but engaging in negative comments themselves against other elected officials points directly to favoritism and media bias.

Even though these allegations remain unconfirmed, it is the voters right to hear them and if Mr. Boyechko or Ms. Burley chooses to provide any documentation concerning the allegations, they will be posted in their entirety.

But, the selective deletions by the Lazy C after turning a blind eye to comments made against others reeks of bias and favoritism on their part.

4 Comments to “UPDATED: Why Politics Is Called A Blood Sport”

  1. Take a look at Alisha’s and Gslina’s PDC reports – they are taking lots of money from the light rail, bridge tolls, tax favoritism crowd. Ty too, to a lesser extent.

    This needs to be headlined, they owe too much to the ruling clique. Maybe shills would be an appropriate term.



  2. Leavitt, Alicia, and Galina all have the big names from the CRC and democrats on their PDC reports. Burkman as well to a smaller degree. I see Ty has a lot of out of state donors which I thought was weird but perhaps not if his friends are more dispersed and his local connections are much less impressed.


  3. who posted this? who should I send the emails to? i am preparing things and plan to send things out after the primary election, email me at aboyechko@live.com


  4. You do realize that Elie Kasaab has the campaign signs for these people on his property at Mill Plain. You know the one that he bought for developing high density mixed use housing along light rail lines from the Burgerville. Yeah, it is the same one that he got tax abatements from the city council on. Yes, Elie contributed huge chunks this time around to the “picked favorites” of the elite shadow government here in town. Jack Burkman is raking in the chits for his poliical favors on voting for Elie to get richer!


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