A History Lesson for Rep Jim Moeller

by lewwaters

In typical Rep. Jim “sue your constituents to invalidate their votes,” Moeller (D. Portland/Vancouver) fashion, once again he shows his total lack of knowledge in encouraging a boycott of the coming Moscow Winter Olympics for Russia’s stand on homosexuals.

Moeller, Olympics Boycott

For Jim’s information, 1974 was the year Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace and Gerald Ford became president, only to be defeated by Jimmy Carter in the 1976 election.

Carter was inaugurated in January 1977.

He initiated a boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, not over “basic civil rights,” but due to Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 to urge them to leave the country, which they did not do until 1989, some 10 years later.

That boycott failed and saw the Soviet Union boycott the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles out of revenge.

Either Moeller is ignorant of historical facts, which is very likely, or more likely is another liberal trying to rewrite history to suit his pro-homosexual agenda since the facts are easily found: http://history.state.gov/milestones/1977-1980/Olympic

7 Comments to “A History Lesson for Rep Jim Moeller”

  1. Perhaps we could have professor Robert Dean tutor/teach Jim about history.


  2. Rep. Moeller could care less about the truth, or facts, he has a 1 track mind on his homosexual



  3. Not the first time he has altered the truth to suit himself.


  4. Moeller appeals purely to the “low-information voter” in his district. He know they won’t bother fact-checking, and counts on that to get re-elected despite his outrageous and repeated anti-voter behavior.


  5. Lindsay Graham continues to anger me — does he stop for one minute to think that there is a bunch of young people who have dedicated years of their lives preparing for this once in a lifetime event? Boycotting the Olympics is stupid. Obviously there are extreme circumstances that would justify it, but tit-for-tat spy games led by an incompetent man-cub president and “with friends like these” Senators all offended that Putin is chuckling at us? They are self-centered narcissistic boobs. Moeller? Maybe we should send him to DC. With such ignorance and arrogance, he would fit right in.


  6. 1. My guess is that Moeller’s trying (in typical leftinista fashion) to re-write history to support his own narrow-minded agenda. Really, he can’t be that dumb can he?

    2. I hadn’t heard that Graham was trying to ‘punish’ the Russians for The Snowden Affair, but he is kind of dumb so I’m not surprised.


  7. Self-delusion IS a major part of the fringe-left meme. So is incompetence. Molehill scores high in both categories.

    Memo to Jim: I just love cruising over our already paid for, loot-rail free bridge. You know, the one that we cracked your political skull with?


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