Agenda Bias in Lazy C’s City Council Endorsements

by lewwaters

Boris ColumbianThe Columbian, or the Lazy C as I prefer to label them due to their ineffectual, biased reporting when it comes to politics is once again letting their bias show in their choice of who they endorse in Vancouver City Council races, misleading voters into voting for more of the same is change.

In spite of their admonition of “Remember, endorsements are opinions, nothing more,” it is very clear that they desire to rebuild a strong pro-CRC city council, seeing how the voters have trended towards candidates who are more responsive to their concerns over blindly supporting the not as dead as we think CRC light rail project.

The election of David Madore and reelection of Tom Mielke to the Clark County Commission has sent a shockwave through the editors, reaching an insane level of desperation after they hired 17th district Republican state senator Don Benton to become Clark County’s director of environmental services. The carefully constructed empire built by the ‘downtown mafia’ and Identity Clark County was beginning to crumble.

Previously, in spite of their opposition to and efforts at demeaning, Bill Turlay was elected to the City Council by a respectable margin in 2011 in part due to his opposition to the then thriving CRC project and his willingness to listen to and act according to constituent wishes in such important matters.

Similar elections in the state legislature foreshadowed the demise of the CRC and other more Progressive agenda matters.

Apparently, seeing the bulldozing efforts being brought to a screeching halt, something must be done to reignite the agenda over citizens concerns.

That effort has seen a slew of articles and editorial denigrating, smearing and ridiculing both the County Commission’s new majority, a continuance, in fact an escalation of the accusatory attacks against Senator Benton we have seen for nearly 20 years now and endorsements to plant more Progressive oriented people back on the city council before they lose the slim majority now held.

For Council position 3 currently held for an impressive 4 terms by Jeanne Harris, the Lazy C has chosen to cast her aside as she is now seen as a weakened candidate due to missteps and outbursts 3 years ago. In spite of her strong support of liberal matters, the Lazy C chose to endorse newcomer Galina Burley, a Russian immigrant and Anne McEnerny-Ogle, a well known citizen around town who has served on many boards and has tried to win a seat on the city council before.

Given that we now see the Lazy C deleting negative comments left by Ms. Burley’s ex-husband, Andrey Boyechko, when they have not acted in such a way towards negative and inflammatory comments left under articles about David Madore, Tom Mielke, Don Benton, Rodney Tom, Tim Sheldon (two Democrats who joined with Republicans to form the Senate Coalition Majority this year) and others critical of the CRC and the Progressive putsch, I am left to believe Galina Burley is the chosen one and if she makes it through the primary election on Aug. 6, will be the one they endorse.

Ms. Burley has indicated she is very pro-CRC. Anne has indicated she will act according to citizen desires.

For position 1, currently held by Jack Burkman, who has voted pro-CRC down the line since returning to the city council, after a multiple year absence due to family matters, the Lazy C chooses him and him alone to endorse in spite of 3 challengers opposing him, Otto Guardado, Brian Joseph Smith and Micheline Doan.

They claim, “The Columbian typically announces endorsements in major local primary races when more than two challengers are involved,” but then say, “Often in endorsements for primaries we recommend two choices, with a final recommendation announced later for the fall election. But in Burkman’s case, there is only one clear choice, with no challenger presenting a compelling argument for replacing the incumbent.”

They then go on to glowing praise of Mr. Burkman’s term while listing the challengers lack of “campaign experience,” save Micheline Doan who is then identified as “a local Republican Party activist,” planting seeds of partisanship in my opinion, ignoring that all candidates and holders of office each hold partisan views.

What makes that endorsement curious and exposes the Lazy C’s agenda bias are the endorsements made in the city council position 2 race, currently held by Jeanne E. Stewart for 3-terms. Ms. Stewart is easily recognized as the single most centrist person sitting on the city council as well as the single most citizen responsive councilor seen.

She is often at odds with the bulldozing efforts of Mayor Tim Leavitt and the rest of the pro-CRC council in actually speaking up for citizens that have shown a strong opposition to the direction city council takes at times.

She came under fire in 2010, when sitting on the C-Tran Board for voting to split a vote measure on increasing sales tax for both C-Tran and the CRC and was unceremoniously ousted from the seat for representing citizen views over that of Mayor Leavitt and others on the city council who wished then to force us into accepting a light rail extension from Portland we had voted down previously.

Just a few months later, the council adopted the very same stance she had taken that resulted in her ouster from C-Tran Board and triggering this admonishment;

Months later, city council was again dressed down by Ms. Stewart for their “duping” of citizens;

You would be mistaken if you thought the Lazy C would endorse Jeanne E. Stewart for her strong support and representation of citizens in this election, as one would think they would.

Recalling the words written in the Burkman endorsement, they now say: “Jeanne Stewart has maintained a steady watchdog role on the council, but her contributions to the council and enthusiasm for the job are on the wane. And with the arrival of two highly capable challengers, we believe it is time for a change.”

With the claim of “no challenger presenting a compelling argument for replacing the incumbent” in the Burkman position, they now feel it is “time for a change” by endorsing two challengers, Ty Stober and Alisha Topper, neither of whom has any “campaign experience,” Stober quickly ending his 2012 quest to replace State Senator Craig Pridemore’s vacated seat in the 49th district to “promote homosexual marriage.”

Alisha Topper too has no discernible experience to speak of, but where Jack Burkman and his strong support of the CRC over the years has the Lazy C seeing no need for any change, “Jeanne E. Stewart’s strong representation of citizen views for an even longer time has the Lazy C now calling for a “change.”

Where they came up with “her contributions to the council and enthusiasm for the job are on the wane” is puzzling to me. She is present at each council meeting and is regularly seen around town, speaking with citizens and staying in touch with their views.

More than any other city council member, she does more to actually stay in touch with citizens to accurately gauge our concerns.

Jeanne Stewart 4

Both Topper and Stober are heavily supported by pro-CRC factions eager to bring the project back and begin anew slipping the very light rail we have defeated time again on us.

Ms. Stewart is heavily supported by citizens. But if the Lazy C has any say, their spin and false promotion of the challengers stands to convince voters that she is ineffective when she is anything but.

Clearly, the Lazy C is up to old tricks and wants once again to stack the city to the liking of Identity Clark County and the rest of the downtown mafia that is only concerned with their bank accounts over the good and welfare of Vancouver’s citizens.

Don’t be fooled by them.

4 Comments to “Agenda Bias in Lazy C’s City Council Endorsements”

  1. Of course, the crony capitalists, rent seekers, big government/big union types will continue to push for the CRC as conceived (to be a means to stretch the Max system’s fingers into the pockets of Clark County taxpayers) — and thus create even more tax revenues for this same cadre to squander. This should come as no surprise.

    I’m not sure exactly how the Columbian benefits from all this … other than their obvious position in supporting a minority-held opinion. Indeed, I don’t quite know how the Columbian is even relevant. Do they have sufficient circulation to actually influence the elections? More and more people are learning that news can be obtained from other sources that offers better understanding of all views about the various issues and controversies.

    The Columbian perhaps serves the “low information voters” — but there is little hope for such folks as they’re too lazy to actually pay attention to the power-mad politicians who think they can spend our money better than we can spend it for our selves.

  2. I cannot believe the two faced BS that Leavite allows Burkman and Smith to share. Totally out of line and totally unrepentant Leavitte needs to go away and Burkman too. Their character is measured by the slight of hand stands used to discredit Jeannie Stewart, used in a bald faced attempt to dupe citizens out of more money than the law allows, and the theft of city water and sewage treatment dollars to pay for pet projects and land acquisitions.
    I felt I wanted to puke watching Burkman’s declaration of the city’s credit rating being a major accomplishment before the League Of Women’s Voters.
    I would like to remind him that the credit rating of certain financial derivatives were thought to be strong until speculation wiped them out.

  3. Well, you’d think that the Campbells would have had their gut full of the promises made by the elitist that are the shadow government in out area. after losing their fancy new building to the bank (which is now our city hall) and their home, and nearly their business at the paper even they admitted that they weren’t so good at development speculation investments. However, we are talking about some democrats here and they never seem to stop amazing me with their bullheaded biases and their staunch positions when it comes to “socialist equality” type ideology. Let’s just vote Jeanne Stuart and Bill Turlay and put them back on the haunches.

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