Election 2013, Vancouver City Council Pos. 2: “Why Are You Running?”

by lewwaters

Three candidates for Vancouver City Council Position 2 answer, “Why Are You Running?”

Of the three, Alisha Topper, Ty Stober and incumbent Jeanne E. Stewart, only Ms. Stewart expresses a desire to actually represent the people.

Code words of “end divisiveness” “work together” and such are indicative of what we do not wish for the city council, a lock-step attitude that places special interests promoted by the downtown mafia, Identity Clark County and hopes of breathing new life into the CRC light rail project we citizens have opposed for some time now and have been ignored.

Clearly, the Lazy C got it dead wrong when they wrote of Ms. Stewart’s “enthusiasm for the job on the wane.”

It’s your choice, Vancouver. So choose wisely.

3 Comments to “Election 2013, Vancouver City Council Pos. 2: “Why Are You Running?””

  1. Please vote Jeanne Stewart!

  2. Ty Topper both spoke of a vision, but all they really mean is an identity, Identity Clark County that is. They have no new ideas, they posses not a bit of individual spirit. They want a team, a team directed by powers that be, no changes no exchanges just another effort for the “boyz” to get their way again.

    Jeanne E Stuart puts the representative, in representative government. The others promise more government and less representation.

  3. I’d call the crew running the Columbian (Campbell, Brancaccio, Laird, et at) a bunch of lying weasels, but won’t. I wouldn’t want to compare such a nice woodland creature to that lot.

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