Standing Strong For the People, Not Special Interests

by lewwaters

June 2011, Vancouver City Council member Jeanne E Stewart was the lone Council Member standing up for citizens to have a vote on operations & maintenance of light rail, that we were eventually “permitted” in late 2012.

We need more elected officials standing with citizens, not those hand selected by downtown special interests to support their agenda over the citizens.

Where has homosexual activist Ty Stober or inexperienced, athletic Alisha Topper ever stood up for all Vancouver Citizens?

3 Comments to “Standing Strong For the People, Not Special Interests”

  1. Why does it not surprise me that Vancouver’s current mayor would make any feeble attempt to stop Council Member Stewart in her tracks? Did it work? No. She got her message out and she did it well!!! This is PRECISELY the problem with our local government. Ms. Boyd skirted around the questions only to drag out the time allowed by Ms. Stewart and of course, O T T had to do his part! Special interests, ya know!!!

    Corruption stinks.

    We need more people like Council Member Jeanne Stewart in City/County/State/Federal Government!!!!!

  2. AND the answer was, ah, wait, ah, yeah, that was already decided back in some other persons time using no input from the people like a vote that was promised. Voice trailing off into the dirt.

    Get her Jeanne E., explain to her how the public was duped into believing they would have a say in the matter and were then ignored. Shame on you Mayor for butting in. Thank the powers that be in the senate the MS Boyd no longer has a CRC to be in charge of and please vote for Jeanne E Stewart.

    And when you have the chance do not re install the mayor, but vote for Turley for Mayor.

  3. Tim does it everytime he does not want the citizens to have a voice of opposition. Jeanne E. Stewart has been and will continue to be that voice on our council speaking up for us. She needs to have us help her by voting for her as well as replacing Burkman and Harris with people of equal integrity, if that is even possible, to add their voices and change the balance of power back to the people. It is a balance that has not been seen in decades around here. What do we have to do to get voters to give themselves a chance at self governance? Please people, please vote correctly, please.

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