Environuts Assemble to Block Jobs in Vancouver

by lewwaters

Mia RebackAs seen in this video by Oregon conservative Dan Sandini, bleeding heart environuts traveled by fossil fueled bus and cars to launch kayaks manufactured in part from fossil fuels to protest using fossil fuels. The environuts are complaining about Clark County Washington hopefully pulling ourselves out of this deep unemployment we have been in for over four years by building a facility to export Montana’s crude oil.

The Lazy C supplied their own spin, but Sandini’s video speaks better. Protesters harassed Sandini and tried to stop him from taping their “public” event, but he succeeded.

Rapeller’s illegally rappelling from the bridge were scolded and asked not to do it again, receiving some serious finger wagging and tongue lashing I hope.

In perhaps the wisest move of the day by the group, it was decided that the kayakers would not try to block any barges coming down the river.

Can there be any doubt that the environuts anti-fossil fuel banner was itself created from fossil fuel based materials?

KGW Video report

Protest organizer, student Mia Reback says of the proposed job creation, “The project will have an immediate negative impact for our community through traffic disruption as well as health impact and dangers from train derailments and explosions.”

Days earlier, Mia said in an Oregonian article, “Ultimately these projects will facilitate the burning of over three times the amount of oil of the Keystone XL Pipeline, the controversial proposed pipeline from Canada to refineries in the Gulf Coast of Texas. This could bring four oil trains through Vancouver per day. It would negatively affect the health and livability of the community.”

Mia seems to fear the recent accident in Quebec, Canada, not realizing just what actually happened or why. To an environut, one lone accident anywhere is enough to cry ‘Chicken Little’ style that the sky is falling and such an accident will definitely happen here.

Oddly enough, recent aircraft crashes as was seen in San Francisco and New York are not enough for them to cry to shut down the very airports they climb into fossil fueled vehicles to travel to and climb aboard fossil fueled aircraft to travel the country to protest using fossil fuels.

Fellow organizer Bonnie McKinlay was quoted saying, “A lot of people think we’re radicals, but we’re not. We think it’s radical to disrupt our planet. We just want to preserve what we have. A lot of energy is wasted, and we need to be more efficient.”

Ms. McKinlay seems to also be just as clueless to the amount of fossil fuels she wastes herself to travel and protest using and wasting fossil fuels.

In the meantime, in excess of four straight years of double digit unemployment in Clark County means nothing to them, they have their jobs or government hand out.

7 Comments to “Environuts Assemble to Block Jobs in Vancouver”

  1. whatta buncha god damned hypocrites these Leftist sonsabitches are

  2. At the Dem Picnic last weekend, these folks got at the mic and blubbered something-or-other. I just want you folks to know that the old white (Democrat) guys sitting around me did not miss the hypocrisy/irony. The eco-greens are bullies – anyone uttering a differing opinion gets a buckshot load of outrage and self-righteous indignation. Be glad they’re not in your Party.

  3. The fuel protests in the United Kingdom were a series of campaigns held because of the cost of rising petrol and Diesel fuel prices for road vehicle use. There have been three notable campaigns amongst many other protests in the 21st century. The first major protest in 2000 was primarily led by independent truck owner operators, farmers and the public . One group of truck Owner operators from the South East of England formed a protest group calling them selves “TransAction” who protested at oil refineries and fuel depot’s in Essex. Protest’s and Blockades of oil facilities caused widespread disruption to the supply of petroleum products with knock on effects for the public and the authorities, as well as causing a reduction in popularity for the incumbent government. The aim of the protests was to secure a reduction in the fuel duty rate on petrol and diesel, which the government refused to enact. After the protest ended, the government did announce a freezing of fuel duties, and promised changes would be made to the way that goods vehicles were taxed which would include the taxing of foreign vehicles operating on British roads. At 2012 fuel duty continues to increase and foreign trucks entering the UK still travel the roads free of charge.

  4. Martin, you might not fathom this, but we get just that from Progressive Democrats daily if we dare express an opposing view of anything.

    Then we are accused of obstructionism for not caving, falsely accused of not willing to “compromise.”

    Much like Inslee and Moeller do with all over the CRC light rail folly.

    I’m glad you finally experienced it.

  5. Looking at the video (and video on the local TV News) it appeared that many of the “boats” used were inflatable plastic craft (In bright colors). Of course, the major component used to manufacture them (plastic) is made from petroleum products.

    Fortunately, this bunch of idiots, who apparently live in an unreal dream world, did not manage to (severely) disrupt bridge traffic — and apparently disrupted no water traffic.

    People are finally beginning to see the idiocy and hypocrisy that comes from these eco-activists who serve the religious ecology order. (Theirs is a religious campaign, since it requires an act of faith to believe their dogma and there are few facts in reality to support their positions.) As the global warming fantasy continues to unravel (as there is now significant data showing that the premises behind “human caused” global warming is almost totally bogus), we can expect ever more strident protests against reality.

    The “wise choice” to not attempt to block river traffic reminds me of the war protests in the late 60s and early 70s. Protesters from U.C. Berkeley managed to obstruct “troop trains” that passed through Berkeley on their way to Oakland. (The release of live steam (used to provide heat to the coaches) from the front of the locomotive did prove effective at removing protesters blocking the tracks…) In sympathy, “students” from U.C. Davis decided that they’d like to blockade a “bomb train” that was going to pass through Davis … Some of the activists had been following the train (from Fernley Nevada, where the bomb storage site/plant was located) — and the protestors were being kept aware of when the train might arrive.

    The protestors assembled at the railroad station about an hour before the expected arrival. There were a few Railroad Police on seen to keep order (the protest having been announced well in advance).

    A train ahead of the “bomb train” passed through, at its usual cruising speed on that section of track in excess of 60 mph. One of the student leaders had the prescience to discuss this with one of the Railroad police… the conversation went somewhat like this:

    “Do all the trains through Davis go that fast?” … “Yes.”
    “How long does it take a train going that speed to stop?” … “About 2 miles.”
    (long pause)
    About how far before the station can the engineer see?
    [There is a blind curve less than 1/2 mile on the track leading into the Davis station.]
    … about 1/2 mile.
    Would the engineer be able to stop if we were blocking the track? … “Not likely.”

    The protestors (wisely) decided to protest from the side of the tracks, and observed the request of the Railroad Police officers to remain back away from the tracks. The “bomb train” was not delayed…

  6. you just know that these dumb assed anarchists who shit in their own nests will be the first whiners in line when they can’t get any more gasoline to go where they want to go to buy food or essentials or when their power bilsl go way out of sight – I won’t have any sympathy for the sonsabitches as they starve or freeze to deathI’ll be laughing at the dumb basrards

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