Acerbic Editor, John Laird, Pens Final Editorial

by lewwaters

Laird GargamelJohn Laird, the vitriolic, extreme left-wing liberal hatemonger editorial page editor at the Lazy C posts his final column today, sure to please decent citizens of Southwest Washington, no longer to be subjected to his heavily biased efforts at denigrating and demeaning any and everybody that refuses to follow his delusional rants lock-step.

We at Clark Conservative (me) present John Laird with this parting image from all of us “Hounds of Whinerville,” “Ankle Biters,” “Cockroaches,” “Banana (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything)” and “Political Piranhas” with the audacity to think for ourselves and not fall prey to the “Texas Rejects” efforts to verbally strong arm us into rolling over and allow ourselves to be steamrolled by every piece of liberal insanity he promoted.

Laird, Retirement Gift

Goodbye, John. Enjoy your retirement and please, on your way out, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Wax eloquent in parting if you please. Your snide assaults on the citizens of Southwest Washington only served to decrease your employers’ subscription rate. Thanks for all of your hostility over the years. It’s been real.

5 Comments to “Acerbic Editor, John Laird, Pens Final Editorial”

  1. I cannot say how relieved I am to see him go!

  2. Mr Laird’s hate-spewing sure put a nice spotlight on Liberal Democrats thinking processes …ugggggg
    Bye John, enjoy the golf courses ..please don’t wrap your big drivers around anyone’s cockroach-neck that you happen to disagree with.

  3. I sincerely appreciate the part this slime ball played in galvinizing the opposition to this little worm’s pet project.

    May we never hear from him again.

  4. But he never answered the question “What is a self inflicting wound for democrats?” or talked about brandishing Rodney Tom or Tim Sheldon or even Jon Haugen. Nah, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Thanks Lew for covering issues the Columbian won’t go near.

  5. Yup, Ol’ John definitely put the Ass in Acerbic.

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