Environuts Discussed “Violence” at Saturday’s “Peaceful” Protest

by lewwaters

Ever the “peaceful protesters,” or so they would have you believe, discussions of the use of violence were captured at the Saturday anti-coal protest held at Vancouver Landing.

One thing they know and was not mentioned, they know that spineless conservatives, fearing being labeled racists, radical right-wingers, wingnuts, polluters or what have you, will cower away from their threats as well as shy away from engaging them, should they once again decide to carry out their threats.

Be it just throwing paint on something, setting fires to construction equipment or whatever, they have shown a willingness to go as far as they wish in order to make their demands met.

If you or your children go hungry because of no jobs, it doesn’t matter to them, only the end result, their false notion of a utopia that common sense says does not exist.

Make no mistake, these people are a distinct minority, but they are very verbal and they know that all too many conservatives have no stomach for a fight, will not stand up to defend themselves or oppose their radical left-wing agenda.

Hell, we can’t even get many of you out to vote or rally.

So don’t be surprised to wake up one day and see that your last freedom has disappeared.

Until you grow a pair of balls and are willing to fight back, the country will continue in its slide to become a carbon copy of Detroit.

See more at Polls Shift in Favor of Coal Jobs, Enviros Respond with Suggestions of Violence and Laughing at Liberals

If you think they are not willing to use violence to forcibly get their way, watch this video of a citizen that was assaulted inside an Oregon Church.

The choice is yours. Stand up, vote for strong officials, be willing to take a public stand, speak out or keep waiting for someone else to fight for you and become a slave.

6 Comments to “Environuts Discussed “Violence” at Saturday’s “Peaceful” Protest”

  1. What’s the limits again?

    Two of these scum in the trunk and one on the hood?

    Or is it the other way around?

    That always mixes me up.


  2. Anybody know if the coal which is to be shipped to the port is heating coal or metallurgical coal? If any of it is metallurgical coal, then the activists are stabbing themselves in the hand when the price of their Prius’s will take a huge leap.


  3. The lady called upon the memory of Abraham Lincoln who she said, “chose violence.” With such a distorted perspective of history it is no wonder she believes that any tactic is okay to get your way, even if it means stomping on the rights and liberties of others. These people are thugs and fools. Unwilling to allow the justice and court system to work to the legal best interests of the people as a whole they are willing to rationalize violence as a means of getting their own selfish way.

    That Kitzhaber stood by as a public meeting involving a public figure was turned into a private event where the only privileged persons had access, to not only deny the rights of a citizen but to assault him sets a dangerous president. So much for democrats coexisting in a republic.


  4. So….. if my goal is for these people to shut up and leave the rest of us alone, then according to their logic, if I could not get them to do it peacefully, I can justifiably resort to violence. It seems to me, from a philosophical and strategic standpoint, they have just given me permission to assault them or do whatever I want because its the end which justifies the means. I try not to have hate in my life, but people like this make it extremely difficult to live up to that expectation of myself.


  5. I do not want you to hate Christian. I do not want you to use violence Christian. I want you and all of us to vote informed and I thank Lew for sharing this. Ketzhaber was scum the first time and nothing has changed.


  6. That is not a realistic goal, Christian.


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