Judge Rules Against Citizen’s Light Rail Petition Effort

by lewwaters

Rice, light rail suit defeated

Since when does the voice of the people matter in this New People’s Republik of Vancouver? Until you people are sick enough of it to stand up, you remain spineless creatures dutifully do as Massah tells you to do.

Surprised at this decision? Don’t be. Just yesterday this same judge said: “even if the measure was passed by voters it wouldn’t stop light rail. If the state wants light rail as part of a highway project, then the city doesn’t have the right to say no.”

Note, he said nothing about you, the people. Just the “state” and the “city.”

You’re left out in the cold to do as you’re told by the ruling class.

This should give you even more reason this election to send officials like Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt, and any candidate who supports resurrecting the not as dead as we imagine CRC light rail project packing.

Alisha Topper, Ty Stober, Galina Burley, Jack Burkman, anybody supported by Identity Clark County or the downtown mafia should not be elected.

Once again, we see state rubbing our noses and letting us know that we the people are nothing but an ATM card to them, sources of endless cash for them curry favor from well funded special interests with no regard to how we will survive or feed our families.

People cry about justice for a 17-year old thug who bit off more than he could chew, but where is their cry of justice as the state and the courts mandate what you will pay for and denies you a voice in the process?

If you feel you aren’t intelligent enough to make decisions for yourself, then vote those people above into office.

But if your sick of seeing our freedoms and liberties eroding before our very eyes, vote to retain people like Jeanne E. Stewart and any who stand with her in actually representing the people, not the state.

The judges decision is no doubt “legal,” but where does that leave you?

Ask yourselves, why is the majority of elected officials so solidly opposed to hearing the will of the people of Clark County?

10 Comments to “Judge Rules Against Citizen’s Light Rail Petition Effort”

  1. Judge Nichols’ tenure is subject to the ballot box. We will remember! Thanks to Larry Patella and the crew that worked so hard and thanks to those that contributed. Call your conservative friends and those others that support this cause and GET OUT THE VOTE!

  2. The argument should have been the process not the content. The process has to dictate placing the initiative on the ballot and then if enacted the city filing for an injunction thus stopping its enforcement until hearings in court are ruled on. This case showed the city and the court are willing to negate any power of the people by allowing the city to be both legislators and judges. We must remember two things; who voted for this action on the council AND the judge who ruled on it.
    Our only choice, vote them out!

  3. Let me correct some information that is popping up re Councilor Stewart. Just before Patella filed his petition, I asked her help to get the idea of a light rail vote added to the Vancouver City Council agenda. She would not go with me on doing this and made a statement to the effect that she ignored the email request as it was from me… So… when she had the opportunity to get started on the road to a Vancouver vote on light rail she lifted her little demigod pinkie and hit DELETE. It would have been very helpful in my estimation to have settled this issue years ago. Using her opposition as a reason to vote for her is beyond reason. With a lot of her gaming she has folks fighting each other and someone remains usbesmirched except to those who have seen this over and over. Tweet and Crain are out of the same rotten cloth.


  4. Pat you do recall that the CRC was not a local issue but lightrail was right?
    You do recall that she was not in town and you reached out to the only person not around right?
    You do recall the mayor Leavitt stating that he didn’t like it right?
    So Pat what is your point?

  5. Pat, given the time, can you really blame her for ignoring your email? We all knew what you real goal was.


    Can we say your effort was little more than another of those “gagging maggots” you were fond of? 😉

    Since comments are no longer showing on that article, perhaps you forgot how many citizens took you to task over that?

    I have them saved if you wish to refresh your memory 😉

  6. Lew and all,

    It is my opinion that this initiative was wrong from the start. The select group of taxpayers of Clark County who include me and many others…have Vancouver listed as the city of residence thanks to the USPS, and who are outside the city boundaries were not included in this request. Of course the judge would invalidate the petition. Did you truly expect otherwise? We don’t have any say in the matter. Even as a Republican voter, I can see why the Washington State Senate Republican Caucus voted no on the funding for the crossing project. It wasn’t their designated special interest. We were used as puppets so that they could use us to say “We Listened to the Voters and WE SAID NO.”

    You see Lew, this isn’t a matter of voter rights. It’s a matter of which political group has the most say. Now with the Republican Senate dropping the bomb at the federal level and the transportation funding in place, they’ll begin the process of getting what they want…till election time comes and the powers change once again.

    Why do you think nothing ever gets done right???

    It’s all about the money, my friends.

  7. Mr. Pat Campbell, why don’t you tell it like it truly is in government and why decisions are made the way they are??? Stop the finger pointing and explain to everyone just why you make your decisions the way you do and just who it is who capitalizes on approvals and denials of just about every decision made in government.

    Oh wait…that’s a taboo request.

    My bad.

    Can you honestly say you make decisions that help our community and have no regrets afterward?

    How can anybody in government positions live with themselves when the decisions they have made are detrimental to the people who pay for their politician’s wages???

    Just wondering.

    You must have a very thick skin.


  8. Goldie, there never should have been a need for a petition.

    We have allowed ourselves to come under subjection to parties telling us what is, instead of us telling them.

  9. Lew, I agree with you. The fact is…since it has come to the point that we need to remind our elected officials why it is they were voted into office in the first place, it takes petitions to clean their rose-colored glasses and to take off their ear plugs used solely when the people speak.

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