Lisa Walters Announces Resignation

by lewwaters

Lisa Walters bSurprising to read on facebook, City Council Member and Mayor of Battle Ground, Washington Lisa Walters announced she has resigned her position with the city.

Ms. Walters wrote: “Wanted to let you all know that today I resigned my position with the city council. Time to move forward in my life and make some serious changes. I will be moving out of the area but will keep in touch as I move through this season. Here’s to better tomorrow’s.”

Lisa is citing strictly personal issues prompting the sudden resignation. I wish Lisa the best with what is happening in her life.

It is also assumed now that Mike Dalesandro, challenger for her City Council seat will win the seat in the November General Election.

Several people are expressing well wishes for Ms. Walters and sadness that Battle Ground is losing their first female Mayor, elected Mayor in January 2012 as well as a seasoned city council member, Walters being on the Battle Ground City Council just over 10 years.

Cherish DesRochers, who was vying for another position on the Battle Ground City Council said, “I’m shocked reading this. Wow! I wish you luck in your new endeavors.”

Challenger Dalesandro expressed, ” At this time I do not have a comment. I don’t know the reasons behind her decision, but I want to respect her privacy at what must be a difficult time for her. I wish her well.”

Even though it appears the seat will be his come November, Dalesandro says he intends to keep campaigning an earn the votes.

The Lazy C discovered the resignation about two hours behind the blog Battle Ground mayor to resign seat citing, “An effort to reach Walters on Monday night was unsuccessful.”

Odd, considering this blogger contacted her briefly through her facebook page earlier.

12 Comments to “Lisa Walters Announces Resignation”

  1. whoa… that changes things in Battleground a bit.


  2. Some one knows something she doesn’t want known, hence resignation and leaving the area.


  3. Joseph, I had a brief exchange moments ago with Lisa and this is strictly for personal reasons, nothing political.

    Waiting to hear back from Dalesandro.

    My guess is he will be as shocked as everyone else.


  4. I hope your right.


  5. I wonder if this was planned since she came in and filed on friday in May and at noon she came back and changed the seat she was filing for to run against some one else instead.


  6. well, here goes Battleground.


  7. Such a shame that Dalesandro will actually be in government…


  8. Lew, is there a way we can launch a write in campaign ?


  9. Jacob, Battle Ground residents can always launch a write-in campaign, they reserve that right. But, they are most often not successful, although there are exceptions.

    Outside of Battle Ground there is nothing can be done, other than encourage those inside to launch one.

    Ultimately, it’s in the hands of Battle Ground voters.


  10. I am very saddened to see my friend leave the area. Politics aside it hurts to loose a person in your life. That said I will be writing in Cherish DesRoachers name on my ballot. Mr. D has already resorted to negative campaigning and I don’t tolerate those type of shenanigans at all. I know I can afford the extraordinary tax hikes that will accompany mike D.’s vision of Battle Ground.


  11. Alex, you will just be throwing your vote away. Since she went through the primary, she cannot run now as a write-in. Remember a couple years ago Pat Campbell tried?

    If y’all intend a write-in campaign out there, it will have to be someone who did not run in the primary.


  12. We got a few other things cooking up here.


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