Tax Addicts: Worse Than Heroin and Meth Addicts

by lewwaters

Tax AddictJust last week the Lazy C treated us to a three-part series on the struggles of a couple addicted to drugs. Their jail time, their drug induced paranoia, in and out of treatment facilities, it was all spelled out in the series receiving both praise and condemnation from readers.

Greg Jayne, the new Editorial Page Editor lays it out in the column In Our View: Addiction Costs Us All as, “Yet while the fight against illicit drug use has been a source of debate for decades now, the human toll remains the most poignant aspect of the story.”

But, there is an addiction hurting citizens of Clark County Washington that is much worse than heroin or meth in my estimation, affecting every single struggling middle class taxpayer in the county and the city of Vancouver, frivolous spending by politicians.

We remain stuck in a stagnant economy with higher than normal unemployment and an unbearable under-employment throughout Southwest Washington. But you wouldn’t think so listening to the likes of Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, City Council member Jack Burkman, 49th Legislative District Representative Jim ‘sue your constituents to invalidate their votes’ Moeller, Senator Patty Murray and even city council candidate Alisha Topper as well as publisher of the Lazy C, Scott Campbell along with Editor Lou Brancaccio.

There are many more names to be attached to the addiction of frivolous spending of our dwindling tax dollars, but those will do for now.

Jayne is correct in his assessment of how addiction does cost us all and he likely sees how the addiction to our tax dollars hurts middle class families since in his second editorial he issues a disclaimer on his personal opposition to Portland’s financially troubled light rail system, but those above him are strong supporters of it, ignoring the high cost to middle class families as once, editor Lou Brancaccio editorialized,

“There have been so many missteps on this Columbia River Crossing project that if it was entered on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ it would be voted off before Mike Tyson. It’s just mess after mess. The tomfoolery is epic. Even its most ardent supporters would agree with this. For me, I hold my nose and close my eyes, and say we should move forward.”

Like the couple addicted to drugs in the series, Brancaccio acknowledged the harm to be done, but just like a drug addict, plunges the needle into our arm to move ahead with the poisonous substance, the CRC light rail project.

Likewise the Lazy C now advocates plunging that same poisonous substance into middle class taxpayers arms as we see the effort to resurrect the defeated CRC light rail project from the incinerator of the Washington State Senate listening to middle class taxpayers and not authorizing funds for moving ahead with it as they once again urge It’s Time to Move Forward, no doubt strongly supported by those politicians listed above.

I say no doubt strongly supported by those politicians like Leavitt, Moeller and more due to reading the Lazy C right after they advocate “moving forward,” Vancouver can’t afford to tend streets bemoaning,

“The Vancouver City Council was presented with a grim confirmation Monday of what it knew, that it is millions of dollars short on its goals of reconstructing streets…”

The addiction to our tax dollars is shown the very next day as County Commissioner David Madore advocated pausing the plan to construct a mutli-Million dollar Bus Rapid Transit System down Fourth Plain Boulevard at the C-Tran Board of Directors meeting was defeated, the board opting to move forward with a special interest project, even though they acknowledge not enough funds available to repair and maintain existing roads, including Fourth Plain and the board admitting “it hasn’t identified exactly where that money would come from.”

Leavitt, Raise TaxesAll three of the Vancouver City Council members that sit on the C-Tran Board, Tim Leavitt, Larry Smith and Bart Hansen voted against pausing the project, even though just the night before they were discussing not having enough funds to adequately maintain or repair existing roads in Vancouver.

Board members may say they haven’t identified exactly where the funds would come from, but there are no doubt thoughts of taxing the struggling middle class some more is well within their thoughts.

Much of the expected $50 Million price tag is hoped to be covered by a federal grant, but those federal dollars also come out of the pockets of primarily middle class taxpayers and at a time the federal debt is rapidly approaching $17 Trillion.

That is $17,000,000,000,000.00 or $53,408 per citizen in the United States.

And while we see blindly moving ahead on a special interest project while admitting current streets cannot be maintained, what do we also see but Democrat Senator Patty Murray, another addict of our tax dollars making an appearance to promote her agenda, Let’s get moving on infrastructure.

What she really means is to adopt the notion of just begin building the CRC light rail project advocated by special interest that would just bypass our State Legislature and voters in Southwest Washington, but leave us stuck paying the bills through higher gas taxes, tolls, increased license fees and more.

Greg Jayne is correct that addiction does cost all of us.

But how is it that his employer can see how meth and heroin costs us so much, but miss that politicians’ addiction to our paychecks costs us even more?

The War on Drugs rages on with no discernible solution.

But the War on our paychecks does have a solution.

We can begin resolving their addiction this November by voting out those tax addicts sitting in office. Jack Burkman and Tim Leavitt must be ousted. Alisha Topper must not be elected and replace long-time citizen advocate, Jeanne E Stewart.

Weigh the race for Jeanne Harris’ seat between Anne McEnerny Ogle and Frank Decker carefully, vote for who will stand for the citizens.

Stop just voting blindly for party and actually find out what these people support and where they intend to take the community.

Only you can stop these tax addicts in our midst.

4 Comments to “Tax Addicts: Worse Than Heroin and Meth Addicts”

  1. A recent round of e-mails between Anne and Brian Joseph Smith has been very disconcerting to me. It shows Anne to be attached to the money of those that propagate a ideological dream of the CRC through her hedging statements. Vote Frank Decker.


  2. Carolyn, that is the kind of information that voters should see and make up their own minds


  3. I’ll forward it to you


  4. AMO is pro-CRC. Even without going any further, that’s enough to kill the deal right there.


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