Lisa Walters Back In

by lewwaters

Lisa Walters bApparently Battle Ground Mayor Lisa Walters has had a change of heart on resigning her city council position.

Three days ago Ms. Walters wrote on her facebook page: “Wanted to let you all know that today I resigned my position with the city council. Time to move forward in my life and make some serious changes. I will be moving out of the area but will keep in touch as I move through this season. Here’s to better tomorrow’s.”

Lisa was citing strictly personal issues prompting the sudden resignation.

Posted on her facebook page this evening;

Lisa Walters, Back In

It had been earlier reported that Richard Brown, who did not make it through the primary for a different seat on the city council, was going to launch a write-in candidacy to oppose Mike Dalesandro. The announcement sparked an online discussion over Washington States “Sore Loser” Law that prohibits a candidate not making it through the top two primary from launching a write-in for the same position.

In an email exchange with Columbian’s Assistant Metro Editor, Mark Bowder said they would pose the question to elections office since technically, Brown would not be running for the same seat.

But with Walters now remaining in the race it seems that will be a moot point.

Earlier in the day, challenger Mike Dalesandro issued a statement on Walter announced resignation

My opponent Lisa Walters announced on Monday that she will be resigning from Battle Ground City Council, moving out of the city, and not seeking re-election this year. I’m sure that such a decision was not reached lightly. I want to thank her for her many years of service and dedication to the citizens of Battle Ground. While we haven’t always see eye-to-eye on the issues, I do appreciate and respect her work in our community. I wish her well.

So what does this mean for the campaign?

While Ms. Walters will not be an active candidate for City Council, her name will still appear on the ballot next to mine. I still need your support and your vote. I will continue to run an active, engaged campaign and work to earn every single vote. I will continue reaching out and listening to as many citizens as possible over the coming months. I look forward to bringing those voices with me to City Council.

Thank you for your continued support!

Dalesandro has not issued another statement addressing Lisa Walters decision to remain in the race, but has denied any involvement in the “dirty tactics” or “personal attacks” he has been accused of.

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  1. Next, he’ll deny he’s a rabid leftist bigot.

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