A Little Courtesy Would Go A Long Away

by lewwaters

Video from my neighborhood earlier this afternoon. Periodically, this guy comes in to treat the Town Homes across the street from me and gives absolutely no warning he is here, until sitting quietly, the explosions begin going off.

Seen on the drivers side of his truck

Seen on the drivers side of his truck

I have spoken to him before with responses of we would be given warning in the future. As you can see in the video, he neither gives warning nor feels he should, the hell with anybody in the neighborhood.

Where are all of those demanding fireworks be banned because, they claim “the noise disturbs Veterans?”

He refuses to give his name, asking usually results in ‘F’ off, nor will he say who he works for.

Is it really too much to just ask for some warning that he is going to be setting off explosions of acetylene and propane in the middle of the day?

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  2. He’s not in my yard, but across the street from me at the Town Homes, hired by someone to come in and exterminate the moles every couple months.

    All that is asked of this jerk, more than once now, is warn us that he is going to do it.

    You see his response.


  4. Another neighbor did call the Cops. They said it is legal and nothing they can do.

    But if it were firecrackers, well, I guess that is different.

    I can’t help but question the effectiveness of this method of Mole extermination, if he has to repeat throughout the year.

    I had a mole in my yard, set a trap, caught him the same day and haven’t had another mole problem in 10 years.

    The only sound of that was the SNAP of the trap that nobody could hear

  5. What’s interesting is that a Google search “mole extermination methods” does not come up with any suggestions to use explosives. The “most effective” method is trapping.

    The most commonly suggested trap is one that rams a spike through the mole. Unfortunately, this trap is illegal in Washington state. See http://www.atg.wa.gov/AGOOpinions/Opinion.aspx?section=archive&id=7974#.Ug7xVODT2MY where Initiative Measure No. 713 made “body gripping traps” illegal. (I presume this statute is still in effect.)

    Washington State University has an analysis of “common methods” of dealing with moles:

    Shotguns are mentioned as a possibility, but it was noted that discharge of firearms as restricted in many built up areas. Trapping was mentioned, along with a reference to the Attorney General opinion.

    None of the several articles I looked at suggested using explosives. However, I understand that dealing with moles can be frustrating, and it’s tempting to use questionable methods in an effort to rid one’s property of these little creatures.

    Moles (unlike gophers) do not eat plants, rather they eat bugs and worms. Their consumption of insects can help reduce problems in some gardens. The disadvantage is the large number of tunnels and mounds they leave behind (which are both unsightly and might cause a tripping hazard. There are suggestions that overwatering might give moles easy-to-tunnel soil and less water might cause moles to go elsewhere.

    As a final suggestion, perhaps you might contact the homeowner’s association and discuss the situation with them. The “friendly guy” that does the extermination may be a contractor. You might let the HOA know about the online materials — and explain that the methods used by the exterminator are not very effective. (Let’s see, I charge $200 to come every few months to blow up mole tunnels with $25 worth of cherry bombs. What fun — and I know that I’ll be back in a few weeks ’cause the explosions are ineffective…)

  6. Even though I question the effectiveness of this method, it is not what the problem is.

    It is that he comes to the neighborhood, unannounced in the middle of the day and begins blasting away.

    No warning, no prior notice, nothing.

    Confronting him in the past got his word he would give us warning. He never has and you see his attitude today.

    So I let the whole world know about him.

    Even though I am in the county, it is a developed residential neighborhood in Hazel Dell, not out in the boondocks, so to speak.

    And again, all that is asked is he give us some warning.

    I will be finding out who chairs the HOA across the street and level a complaint with them or whoever hires this jerk.

  7. Lew, some people are so insensitive to the needs of our veterans…those of you who have endured far more than most could ever imagine. Nobody can understand what it is that can set off the horror of memories from wars gone by, be it the modified fireworks plaguing our neighborhoods during and after the 4th of July or even a duo of double-decker military helicopters flying just inside the legal heights of airspace.

    This man needs a lesson in civility and understanding. It’s obvious he hasn’t a clue as to what it took for our fighting brave to endure so that he could have his little business, blowing up little critters just because they make little dirt mounds in the chemically-treated RoundUp lawns surrounding the TownHomes. He knows he has other effective options for mole elimination. This is a way for him to make a name for himself…

    like “JERK!” “IDIOT!” “LOSER!” and “JACKA$$!”

    I hope you get this issue resolved and soon!

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