Sly Ol’ Fox, Commissioner Mielke. Touche’

by lewwaters

Mielke Thumb UpI love seeing older people put one over on younger people from time to time, especially when the younger one doesn’t seem to realize they’ve just been had. Reading in the Lazy C’s All Politics is Local blog site that seems to be just what Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke did at a recent Commissioner meeting.

While writer Eric Hidle focuses on Commissioners getting through a meeting without controversy, for once, he seems to have missed the significance of the not so subtle ‘in your face’ gesture offered by Commissioner Mielke.

Or, if he didn’t miss it, he is trying to ignore it.

To some from outside of our community, the gesture would be completely lost and appear like a simple moment of one County Commissioner offering candy.

But, to those of us who have been around for a while and have followed how Commissioner Mielke has been the brunt of the Lazy C’s vitriol since he’s been on the County Commission, only to see it slightly lessen with the election of David Madore, it is glaring.

You see, it is the brand of candy that makes it significant, M&M’s and Milky Way.

While it may seem insignificant, subtle as it may be, it comes across as a direct slap in the face to Editor Lou Brancaccio, who after Commissioner’s Mielke and Madore chose and hired State Sen. Don Benton, long hated by the Lazy C, dubbed the two Commissioner’s “the M&M boys,” and in subsequent columns in an effort to demean both, complete with photoshopping their image on a package of M&Ms candy. M&M BoysLetters to the editor submitted and throughout numerous articles and columns, readers were treated to a derogatory image of the two Republican Commissioners’ as “the M&M boys,” as the paper’s effort to whip up public opposition to the Commissioners’ selection continued.

But now, in one small subtle smooth move, Commissioner Mielke (pronounced ‘milky’) gave them a well deserved poke in the eye.

In Hidle’s words,

“The three commissioners, Republicans David Madore and Tom Mielke, and Democrat Steve Stuart, all got along, they stayed on topic and they didn’t argue any points to death.”

“Mielke, who has been clearly troubled by the fighting, brought candy. Seriously. He brought M&M’S and Milky Way. And he showed it to me with a big ol’ grin.”

“M&M’s and Milky Way,” Eric, and then the “big ol’ grin” to boot?

Come one, Eric, you must get the significance.

I can only imagine Editor Lou Brancaccio seeing the gesture and silently fuming in his Chicago arrogance realizing the sly ol’ fox, Tom Mielke took his slur against the two Commissioners’ and threw it right back in their faces.

Well played, Commissioner Mielke, well played. Touche’

6 Comments to “Sly Ol’ Fox, Commissioner Mielke. Touche’”

  1. Sunrise O’Mahoney read off a quote from Madore regarding integrity. She told the commissioners she had no hope they would change their minds.

  2. Why should they? They were elected to operate differently than the commission had.

    Sorry, but we voted for change for real and some don’t seem to like it.

    But you got to admit, it was genius on Mielke’s party to have M&M’s and ‘MILKY’ Way 😉

  3. I love it! But then I have always been a fan of both of those candies.

  4. I have been a fan of Tom’s too.

  5. Of course there should be a delineation between plain and peanut, and as Tom’s HQ in Georgia was famous for roasted nuts, David is not nuts, and Milky which is a smooth confection gets to claim peanuts.
    Okay I’m over thinking this, but at least we all had fun roasting Brancacca-e-i-e-i-o’s nuts.

  6. Peanut M&Ms for sure Carolyn. That way I can pretend they’re healthy – sort of 😉

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