Alishia Topper, Have You Forgotten?

by lewwaters

911 037September 11, 2001 was a day few people should be able to forget. Much like certain dates in the past, December 7, 1941 and November 22, 1963, it is a date that should be seared into our memories.

We on the West Coast woke up to the news those of you on the East Coast were already experiencing, the worst terrorist attack in the history of the world as a team of terrorists high jacked airliners and flew them into buildings occupied by people just arriving to begin an honest day’s work, murdering nearly 3,000 people, even exceeding the deaths we suffered on the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor that thrust the U.S. into World War Two.

By a unanimous vote, the House of Representatives passed Joint Resolution 71 and President Bush signed it into law Public Law 107-89, designating September 11 as Patriot Day.

It is a day intended for flags to be flown at half staff to honor all of those who lost their lives on the horrific day and a day the President has asked citizens to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of those who died.

While not an official holiday, it is a somber day that all too many seem to be forgetting, especially since Barack Obama came into office and decided to amend the resolution, designating it as more of a “National Day of Service.”

On such a somber day, many consider it in bad taste to schedule certain events not considered respectful to the memory of those who died.

Maybe chief among those inappropriate events would be a political rally to raise cash for a politician or candidate campaign.

Our elected officials are who we are supposed be able to trust to lead us in remembrances and paying homage on those few days. Even a candidate who has yet to hold office should be ‘leading by example’ and paying their respects to victims and the heroes who didn’t make it out of those buildings, not asking people to cough up and hand over upwards of $900 for the privilege of having them tickle your ears with campaign promises likely to be broken and smear their opponents.

Those who would schedule such an event on that somber day leave me believing they have forgotten what happened back on September 11, 2001 and the price thousands have paid since in going after terrorists and first responders who survived the buildings collapsing, only to suffer premature deaths from injuries and disease associated with the attacks.

Alishia Topper 911 Facebook

Yes, Alishia Topper, a young lady with absolutely no experience in public service, but hoping to unseat Jeanne E. Stewart on the Vancouver City Council, the only Council member that has consistently stood up for the citizens of Vancouver.

What Ms. Topper does have is the strong backing of the downtown special interests invested heavily in resurrecting and burdening the citizens of Vancouver and Clark County with the costs of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project and denying them even a chance to vote on it.

Looking over her Campaign Kick-off announcement, it seems that she all bases covered for a politician, but not one mention of the somberness of the day or paying any respects to the victims.

What she does have scheduled is a Rock Band to appear that I am sure doesn’t come cheap.

Billing is a “party,” also mention is a marathon and some earlier service to SHARE where some may come to donate cans of food or small checks for a ‘free t-shirt.’

But again, what you don’t see is any mention of respecting or paying homage to those who fell victim the horrific events of that day.

I have attended events in the past that were scheduled in remembrance of the day and Jeanne E Stewart was attendance at the ones I attended. I can’t say Alishia Topper wasn’t because frankly, prior to her being called on by special interests to campaign to replace Jeanne E Stewart and supply the council with a guaranteed yes vote on anything CRC related, few people had ever heard of her.

Jeanne E Steward 9-11

10th Anniversary Sept. 11, 2001 Attacks


Fort Vancouver Artillery Barracks Ribbon Cutting

We don’t need elected officials who place their personal gain over commemorating a horrific event like the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks.

24 Comments to “Alishia Topper, Have You Forgotten?”


  2. Just another LSD Party ( Libtard Social Democrat ) wannabe trying to silence one of the few elected voices of opposition to the Tax and Spend Vancouver City Council.

  3. You won’t see me there under the circumstances of the day she chose.

  4. Let me get this straight, it’s not something I’ve ever heard of, are you saying that people shouldn’t schedule events on “patriotic” days? Is this in The Law someplace? Do they teach it in High School now? Is this something you learn in church, like not working on Sundays?

  5. You didn’t read much beyond the title, did you Martin?

    I guess the all feeling liberals are who can’t take time out to pay respects to the memories of fallen and instead schedule rock concert type fund raisers to get money to push the agenda?

    Why is everything from you Democrats agenda related while you whine about others being greedy?

    Respect seems to be lacking when it comes to liberal/progressive/socialist/Marxist or whatever in the hell y’all go by today.

  6. Obviously, The Left doesn’t have a monopoly on self-righteous prickhood.

  7. Martin, are you named after what you smoke?

  8. Joseph, my last name has caused more angst than you can imagine! It’s amazing what people make judgments about you on.

    On the topic of “patriotism:”
    Conservatives talk about liberty a lot without seeming to know what it means? Holding everyone else to YOUR standards is the opposite of liberty.

  9. That is one of the bigger problems with you liberal Democrats, Martin.

    You expect respect, but are unable to give it.

  10. No, Lew, as a Liberal I will NOT let YOU define what words mean, or dictate how to act. As a Liberal, it’s live-and-let-live.

  11. Oh, but you think you liberals have the right to define who we conservatives are or what words mean, to your point of of view?

    Like most liberals, Martin, you successfully negate your own point of view by your actions.

    I love how you say “As a Liberal, it’s live-and-let-live.”

    Obviously not when someone doesn’t share your point of view.

  12. You’ll have to explain your logic, Lew? We were talking about magical days, defined by you, that you expect to apply to me… And because I don’t abide by your POV, I’m a bad person and don’t follow live-and-let-live?

  13. You present a fine example right there in your comment, Martin.

    Nowhere did I say “magical,” that is your word you have slyly now assigned to me.

    And I stand by my first comment that you must not have read the post. I clearly state it is not a law or requirement, but that a candidate for office should be willing to show some respect and honor on such a specific day in commemoration of what happened.

    But you see, what we say isn’t important, it’s what you liberals can drum up to say we said and y’all do it all of the time. And still, you cover for another unable, or unwilling, to show some simple respect for the victims of the worst terrorist attack in history.

    In further support of my POV, there is that matter of your “Conservative Values” list where you like to twist what we say to fit your view of what conservatives are. I know say it isn’t and will reiterate that, but that is exactly what you do.

    One I think was funnier than most from you, “Lew, dude, come back to me about fear when you and your wife backpack through Africa. My wife was almost raped in Congo, our vehicle was hijacked (with us in it) in Kenya for 2 days, we raced through Western Sahara with bandits chasing us, and we were in Egypt then Syria when those countries started to blow up.”

    As if your backpacking vacation somehow gives you more insight than my 18 months in the Vietnam War.

    Then another you said, “I simply do not understand the Conservative reasoning behind allowing people to suffer & die as punishment for failure, whatever caused it.” Again, your twisted perspective.

    Called on it, you twist again with “Let me get this straight: Conservatives aren’t “cold-hearted bastards” because they only let SOME people suffer & die? (The ones that deserve it.)”

    You continued with “Dude, I almost used “tough love” as an example of Conservatism but I didn’t know if you folks still fell for that kind of moral justification of an immoral act? ‘Tough love’ is a euphorism for “cold-hearted bastards’.”

    Ignoring replies, you stated, “Obviously from the last two posts, Conservatives are seen as “cold-hearted bastards” because they are. I didn’t say it – you guys did.”

    You ignore what was said and assign your own view to what was said, then state it as if we said it.

    Sorry Martin, you may be wealthy and well educated, but I’m on to your shit.

  14. There are a lot of folks who try and control someone else’s actions by saying they are “offended.” I bet you hate that when The Lefties do it but here you are doing the same thing. You want to control my actions with your subjective ideas of “honor,” “respect” and your worship of the military.

    p.s. What’s all the quoting out of context? Don’t you hate that too?
    p.p.s. I said something good about you in another thread – I don’t want people to think I don’t respect your efforts here.

  15. Any more, Martin, when some liberal cries about being offended, I laugh at them.

    And again, where did I say I am offended? Again, your words, your thoughts, your POV you assign to me.

    Pointing out your hypocrisy is not from being offended, not at all.

    You are also incorrect on who is trying to control whose actions. It ain’t me, babe (love that song) 😉

    If I were trying to control you in any way, I’d have deleted your comments, not shown you your own words from the past. By inserting your words, your thoughts, your point of view onto my comments, it turns out to be you trying to control someone. That and I am not on your forum trying to say what you are really saying. Nope, that is once again, you!

    But I do chuckle seeing you rely on that old liberal “you quoted me out of context” ploy when your own words are brought back up to you.

    I may not be as educated, but I’m no dummie. There is a lot to be said about the School of Hard Knocks

  16. Martin, I tried to understand your point of view in your discussion with Lew…, but something he said far outweighs any mudslinging back and forth between the both of you…and I actually agree with Lew on this one when he said and I quote –

    “I clearly state it is not a law or requirement, but that a candidate for office should be willing to show some respect and honor on such a specific day in commemoration of what happened.”

    I’m not sure if Alishia Topper actually meant to tread on a day which was designated to honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, but it was her inability to recognize why that day was meant for a day of remembrance rather than a day for her own personal gains.

    It would be the honorable thing to do if she had chosen a different day, like today for instance.

    Just my two cents. Given the value of the US Dollar right about now…it isn’t worth much these days but I thought I’d share my thoughts on the discussion.

  17. Golden, I’m just ribbing Lew. Honoring 9/11 is probably not the #1 thing I’d be considering when selecting a date but it would be one of the things.

  18. right on, Goldie

  19. Had Alishia chosen any other day, there would be no post.

    For what it is worth, I would castigate any Republican that scheduled such an event on this day and not focused on the remembrance of the day.

    And, I did call around before writing to see if any had and found none.

  20. Martin, I appreciate you sharing that you are just ribbing Lew…but why carry on with such diatribe?

  21. lewwaters – September 1, 2013 at 5:14 PM

    As I would too.

  22. Golden, Lew’s an old fuddy-duddy… And a good debater.

  23. Martin…only old fuddy duddy’s can recognize another fuddy duddy. It comes with the territory.

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