More Lazy C Chicanery Against Republicans

by lewwaters

Donkey kissing assAlthough the Lazy C frequently proves my blog posts right, after all, they can’t help being who and what they are, it isn’t often they run an article proving me right so quickly after being exposed.

Just this morning in the post The Stench of the Columbian addressing their continued hate fest with Sen. Don Benton, it was brought to the fore again of how they are very selective in their rants against Republicans versus Democrats and the flimsy excuses they use to justify not covering scandalous activities of Democrats.

In it, I presented copies of a Twitter exchange where Marisa Harshman and Amy Libby excused not covering a Democrat State Senator’s son arrested for rape as not newsworthy since he isn’t from Clark County.

Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view

Lo and behold, after posting it what do I find over there but an op-ed titled Hoping for return of moderate Republicans by a Froma Harrop who it turns out, is a journalist from Providence, Rhode Island, roughly a little over 3,000 miles outside of Clark County.

Ms. Harrop comes across as just another liberal journalist who seems to think her liberal views gives her standing to recommend what Republicans should do as she decries what she claims is a lack of moderation in Republicans, not once uttering how liberal Democrats have gone extreme left since they seized both houses of Congress in the 2006 election and the Oval Office in 2008 and 2012.

No, it’s Republicans who must be “moderate” and cave to Democrats in order to see more Republicans elected.

Given the Lazy C’s dislike of anything slightly right of Chairman Mao or Joseph Stalin, it’s not surprising to see this in their pages as we know they prefer a one party rule under the Socialist Democrats.

But what you don’t read in the Columbian is what about “Moderate Democrats?” What happens to them when they act in the very bipartisan manner the Lazy C says they prefer?

Since 1986, Moderate Democrat Brian Sonntag was elected State Auditor and received praise from just about everybody. He performed his job well and that I can recall, no one has ever raised any specter of any wrong doing whatsoever against him.

Washington State Democrat Party Chair Dwight Pelz even praised him last year when he announced he wasn’t going to seek reelection and would retire.

Then he accepted a position with the Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank as their “Senior Fellow for Government Accountability.”

In spite of all of the praise heaped on Sonntag over the years by both parties, this is all it apparently takes for Dwight Pelz to come out foaming at the mouth and letting it be known Brian Sonntag is no longer welcome in His Democrat Party.

We saw this earlier too as Moderate Democrat Senators Tim Sheldon and Rodney Tom were castigated for working across the aisle with Republicans, even though voters praised the move.

We saw it too when in last year’s campaign, 49th legislative district Representative Jim ‘sue your constituents to invalidate their votes’ Moeller was instrumental in denying the only Democrat to step up run against Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 3rd Congressional District the endorsement of the Democrat Party, citing he wasn’t a “real Democrat” since he did not support the Columbia River Crossing light rail project.

Earlier on, another Moderate Democrat Senator, Jim Kastama, let it be known how Democrats are expected to be in lock-step in Olympia and automatically vote against any proposal made by the minority Republicans in a speech, Crossing the Rubicon.

A series of emails sent out by Pelz earlier this year contained calls of “We’ve shown State Senator Rodney Tom the door – now it’s time to send him packing,” “Thanks to Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon, the Republicans hold the majority in the State Senate,” “The State Senate has played the blame game, hurled false accusations at our governor, and refused to work with House Democrats (especially funny considering the years Democrats have been expected to automatically vote against anything brought up by Republicans),” “While we were celebrating, Republicans were plotting. Senate Republicans together with Senator Rodney Tom stole our Party’s narrow State Senate victory with a backroom, behind-closed-door leadership deal” and Pelz even led the state Democratic Party in passing a resolution of “censure” against the two.

For not supporting the Democrat opposition to Charter Schools, 1st Legislative District Democrat candidate for State Senate, Guy Palumbo received a terse email from , Nicholas Carlson, chairman of the 1st District Democrats demanding he “get out and stay out” and “cease campaigning as a Democrat immediately” citing “no one who supports charter schools can ever consider himself a true Democrat.”

Of all of these incidents, the only one to make it to the pages of the Lazy C was Jon Haugen who was said to have had “a fairly horrible experience.”

Yet, a column from someone over 3,000 miles away pens a longing for “Moderate Republicans” and the Lazy C is only too happy to run it. But not what the Washington State Democrat Party is and has been doing to any Moderate Democrats right here in our state.

It would be a stretch to claim what Dwight Pelz is doing isn’t news since he is not in Clark County while claiming Harrop’s column is relevant since she laments about the National Party since what happens in our Legislature in Olympia has even more affect on us here in Clark County.

But you will not find any mention of Pelz excommunicating Moderate Democrats, even former elected officials now in the private sector like Brian Sonntag in the Lazy C, only against Republicans.

But let’s face reality. None of them really want “Moderate Republicans,” that is a code word for what they actually want, “Liberal Republicans” to go along with Liberal Democrats and establish a one party rule.

If the Lazy C felt any different, there would be some coverage of all of the excommunicating going on in the Democrat party when one of theirs operates in a bipartisan manner.

5 Responses to “More Lazy C Chicanery Against Republicans”

  1. Lew, you nailed the double-standard. Good examples too. (Though I agree with the Harrop article.)

  2. Bi-partisanship is something that Moeller claims in each campaign season but is absolutely staunchly against in each odd numbered year when he is not campaigning for votes. Those years he comes out strongly critizing and using non-pc type language such as “that is why I hate all the R’s” like he did in his video with Victoria Taft. The Columbian recognizes reasonable and balanced representation in government yet advocates and endorses the extremism of the far left liberal progressive politicians. This leaves only one conclusion… there is something to personally gain from their ideology since it does not benefit the general public rich or poor or somewhere in the middle at all.

  3. Froma Harrop has a syndicated bi-weekly column which appears in about 2000 newspapers. She is a left leaning ‘progressive’ and often takes conservatives to task in her column. Of course, it is hardly ever worth reading and rarely has a particularly interesting perspective. Her column is featured regularly as a link on the Rasmussen poll daily email as an example of an “alternate” view.

  4. Great job Lew. Great examples of “self inflicting” wounds. I wish Greg Jayne had penned about this in his column today.


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