The Stench of the Columbian

by lewwaters

This post could alternately be titled, “If the Lazy C Ran an Objective Article, Are There Enough Readers Left to Notice?”

Columbian, No paper trailThe Lazy C, aka the Columbian that is allegedly a newspaper just continues to prove time and again that they are nothing more than an unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party. Even their worthiness to use the pages a bird cage liner are questionable, considering what would be dropping on the paper would be considered more useful.

As was noted back in early August in the post “Exposé? Or Just More Hate?” and as has also been noted on Clark County Politics blog, when they hate you, they really hate you.

And I can’t think of three more people they have had nothing but abject hatred for over the years as they do Sen. Don Benton (R. 17th) as well as Clark County Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore.

For some reason unknown, the Lazy C appears to have held off on their “Exposé” of Don Benton I wrote about early last month, possibly because I did cover it, exposing their lack of objectivity in interviewing Benton, the harassment of business acquaintances’, some going back some 30 years as well as their embellishment on any speck of dust to be found from decades ago, doing their best to smear Benton and create scandal where none exists.

This is the same paper that gleefully ran several stories on Republican Richard Curtis, helping drive him from office while covering for Democrat Jim Jacks over his drunken escapades in Olympia.

Columbian, Dem Rape Charge Not Newsworthy

Click image for larger view

The same paper that saw nothing newsworthy in a Democrats son being charged with rape, alleging that State Senator does not represent Clark County, but has spared no effort to slam and slur Republicans from outside the county over whatever they can muster.

This pathetic excuse for a journalistic media source has broken all records in hit pieces against Sen. Benton since he was legally and properly hired by Commissioners Mielke and Madore to head the County Dept of the Environment, that even the Lazy C was forced to admit in one article, as the count of hate pieces now exceeds 30, not counting some so-called editorials by retired hate monger John Laird and current Chicago thug editor, Lou Brancaccio.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that I received confirmation from Erin Middlewood, author of this latest hate fest, of her non-objective, confrontational attitude when she interviewed Benton in an email exchange.

One business acquaintance of Benton’s, who will remain anonymous copied me an email he sent to Benton after his being harassed to give up dirt on Benton,

“I dropped my subscription to the Columbian around 1992, for similar reasons. They would never print my letters, only letters which had misspellings or bad grammar were allowed if they supported any conservative view. Yellow journalism is too nice a term for these folks. These are the very people that my civics textbook warned me about. Yes, I had a required Civics class in the 9th grade. In that class we were taught about yellow journalism, propaganda and other methods used by any entity that wished to sway public opinion when the truth was not on their side. It is sad that this behavior has become institutionalized in our state as the Democrat party and its client businesses like The Columbian.”

A prime example is found in today’s hate piece as they gleefully mention Benton has been named in three lawsuits. While they make a lot of noise over that, they barely make mention that not one suit was found against him, NOT ONE!

Of course, they dredge up the old “The party’s board sought his resignation, but he refused. The board then voted him out after only eight months on the job” claim they have repeatedly mentioned that has never got them anywhere.

In last year’s campaign, the allegation was put to rest, but you wouldn’t know reading the Lazy C. Of that allegation, when it was raised by both the Lazy C and Benton’s opponent last year, Tim Probst, Chris Vance, who succeeded Senator Benton as Party Chair and whose name Probst leans heavily on states,

I succeeded Don Benton as Republican State Party Chairman. I can say without a doubt that Tim Probst’s statement regarding Don Benton’s tenure as State Republican Chairman is false and misleading,

Vance continues,

First, Don Benton did not resign. By a narrow margin, The Republican State Committee elected me instead of Don in January, 2001, at the normal end of his term. Second, while there were disagreements about how Don spent Party funds, there were never any accusations of ‘fiscal mismanagement,’ during his term as Chairman. Under Don’s leadership the Party was never fined or reprimanded by the Public Disclosure Commission or the Federal Elections Commission, they received a clean internal audit, and there was ample cash in the bank when Don left and I took office. Tim Probst should retract his blatantly false accusation.

Now Washington State Republican Party Chairman, Kirby Wilbur said to Senator Benton over this claim,

I understand your opponent has been lying about you. Let me set the record straight. You were never forced to resign as party chairman. You lost reelection at our regularly-scheduled reorganization meeting in January, 2001. The issues involved were legitimate policy differences and the state committee saw fit to vote for Chris. No one ever challenged, at least from what I heard, and I was there, your integrity, your ethics, your credentials or your abilities. You left Chris with a fairly healthy party, due to your success at fundraising and your prudent financial practices as Chairman. During your watch, the Party was never fined nor reprimanded by any state agency.”

Wilbur concluded with, “Representative Probst is either ignorant, a liar or both,” as he proceeded to thank Sen. Benton for his “hard work and dedication to his constituents.”

But yet, the Lazy C once again parades this specious allegation in another effort to whip up the lynch mob mentality they desire.

It should also be noted that in their effort once again to smear Benton, even their hit pieces slyly inserts, “Benton’s use of his company to buy ads for his campaign did not violate any campaign finance law, PDC spokeswoman Lori Anderson said”

Countering their own hate piece, they, in as few words as they can, admit everything Benton has done has been legal, but then they feel the need to justify their salacious, non-news with “Benton’s actions may enter an ethical gray area.” (emphasis added)

Of course, they give no example of how it “MAY”, they just insert that little bit of Yellow Journalism they are most noted for to implant a negative thought.

No doubt there will be more hate pieces coming as the Columbian is going into overdrive to rid sitting officials that do not support the undead CRC light rail project as well as promote any candidate that is considered or known to be a confirmed yes vote on the resurrected project.

With his yellow Fiat, yellow shirt and faggish red sunglasses, Chicago thug editor Lou Brancaccio keeps his fingers in the fray as he replaces his usual puff editorials with “What a mess we’re all in” an editorial that as you can guess, is filled with hateful rants against Benton, Madore and Mielke.

The Columbian

When you go downtown and smell that god awful stench in the air, it’s only the Columbian and will likely be gone one day, if we ever get lucky.

8 Responses to “The Stench of the Columbian”

  1. time to go after the columbian’s advertisers and shut the despicable rag down for good

  2. If the Columbian ( The Lazy C ) printed their paper in small rolls, giving it a real good secondary use, I’m quite sure circulation would increase considerably.

  3. The article only served to prove that he was indeed re-elected which is exactly what the campaign donors wanted.

  4. Interestingly enough, neither the operatives writing for the Lazy C nor the member of the lynch mob calling for his head seem to have any concern whatsoever when another Washignton County Commissioners Board just ups and changes to rules so they can keep someone they want.

    Pierce County ends college degree requirement for one department head

    I guess since it doesn’t involve lynching Benton, Madore or Mielke, it isn’t important.

  5. i think that the columbian isthe most hated paper in the nation

  6. Something stinks in Camas and it is NOT the mill. Perhaps it is the Colombian’s sidekick the Camas Washougal Post!

  7. Sorry, where was Camas mentioned in this article? Quack, quack.


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