Boppin’ Bo’s Music Fest & Cruise-In 4 Vets

by lewwaters

Doing it Again – For the Vets

Bullit 1 Peeling out, burning rubber, smokin’ the tires, all music to the ears of America’s youth years ago as we cruised the main drag, showing off our ride and just hanging out at the local burger joint with the other kids and listening to the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Ronny and the Daytona’s and more. A tradition largely lost today as raw horsepower has been replaced by computer controls.

The tradition lives again as Boppin’ Bo’s Malt Shop and Grill at Vancouver Plaza will be hosting a Music Fest & Cruise-In in support of the Clark County Veterans Court, Sept. 14, 2013.

People packed Boppin’ Bo’s last May 18 for 4 hours of entertainment, cool cars and of course, to enjoy a taste of unique American cuisine, a California Dreamin’ Burger, a Lucy Grilled Cheese or even a Graceland Special, a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich.


We Kicked off the Summer with a Cruise-in and Saturday, September 14, 2013 will see another Music Fest & Cruise-In at Boppin’ Bo’s with more cars, more entertainers and of course, more of the unique menu Boppin’ Bo’s is famous for.

The Music Fest & Cruise-In last May saw 4 hours of great entertainment and this next show will feature 11 hours of entertainment with local favorites. See flyer

Entertainers such as National Fiddle Champion Cynthia Hamm, the golden voice of Petya Grozeva, Ricky Lee Jackson, Nashville Artist Tom Mann, Karen Overton of Pleyback accompanied by Tom Panich.

Internationally acclaimed guitarist Ernesto Quilban will be performing again as well as the Mikaele Family, bringing their Island Sounds.

Closing out the show will be a two hour performance by Blues Ranch, an exciting group that combined, has over 60 years performing before audiences, singing Blues, Rock and a little Country. After their day jobs as attorneys, Don Jacobs, Michael Green and Paul Henderson meet up with jeweler Gary Swank to transform into one of the northwest’s most fantastic groups.

Yes, we cruised, spun our tires and gorged ourselves on malts, burgers and fries at places like Boppin’ Bo’s and we grew up, took on careers, raised families and grew older. But that draw to our youth remains and those that picked up a guitar and keyboard back then shake off their suit and tie and once again have us dancing in the parking lot.

As much as you will enjoy the performances, out front will be some of the most awesome cars in the Pacific Northwest. As in all of the previous Cruise-in/Concerts held on behalf of the Clark County Veterans Court, cars are brought from all over the Northwest.

Sure to please the cruisers, the Vets Court Board partners with Beach Dream Photography to provide photography for the 2014 Calendar if they choose.

A sampling of photos from previous car shoots is available at Beach Dream Photography

The show begins at 11 am with the music fest running into the evening and the cruise-in from 11 am until 3 pm. There is no charge to the public to come out enjoy the entertainment and view the cars.

But, be sure to go inside Boppin’ Bo’s and grab a bite.

Come on out to Boppin’ Bo’s Malt Shop and Grill, September 14, 2013 at 7809 NE Vancouver Plaza Dr Suite 110, Vancouver, WA 98662 (360) 883-4900 and “forget your worries and what life sometimes throws at you, and remember a time when life was easier” while helping to support the Clark County Veterans Court.

Let’s “Do it Again.”

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